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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 19. GAH. Or I can still pretend I'm vigintillion.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.


Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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Wow, It's a Song!

Mood: So lazy and unorganized. orz

Hey, remember that wallpaper I made last year? The one with Wakusei Aoshi's awesome artwork and the lyrics that I wrote? Yep.
Well, I recorded a portion of the song JUST FOR YOU GUYS! Or because I'm bored and avoiding homework...
So yep. Have a listen, if you were ever wondering what the tune of that song was.

WARNING:: I can't sing and my microphone is horrible.

Takara wanted to see all the lyrics, so here they are (I sang from the chorus and the first verse):

Run-down, dirty, and grey.
It's kind of sad the way you're living.
I've got nowhere else to stay,
So I can stand this way of living.

I don't have to know,
I don't have to care,
I don't have to speak,
And I don't have to stare.

I know you think you're so obdurate;
You know, I agree.
I know you think I'm so insubordinate,
And I'd have to agree.

Hey, what's wrong?
I promise I can't say a single syllable.
Say what's wrong,
and I promise, I promise I'm not talking back to you.

Who cares what the higher ups will say?
[[words words words]]
What's wrong with a little direction?
[[more words, agh.]]
Waiting with my ear against the door.
And I'll think, "Finally! It's clicked inside her head."
But there's still bottles hanging 'round your bed.

[[change this part]]
Even when the solid glass stabs
The mess of tumbling feathers down your back,
Spread them out and cut the slack.
They've turned to threads, turned to threads, turned to threads.

I stayed as long as I could.
He may have looked the way that I do.
More than I should.
He's why I look the way that I do.

But you don't have to look.
You don't have to care.
You don't have to see.
You don't have to stare.

Hey, what's wrong?
I promise I can't say a single syllable.
Say what's wrong,
And I promise, I promise I'm not talking back to you.

I want to see you,
Want to see you.
Move the bangs out from your eyes so I can--
I can see you,
And your frowning face again.

You're all the way gone--not yet.
All the way gone--not yet.
All the way gone--not yet.
Almost gone, but not yet.
Almost gone, but not yet.

Kind of ridiculously long because I DON'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP...! There are lines that annoy me which I want to change. Boo yah. I never actually finished the lyrics all the way... but I almost did! HAHAHA. Maybe one day they'll be finished................... The song is actually about Tim and his mom, not Tim and Rick. But you know. WHATEVZ!

I also have an unfinished song about Stef and Gabe lying around somewhere, but the tune is goofy and the lyrics are weird, so I don't like it as much. :V But who knows, maybe that one will surface onto theO some day, too...!

And yep. I have a picture to upload, but I don't feel like scanning right now. ;u; Sorry. I'll upload it soon, though!
Oh, and I'm going to Florida from Thursday until Monday on an orchestra trip. So... yeah. Won't be online, then. :M;

Also, my birthday's this month. ;D *hint hint*
(jk about the hint hint-ing. But it is my birthday this month.)

So. That is that, then.


Mood: Hungarian.

Hey guys! I'm on spring break! :D YEAH. Now I can act like I'm going to accomplish something, and just blow everything off in reality. -u-
I think I'll do a big long post today since I haven't posted in here in forever. :D

I'm going prom dress shopping today. .u. Did you know my friends are forcing me to go to prom? ... Yeah, they are. I don't think it'll be too bad, but the reasons I don't really want to go to prom are:

  • I don't know how to dance
  • I don't like pop music
  • I don't know how to dance to pop music even less than I don't know how to dance in general
  • I am paranoid about people spiking the punch or something. (IT'S SCARY, OKAY...)

My friends wanted me to go to all night grad party as well as prom, but I compromised with them and got away with just going to prom. -u-b I would probably like prom better if they got a live band to play the pop music or something, but Takara says our school always gets DJs. When she went to prom last year, the only slow song they played was Halo by Beyonce. (How do you slow dance to that? xD;)
Not that slow dancing is something I'm looking forward to. I'm just going with my friends.

As far as dresses go, I kind of want a short dress... because in general, I just like short dresses more than long dresses. And they're usually cheaper. So I might be a rebel, and wear a short dress to prom. (People will think I'm a junior or something... ;u;)

So... yep. That's what's going on with that.
In other news (?), my teacher liked my poem about Stefan and is submitting it to this book that publishes poems from high school students. (She chose 10 poems total.) SO YEAH, I might be published possibly...! I actually haven't told anyone yet, because I kept forgetting. It might be weird to randomly bring it up now, though, because she told me nearly a month ago. xD

I made a cheesecake yesterday! :D For Japanese class. I had to translate a recipe into Japanese, and bring in some for the class. I chose cheesecake, because it's one of the few things I can make. xD The people who ate it seemed like they liked it, so that's good. One guy told me he loved me. Aw, yeah. Power of cheesecake.
Everyone else made really good food too, but we only had half an hour to eat and no drinks... so I felt really nauseous trying to eat everyone's food. "orz I wish Sensei would have given us more time, so I could have enjoyed it. ;u;

For some reason, I really want to sing this song. If I ever have a moment by myself in the house, I'll record myself trying to learn the lyrics (which are not in Japanese) and sing to you in my fairy voice. (??)

