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Hey, I'm Akioh and I love OCs! Yeah. Also I study linguistics. Idk what to put here. Also I just decided to make the above pic my header here because that's what I'm using everywhere else, haha;;

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Currentally working on: The adventures of Marth and Roy: ch. 1, pg. 8(fan comics)[finished]
Also working on: Happy Birthday!!(fan art)[submitted]

NOOOOOoOooOOoOOOooOOoo!! I'm going to florida to go to disney land... or whatever it was. o_0 but when i get there, i wont be able to scan stuff!! >_____< nooooooo!! I'll make lotsa pages of TAOMAR so i can scan them all when i get back. ;3; I also have to finish up that "Happy Birthday" picture.... cos it's taking me a long time. Have you ever had to draw 8 people in one picute? O_O Well, this will be a first for me. -_________- I still wanna draw Chiming Bells, but i think i should post up all the character profiles first.
BY THE WAY... does anyone know marth/roy's last names? o_O cos i needa know for later chapters...
Edit:: hehe... i think marth's last name is lowell. o_o (i was looking online n' stuff. x3)lowelllll.... >:D
Edit Ddit:: GAH!! I CANT FIND ROY'S LAST NAMEEEE!!! >__< whyyy??? ;3;


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Currentally working on: The Adventures of Marth and Roy: ch. 1, pg. 7(fan comics)[finished], wishing to work on Chiming Bells(fan comics)
Also working on: Happy Birthday!!(fan art), Drawing Princess(fan art)[finished]

ARGH! my printer doesnt have any ink left in it, and my dad didn't buy any ink yesterday... ;3; I can't draw a picture unless i print off a few pictures as a refrence... -______________- grah. whyy??? Also... I might start drawing Chiming Bells (see some of my fan art for info) because I need more htan jus one series. .o.
Edit:: YESS!! :D :D :D MY PRINTER HAS INK AGAIN!! >_< and now i can print off some pictures, and start drawing that "Happy Birthday" picture. >:O


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Currentally working on: The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Ch. 1, Pg. 6
Also working on: Shiho Tsubaho(Fan art)[finished], Naoko Shanabe(fan art)[Draft Finished], Happy Birthday!!(fan art), Some random picture(fan art)

Wo0o0o0ooOO0t! (what the..? o_o) I entered a couple of contests! (actually, not quite yet, but soon.) Im drawing the pictures for contest still, but I will probably finish today or tomorrow. ^O^ I already finished the draft of one picture, (see it in deh draft section), and I have... 2 more to draw. One of them will probably only take me about... 2 hours to do. But the other one will probably have about... 6-8 people in one picture. o_0 thats a lot!! >_< I have never drawn a picture with more than 3-4 people, to be truthful. x_X so this is getting me all excited. >:D MY FIRST CONTESTS!!! :O :O :O wish me luck, people!! >w< (not that anyone reads this. -_-)
Edit:: I am almost done with both pictures for deh original character contest!! O:3 (thats a face i just made up... the "3" is deh eyebrows) I submitted the draft of the second picture, so tell me what you think of it. ^^


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Currentally working on: The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Ch. 1, pg. 5 (Fan Comics)
Also working on: Shiho Tsubaho(Fan Art)[Draft finished]

I really wanna do another series while still doing TAOMAR, (hehe... taomar...) but i currentally dont have any new ideas. ;3; Maybe I should do Transfer Student... (see Random OCs in fan art section for info)
But! I also submitted more stuff, so I currentally have 5 creations in all. Tis all, dood. xD
Edit:: I've got some ideas for stuff to draws... but I don't like them that much. I was playing Breath of Fire II a few months ago, and from reading the dialouge, I was like, Hey! this would make a great book! :D but the game is fairly long, and it ould take me FOREVER to get the dialouge strait from the game... maybe i should do that when i have more time... or when i at least beat the game. x3 Another thing i wanted to write was a manga I was making in 5th grade. (I only made like... 5 pages, and the artwork was horrific. x_X) the idea is still in my head... but it's a lot like Rave Master... What should I make? (not that anyone reads this... -_-)

~Akioh Anoiyama

Random. x3

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Currentally working on: The Adventures of Marth and Roy: Ch 1, pg 4 (Fan comics)[finished]
Also working on: Forgotton... (mini fan comics)[finished], Random OCs (fan art)[finished], Sothe Refrence (fan art)[Submitted]

If you read the above, you may be wondering why I'm a little freaked out... Well, last night/way early this morning, I was reading xXxHolic Vol. 3. I kinda don't wanna spoil it for anyone who is reading it, so lets say that the monkey's fist is freaky. O_O (anyone who read the book should understand)
In other news, I started to submit more stuff for my portfolio thing. :D Having only 2 creations is pretty depressing. ;3; But! there will be more to come, so... yea.