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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 21. Such an old soul.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.


Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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Back At School

Mood: Stressed and nervous hgghghg

WELL, I'm back at school again! I was feeling fine when I moved in, but I decided to take a peek at my syllabuses and stuff and now I'm QUITE NERVOUS!!! IT'S SENIOR YEAR, BUT I'M NOT READY FOR THESE HIGHER-LEVEL CLASSES FOR MY MAJOR.... I should have brought my old notes and stuff with me, what am I doingngnggng......

BUT UH, yeah. I'm back at school. This is also my last semester if everything goes as planned. I'm currently only enrolled in 4 classes for the semester:

  • Life Drawing
  • Japanese Food Culture
  • Language Patterns and Universals
  • Linguistic Field Methods

Along with that, I still need to declare my Japanese minor (which I technically have enough credits for) and transfer my credits from when I stayed in Kanazawa last winter.

WHAT'S GOT ME NERVOUS RIGHT NOW IS THE LIFE DRAWING CLASS AND THE FIELD METHODS CLASS............ I was nervous about signing up for it in the first place, but I signed up for Life Drawing so I could practice ~*~anatomy~*~ for once in my life, but it's a 300-level class (so like for juniors and upperclassmen, idk what kind of numbering systems other colleges use)... so I'm scared of there being a lot of art majors in the class who are already really good at drawing anatomy........ IDK, I JUST HOPE I'M NOT SUPER BEHIND!!! I'M JUST A SIMPLE CARTOON/ANIME DRAWER WHO WANTS TO GET BETTER....

The class is also more expensive than I anticipated. Hhhgggrr... I hope my books for my other classes aren't too expensive. BUT YEAH, I'M JUST REALLY NERVOUS AND SHY ABOUT GOING TO THIS CLASS NOW.... I really hope I don't fail, I'm looking at the reviews for the professor and everyone says he's a really difficult grader. ;A; I HOPE I AT LEAST GET A B...........

The other class I'm worried for is my linguistics field methods class... it basically seems like it's going to require thorough knowledge from all my other linguistics classes, but I don't have any of my notes (because I threw them out or something WHAT A FOOL) or textbooks (because I rented them) on me, so I just hope.... I don't fail badly.....

Even though this is only like a 12 credit semester, I'm worried about it being super busy without me having enough time to get any drawing for Anime USA done. ;m; I STILL HAVE PRINTS I WANT TO DO.... But I suppose we'll just have to see how things go. I've got to get focused, hhhrhrhrhrgh....

Hope the rest of you have a good school year;;; And if you're not in school, HAVE FUN LIVING LIFE!!

Back from Otakon!

Mood: Decent

Heyooo I'm back from Otakon! I forgot to mention that I was going actually, whoops;;; :m I only ended up putting together one costume this year, but I think it came out nice!! Here's what I wore to the con:

External Image

The cosplay's a human form of Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magika! I made the jacket and vest myself using patterns I bought at JoAnn's. I also made the ears, weird gold rings on the pigtails, and dyed the wig using fabric dye. Everything else was stuff I bought/already owned. I really like the sock garters I bought for this costume..... *-* I might even wear them outside of cosplay because they're just really snazzy. :Y

At the con I just did the usual: walk around the artist alley and merchants hall. EXCITING LIFE! I also met up with a friend from dA and drew with her a little. A couple people came over and talked with us while we were drawing and we exchanged usernames/etc, so that's fun! I hardly meet new people at cons, haha.

I tried not to go too crazy w/ buying stuff at the con. Here's what I ended up getting:
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External Image
My sis and her boyfriend bought me the long posters, actually. NICE.

This was actually my first time buying a Lolita magazine, surprisingly. I ACTUALLY JUST FORGOT THEY SOLD ART BOOKS AND FASHION MAGS AT CONVENTIONS....!!!! The next convention I go to I'm gonna spend more time looking at the art books and try to buy some nice stuff. >:0

I really like the Lolita magazine though, everything is so pretty..... *-*
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External Image
There's tons of cool dresses and stuff. I'll probably be drawing outfits out of it for practice, so... expect that...? idk.

OH, I also bought a commission...!!! From Aphelionix on tumblr!
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I GET SO NERVOUS ASKING FOR COMMISSIONS.... I think this is only like the 2nd commission I've ever bought in person despite going to cons every year. Along with buying art books, I wanna buy more art of my charas at cons...!! >:M /my new goals for cons.

But yeah that's about it. I mostly hung out with my sis and her bf the whole time (I'M ALWAYS CRASHING THEIR PARTY HAHA;;), and it was a fun time. :^D Next year Otakon will be in DC, which is nice for me because I'm closer to DC than Baltimore. Hopefully prices won't raise, tho.........................

Anyway, that's all. SCHOOL STARTS SOON AND I HAVEN'T DRAWN ENOUGH LSDKFALSDFHLN. I'm gonna go and do those sketch requests right now. >:Y

OC Sketch Requests

I saw that Groovy Boar was doing some oc sketch requests, which made me wanna do some requests too! Just comment with your original character(s) and I'll give a go at drawing them. I'll need reference pictures, but if you can link to a character profile that'd help me to. You can post as many characters as you want, but I'll probably just draw one of them. If you want me to draw two characters together or something I can do that, just let me know in the comment. ;o

These'll probably just be sketched headshots, btw. Maybe some of them will be waist-up drawings, idk. I'll post them in batches to my portfolio. :m

So yep, that's it! Feel free to request if you're interested. .0./

To do:
mootouman - Yuki
DeathSeraph - Krieg or Pendragon
Groovy Boar - Jenna
Keba Si Rota - Marshall

Anyone know any good art websites? ;0;/

Mood: lonelyyyy

Hey, posting at a weird time 'cause why not. -0-/

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good art communities/websites other than deviantART and tumblr! I'm just wondering because I want to make more online friends with people who draw, but idk where else to post my stuff and meet people...