And... yep. That's pretty much it. I might want to type up some more character profiles today, so you might get a couple of those in your backroom. :D So... sorry. Or yay. You choose.
I have to use the bathroom now! :V See ya, and have a nice weekend~ :)

Chiminey Cosplay Pack

Mood: Hungry

I saw Izuzu15 and Alchemic Mushroom make cosplay packs for their characters, so I wanted to give it a try. I made one of my OC Chiminey. :D

The socks, wig, tie, and belt are from e-bay; the white shirt is from ASOS fashion finder; the blazer is from House of Fraser website; the gloves are from Polyvore.com; the shorts are from frocksrus.com; the shoes are from milanoo; and the hat is from Etsy. I found most of this stuff through Google. :V

Total price: $659.77

I don't... I don't even know why it would cost so much... xD I think it's the GUCCI LEATHER GLOVES THAT ARE LIKE $230...

And so, yes. If you ever cosplay as Chiminey, it will cost you $660. Always. Every time.
(not really)

I couldn't find a wig with a ponytail. ;u; BOO-HOO. Oh well. This is close enough I guess.

Poetry and Stuff

Mood: Groggy

Moooorning. Dx I woke up feeling kind of like I should go back to sleep... but it was already 9:45, so I woke up. -u-b It's 11:06, now.

Anyways, I wrote a poem for English class, which I thought I'd share with you. :V The last time I wrote a poem was one I came up with on the fly for English in 10th grade... which I have since lost. xD My teacher gave us like half an hour to write it. xD;;
I think the last time I posted a poem here was in 2009... this gem, here. Oh yeah. Poetry writing at its finest.

It's weird that the poem I linked to up there is a villanelle, because the poem I wrote just a few days ago for English is a villanelle too. xD Here it is:

Mister S, You Work So Hard.

In buttoned suit and tie, he'll guarantee,
with not a wrinkle found within his coat,
he's not so different from you or me.

Of course, his university degree
Deems him quite erudite--a worthy gloat.
In buttoned suit and tie, he'll guarantee.

His moral tones he holds in high esteem.
But take away his prudery, you note,
He's not so different from you or me.

He seeks delight in books and poetry.
Relationships: deliberately smote.
He's starched his suit and tie--he guarantees

That twiddling boys belong to bourgeoisie.
From higher up, away he sees them float,
For he's so different from you and me.

In solitude he's curled with chin on knee,
And sallow eyes, raw cheeks, and clogging throat.
His suit and tie hung up, he'll guarantee
He's not so different from you and me.

It's about Stefan, if you couldn't tell. :V (I-I CAN ONLY WRITE ABOUT MY CHARACTERS, OKAY...)
This took me like 2+ hours to write. ;u; The first lines I came up with were "But take away his prudery, you note, He's not so different from you or me"...which is randomly in the middle of the poem. xD What?
When I noticed those lines were conveniently in iambic pentameter, I thought I should try to write a poem in iambic pentameter. What a butt. That was so troublesome. orz And I still messed up, because I couldn't figure out what words I could use to get one line in iamb. ;u; WEH--
Also, I didn't know the word "erudite" before this poem. YEAH, THESAURUS!

Anyways, I hope you liked that/thought it was interesting/something. xD; I haven't gotten it back from my teacher yet, but when I handed it in she liked the title... yeah.

/hasn't started V-day Secret Santa yet
/is horrible
We have until the 28th, so... yeah. ;u;

Have a nice Sunday! :D Abrupt ending. Yeah.

I Need a Haircut!

Mood: Hungry

My hair is at a length where I can make it look like Dean Johnson's hair.
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Aw, yeah. Dean-Akioh staring off into the sunset... or mirror, because that's what I was actually looking at. 8D
Also, I'm the master of taking blurry photos. WOO-HOO.

Oh yeah, I had a portfolio review thing, didn't I?

It went about as good as I expected it to go... which is "very extremely awkward and weird"-like. :I;;;;; I think the weird thing was that the guy reviewing my portfolio asked almost no questions, so sometimes I was thinking "W-WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY..."
One of the questions he did as was "What's your favorite band?"
What? xD;
Anyways, he told me if I do get accepted that I'll have to start creating drawings that actually mean something. I know most of my drawings don't have a meaning per-se, and I definitely see his point. At the same time, I don't want to draw force some shocking/"meaningful" drawing out of myself just for the sake of it. :m The school focuses a lot on gallery artists, and I don't see myself as a gallery artist... I just want to go to school to learn how to draw better. I'm still on the fence about going to that school if I even get accepted.

So yep. There's that.
Oh, also, when people were putting up their portfolios they were really good. *3* But I was too embarrassed to look at them because mine was boring. HOHO...

Another weird thing was that I was the only one dressed up. My mom wanted me to look business-savvy, so I just kind of rolled with it. Everyone else was pretty casual, though. xD;

YEP. I should go do some homework, now. 8D Bye!