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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 20. Such an old soul.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.


Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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I keep opening Tumblr and being like, "I'm gonna make an account and post art and follow art people YEAH." but then I keep closing the page because I'VE AVOIDED TUMBLR FOR THIS LONG, IT WOULD FEEL LIKE I LOST...........

In other news, my birthday was yesterday! 8D I did the very exciting staying-in-my-friend's-room-eating-pizza-and-drawing. Woo yeah.

About a week ago, my mom gave me an early birthday present: some ~*~Faber Castell Colored Pencils~*~! I'mma try to combine Crayola with Castell and figure out some new coloring stuff. >:V I haven't used them since I got them, but here's the first things I colored to test out the colored pencils:
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They are super blendy. Some things that are confusing me is that they blend more like paints, or something. (??) As in, they respond better to complimentary color shading than crayolas. The one thing that's a little frustrating is that they don't erase like crayolas, but I guess that's because they're more like oil pastels or something. (Yeah, idk what I'm saying.)

OH! And classes just finished for me. I have a week and a half left for finals, but then it'll be SUMMER BREAK!!! 8D I'll try to upload more comics and finished works this summer!! :)

Have a Super Saturday. :V


Mood: Essay.
Currently working on: Essay...........

DID YOU KNOW. That Gabe looks really weird without his hair dye?
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I don't understand. Maybe the non-blonde Gabe doesn't look weird to you, but I can't look at it without thinking for a second that it's not Gabe. o_____o

Normally I don't put WIPs in this world, but... meh. This didn't seem WIP-y enough.

Okay, essay time.


Mood: So sleepy, but not in a bad mood

I was doing these freebies on Gaia just now, where I draw a person's OC with one of my OCs. The options were Noland, Chrystal, Stefan, and Gabe. Surprisingly, Out of the 15 I've drawn so far, Noland was picked for 8. THAT'S LIKE... MORE THAN HALF....
When I posted about this, someone told me the reason was this:

"I was like WOWZA! Noland is such a babe! everyone wants a piece of that hunk.
it's because he's a beefcake. we like beefcakes."

So there you go.
Just thought I'd brag a bit about having a beefcake character.
That's right, guys.
the best.
/jk but I still think it's hilarious that someone said that


TAOMAR and Tomato


I thought it would be a good idea to go back and read The Adventures of Marth and Roy.

So many awkward transitions. They're all over the place. I still struggle so bad with those... "orz That, and Unnecessarily dramatic panels...

The quality suddenly gets better at this page, though, and the writing and facial expressions are more like things I would write and draw now. SO IT ACTUALLY HAS SOME DECENT MOMENTS FROM THAT POINT ONWARD... For instance, this page! I like it for some reason. S-so I guess my sense of humor/etc hasn't changed since around 2011......................... or 2012. Actually, that makes sense. Idk how much I've changed since junior year of high school. I mean, I still drew a lot of SteGabe back then, so... NOT MUCH HAS PROBABLY CHANGED AT ALL! 8D

But sadly, as the writings suddenly gets better, the story suddenly stops. I actually still have the 3rd page of chapter 3 that I sketched maybe a year or two ago somewhere in my room back home.

But yeah, it's been a fun trip down memory lane. My sense of humor was so boring before that sudden time jump, you guys, whyyyy did anyone even think it was funny. xD;;; CHAPTER 1 IS BASICALLY JUST...


THOUGH MAYBE humor's not different at all. 8D; I use so many reaction panels and exaggerated expressions... and actually, I think I exaggerate expressions more now than I used to. xD

And even, it looks like OFAV started as a comic along the premise of, "Tomato acts like a girl! HAHAHAH!" That's essentially the same thing as "he's in a skirt. HAHAHA!".
Somewhere in me, I think I made Tomato as a character to make fun of comics/shows that rely on an "unnaturally effeminate male" as the source of humor... but I'm probably giving myself too much credit. Most of the comics I've posted, though, don't really address the fact that Tomato's a "fruity guy"; and the comic would be largely the same if Tomato was a biological woman.
There's probably still a degree of entertainment that ends up coming out of Tomato's gender, for some people. I remember when I showed my comics to my mom, she said she "got a kick out of Tomato." If Tomato was specifically a girl, my mom may not have said that.
I'm not trying to get at anything like "girls are less valued than boys," by the way. In fact, I think the remark has different roots, where someone finds entertainment/amusement in a boy or girl acting uncharacteristically of their gender.
All that said, the difference in entertainment depending whether Tomato is a boy or a girl isn't that much. When my stepdad read OFAV, he read all the way through the first 8 strips finding the comics with Tomato funny, while under the impression that Tomato is a girl. (The first pronoun used for Tomato comes discreetly at the end of strip 5; but the most obvious references to Tomato's gender are at strip 9, where Stefan repeatedly refers to Tomato as "he.")

And uh... Where am I getting at with this?
I have no idea. That was a weird little tangent! 8D

Now that I think about it, I think one of the reasons I made Tomato was to make fun of or to explore the impressions of male characters whose only interesting characteristic was being an attractive gender bent. (Boring trap characters, essentially.) I think someone I was subscribed to at the time was making TONS AND TONS of trap characters that I couldn't easily distinguish from one another, but still had many fans/etc. THEREFORE, I thought I'd see if making a character that would normally be a simple "ditzy girl character" would get the same kind of "trap character attention" as the others.

For the most part, people saw Tomato as a male ditz with cute clothes on. Which is essentially what he is, so hooray! Couldn't fool you lot. :V There was at least one person who praised me for how "original" Tomato was, though, which made me A LITTLE CONCERNED...

I actually think I've talked about this before. Huh. Anyways, these aren't complete thoughts and I didn't have one specific, CLEAR AND DISTINCT direction with Tomato. This is just one aspect of why I made him. I don't even think about that fact nearly at all, anymore. These days, when I think about Tomato, I like to figure through how Tomato is self-absorbed but simultaneously a caring person, and why someone like him makes simple minded decisions.

ANYWAY, I'm late for a thing, so I have to go now. THANKS FOR LISTENING TO ME TALK ABOUT MYSELF, I GUESS? Wah.

My tablet pen broke [FIXED!]

Mood: Extremely cross

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I drew Noland because he is a whiny-butt, which I will also be for the time being.

I dropped my tablet pen on the floor a couple hours ago by accident. AND NOW IT DOESN'T WORK.

I'm so upset right now because it was working this morning, so I feel as if it should still work; and because I need to finish a commission for a friend, which I can't do now. Moreover, the tablet pens for the tablet model I have are nearly $50. I could replace it, but it feels too pricey for just a pen. I haven't searched for pen compatibility with other Wacom tablets, yet. Maybe a cheaper pen will still work on my tablet.

The eraser side still works, so maybe I can get used to using that. I just hate using that side, though, because I feel like it's scraping my tablet's surface when I'm using it.

I'll try to fix it tomorrow, or something. There are some tutorials online on how to fix it yourself. I feel like I may just break it, but since it's already broken I really have nothing to lose. :T



Edit: I sort of fixed it! 8D; The pen works and the pressure sensitivity seems fine, but I can't use the right click button on the top of it anymore. (It's the button labeled #3 in this image.) I actually use that button a lot because it's a shortcut for the eye-drop tool on SAI, but I can just do that manually. SO WHATEVZ!
I still think I might want to buy a new pen, because I've dropped this one on the ground a lot... so who knows how broken it really is. But $50... I'll hold out for a little longer. xD;