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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 20. Such an old soul.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.


Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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Sewing machine...

Mood: tired
Currently working on: The Adventures of Marth and Roy: ch. 2, pg. 20, Chiming bells: ch. 1, pg. 2, Transfer Student: Introduction 1, Introduction 2, Ch. 1 pg. 1, Ch. 1 cover page, Transfer student cover page. (all fan comics)
Also working on: Misc. Pictures, Gaia avi art
Will soon start: Basic Drawing tutorial (Fan comics)

It's been a while since I had a normal update. o.o;;
anywho, I'm getting started on Transfer Student. :3 I'm doing it completely in CG. xD
I can almost guaruntee that Transfer Student will be a complete flop, because in order to actually do the story, I'll need to know a good amount of Japanese Culture. And I will tell you now that I know next to nothing. Would anyone like to be my source for Japanese Information? xDD
In other news. I still have the same pages of TAOMAR and CB (chiming bells) to do. xD
Oh, and I really cant wait till Christmas. C: As you may know, I'm getting a sewing machine. (hopefully....) meaning, I can make my cosplay costumes. >w<
Hum... Maybe I should make a cosplay world, where I can put up pictures of my costume progress and stuff. xDD
Anywho, comments are appreciated. ;3 And please tell me if you know a lot about Japan. You just might become my encyclopedia. xD


Mood: :]
Currently working on: nothing. xAx
Recently added: Hichiro, Marth, Mari-chan

Hey guys. Do you think I should make a drawing tutorial? (Since i usually only do traditional coloring, it would take forever...) but I want to know if you think my art is good enough for a basic drawing tutorial. ._. tell me what you think, guys! :3

Roy W.I.P.

I love to keep y'all updated on my artwork. ;3 (nah, I just get bored. x3)
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That's how far I've gotton so far. x3 Now you know why the lineart was blue. ;3
Yeahh... So pretty much, I've only finished roy's hair, skin, and part of his clothing. xAx;;


Mood: good-ish
Currently working on: See pervious post.
Recently updated: Roy Line Art

Whee~ I've got 50 subscribers!! x3 yay!!
Anyways.. Yeah.
People. I would like it if you visited my contest world, found HERE. The contest this time is to draw your OC in a battle costume. :3 Yay! ^0^ I hope people enter! ;3

Mornin', guys. :3

Mood: tired
Currently working on: same as before...
Also working on: gaia avi arts...
Recently added: New TAOMAR Cover, Gaia Avi Art(both fan art), TAOMAR, Ch. 2, pg. 19

Okay... My computer finished updates....
anyways, yeah... I had some new stuff put up recently, in case any of you missed it.
But more importantly,
I am really glad that nintendo changed marth's outfit from his FE game to SSBM. o.o I probably wouldn't draw him if I had to make him prancing around in some ballerina-looking outfit. x] If you want to find out what he used to look like, google it. I'm not going to provide a pic for y'all. xAx
Roy's outfit, on the other hand, didn't change much from his FE game to SSBM. :] which is good. :D yaaaaay~ x3
uh... yeah. So anyways, I got a new cover for TAOMAR. yay. It looks better than the other one in my opinioun, but you all can decide. x]