I have both a dA and a tumblr, but I rarely post to dA... and I've been too exhausted by how many updates I have to go through because of who I've followed over the years that I don't even really look through people's stuff. x_x I essentially post the most to tumblr and have a decent amount of followers for my personal standards, but tumblr's such a eerily quiet website that I don't really get the chance to interact much at all with other people who draw... :T I also want to blab about my OCs, but I feel weird blabbing on tumblr about them, haha.

BUT YEAH... just lookin' for another place to post art. I WANT... TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS............. /PATHETIC LIFE

I'll still be here too of course. TheO is my ~*~true home~*~ and true place for me to post and ramble about my OCs. B) That said I haven't made a long world post about any of my OCs in a while.... eventually I will. They take a long time for me to type;; :Y
I say this as if someone actually looks forward to reading my huge OC blabby posts AHEH;;;

Idk how to end this, so I'll just stop here. :Y


Mood: Anxious

Blughglhggh my mood has been absolutely terrible ever since my short story draft got critiqued. Honestly getting my critique from the class was really really helpful, and now I know what I need to include in order for my story to work a bit better... but I just have no idea how to incorporate the necessary information into the story and IT'S STRESSING ME OUT!!! Save me.... from this agony ughslghsdg...........

The more I think about it, though, the more I really wish I chose a different set of characters for the story. Idk if I mentioned, but I'm writing about Lafayette and Dmitri when they were kids. Gender's kind of been a central point of the conflict, but I was really hoping I wouldn't have to write about gender because even though gender is something relevant to who Laf is as a person, I don't want that to be the crutch of his story.

This is actually why I avoided making "coming out" stuff happen in Nerdy and Jock, and also more or less why I've stopped A Life Like This. A Life Like This was really a coming out story for both Rick (mostly Rick) and Tim. It also was going to have bullying in it, where Rick would be bullied for being gay. But now that gay rights issues are being addressed and normalized, having Rick be bullied to the extent he would be, and having Tim be so paranoid about coming out as bi the way I planned, would be pretty anachronistic. I also don't want to write a preachy story anymore that rides solely on themes like "DON'T BULLY GAY KIDS!" and "DON'T BE AFRAID TO COME OUT!!!" because if that's what I'm going to rely on, I risk losing depth of character. I think the lack of depth really shows with Rick--really all he was was some gay kid who gets bullied, and if that's all he is then all his story would be nothing but a "warning/morality" thing. And that's just so pretentiously boring. Honestly, having a story where someone can come out/be gay/etc without bullying feels a lot more powerful to me than one where bullying is used as a device to teach the audience a lesson.

In relation to Lafayette, I really want to avoid any sort of bullying that happens to him. Also, I'm gonna just straight up and say that Laf is intersex, if you didn't know. I wasn't planning bringing his biological sex into the forefront, but thinking about it more he's actually pretty open about being intersex because he thinks it's something that ought to be recognized. I GUESS WHAT I'M SAYING IS... HE'D BE FINE WITH ME TELLING YOU GUYS, HAHA. But in terms of bullying, I kind of want to avoid external bullying in exchange for maybe internal conflict and conflict with Dmitri or whatever. Not because I think that bullying doesn't happen to intersex people or something, but because I don't think bullying will really bring out anything significant about Lafayette's character. And it's also just an issue that there's so much more to Lafayette than his sex and gender, I really want to have the chance to talk about who he is and how he sees the world rather than just how he conceives himself.

My story's not about bullying, by the way. I guess it's more about gender norms and what's normal between Dmitri and Lafayette, but since what's considered "normal" changes so much with time, stories about these sorts of things really do face the fear of being dated and irrelevant quickly. So I'm really trying to find a way to make it less about "here's what the current gender norms are and how Laf responds to them," but more about "here's how Laf responds to his friend having a crush on him." But since he's a kid and not really solid or open about his gender yet, and also since he doesn't know he's intersex yet, I feel like what I want to get across is going to be really hard to get across. """orz But I'll be thinking on it.

Right now a lot of people in the class thought Laf was trans, which is HMMMMNR... I kind of expected it, but I also still need to fix that. It was actually kind of unusual to hear so many people refer to Laf with feminine pronouns because most people online will use male ones (because that's what I use) or neutral ones (because he's non-binary). But anyway. I'm rambling about stuff. I actually had typed a whole lot more here, but it wasn't really about anything relevant, so I got rid of it. FOR ANOTHER TIME, MAYBE....

ANYWAY, I just really needed to get a lot of stuff off my chest bc Lafayette is a STRESSFUL CHARACTER! He's been stressful since day 1. But somehow he's managed to stick around, haha.... that's all, tho. Thanks for reading if you did, I guess, sorry it's so incoherent and whatever. xD I KNOW THIS POST HAS BEEN SUPER VAGUE... It'll probably make more sense once I finish and post my short story on theO (maybe by next week). I might copy this post to have in Various Planning, too, just so it's there tagged for reference.