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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 21. Such an old soul.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.


Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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Back from spring break!

Mood: Lazy butt

Heyooo, I'm back at school. :V Idk if I even mentioned if I was on break last week, sorry;;; Not really much to talk about, except that I'm not excited to get back to doing school work. ;u;

I did finish a bit of my armor for my Virion cosplay last week, though!
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Twas quite an experience. Painting it really made it look a lot nicer than it did originally, so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. JUST GOTTA FINISH THE REST OF IT NOW, HA HA....
I also really want to make a Roy cosplay, because HE'S THE BEST.

But yeah, speaking of costumes, I'm feeling iffy about going to Otakon this year. orz IT'S PRACTICALLY $100 THIS YEAR... I'm thinking of getting a summer job of some sort just to pay for everything. ;u;/ Though I don't really know what I'd do, and I've never had a job before. WAHHH. We'll see, idk. orz

...idk, I don't really have anything else about me to talk about. BUT! My friend just told me today that one of my favorite mangas is being made into an anime!!! *3* It's one of the few good BLs I've read, Doukyuusei.

I really liked the manga and all of the spin offs, but when I'd try to recommend it to people, they'd usually be put off by the art style. The animations look really pretty, though, I have a good feeling it'll do the manga justice. *U*/ If you like slice of life stuff with a kind of subtle (?) atmosphere, you might like reading it. I liked it. :m

AND WELL, that's about all I have for you. Happy week to the lot of you! :^D

Katsucon 2015 Cosplay Photos

Mood: Bathroom needs........ BUT POSTING, FIRST!

HEYOOO. I mentioned already, but I went to Katsucon 2015 this past weekend! :D It was lots of fun to hang out with my family and stare at everyone's beautiful cosplays. I didn't have time to make a costume for myself, but my sister whipped together a cosplay of Mikorin from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun for me with the power of Forever 21, Amazon, embroidery, and old clothes. HERE'S SOME PHOTOS OF ME, IF YOU WANT TO SEE MY COSPLAY...!!!

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This is a photo my sis took of me before we went to the convention. Trying really hard to look extremely cool............
This was like my go-to pose for the day. :^D

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(photo by Danny Inthasoroth on FB!)
I went with these cool kids to Katsucon. That's my older sister on the left as Cordelia from Fire Emblem, and her boyfriend on the right as Trunks. My sister basically made all of our costumes, so she was pretty much the ~*~cosplay goddess~*~ this time around. (...as she normally is, actually, haha. xD;)

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Halfway through Saturday, my sis dressed as Kashima from GSNK, so we ~*~matched~*~! That was fun, haha. :^D Not a lot of people recognized our cosplay, but we got a bit more recognition together than with me just being Mikorin all on his lonesome. xD

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Facebook image URLs are freakishly long. ANYWAY, we ran into this super cute Kashima and Hori duo. so we took some pictures of them! :D Here's Mikorin being surrounded by beautiful Kashimas. And also Hori.

These next couple pictures were taken by my little sister! here's her flickr page, with other cool photos from Katsucon and just other stuff. :^DDD
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I was trying really hard to ~*~woo~*~ the camera, the way that Mikorin does. It turns out making facial expressions is actually pretty difficult, and also embarrassing. xD I remember my little sis took a couple pictures of me getting embarrassed (which would also be rather Mikorin-like...), but she hasn't posted any of those. :m

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Yah. It was really cold and kind of windy, why am I so gleefully smiling.
(I'm just kidding, taking pictures was actually pretty fun, haha.)

SO YEAH, that's what I wore to Katsucon. I liked how easy this was to walk around in, haha. I also like the red wig, because I MIGHT USE IT FOR A ROY COSPLAY EVENTUALLY.........
I kind of wish I knew I'd be getting a red wig, so I could have worked on a Roy cosplay for Otakon. I started a Virion cosplay during winter break, so that's probably what I'll be wearing for Otakon in the summer. BTW, IF ANYONE'S GOING TO OTAKON, let me know!!! *U*b Idk theO's kind of inactive and stuff these days, but MAYBE... SOMEONE IS AN EAST COASTER LIKE ME WHO GOES TO CONS... ;U;
I actually stopped by Yummy Suika (and friends') artist alley booth at Katsu, which was surprising. I don't usually see a name I recognize from theO at a convention. xD The artist alley was just really nice this year, though! :O The art direction seemed to be going away from heavily populated with sparkly anime toward this more cartoon-anime fusion. (Not that there's anything wrong with the sparkly anime style. It was just nice to see a bit more variety! *u*b) I bought a couple keychains and some prints for my friends and me. I WISH I BROUGHT MORE MONEY, THOUGH, THERE WERE SO MANY PRINTS I WANTED TO BUY.... BUBHBHBH. ;0;/ I need a job, haha;;;;;;;;

Speaking of artist alleys and ~*~jobs~*~, I'm thinking I want to try to apply for Nekocon, which is held in November. I think artist alley applications start in May, so I'm going to try to get some good stuff done for that. >:O The only issues are that Nekocon requires at least 50% original art (rather than fan art), and also I don't have anyone to share the table with. The original art thing isn't too big a deal because I like drawing original stuff, I just worry about whether or not people will want to buy original stuff. orz BUT MAINLY, I need someone to table with, hoo hahh hhahhhh..... maybe I'll find someone in my school's anime club who likes to draw. I'm pretty sure the anime club goes to Nekocon every year....
IF ANYONE HERE ON THE INTERNET WOULD LIKE TO TABLE WITH ME AND SPLIT THE $75 PRICE, PLEASE... LET ME KNOW... I don't even know if I'm going to apply and get accepted, idk why I'm even worrying about this right now.

BUT UM. Yeah, that's just stuff that's happened and I've been thinking about. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND, MY FRIENDS! :D

Challenge Ending Soon! :V

Hey guys! Just wanted to mention quickly that my challenge Fashion and Music is ending this Saturday!!! Sorry I never made a reminder earlier, but if you still want to enter you've got a couple days! *u*b
Thank you to all that have entered so far, too; if I haven't commented on your submission yet, I'm going to try to get around to that this weekend. ;u;/ I'm not sure when I'll decide on the winners... maybe by the 1st of March, I'll decide and let the winners know. :D
Okay, back to studying. HAPPY THURSDAY.

Ai Ga Love Shite You Nanosa manga review

Hey, guys! I was going to do a normal post about life and whatever, but then I read this cute Boys Love manga this morning. Which is actually pretty rare for me, most BL manga out there doesn't strike me as particularly interesting. BUT HEY, it was decent enough and thought WHY NOT SHARE WITH TheO?
And by share, I mean do a full-out critique of it. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO.
But no, I sometimes think that I should do BL reviews b/c it would be fun! :^D But then I remember that a lot of them are either boring or basically just porn and. Hm. Reviewing porn.
BUT! This one is not porn, it is just a nice little 4-chapter PG-13 ish story, so I WILL REVIEW AWAY.

The manga in question is called Ai Ga Love Shite You Nanosa, by Jaryuu Dokuro. The title has a lot of wordplay that I don't exactly understand. It looks like it's based on some sort of weird phrasing like "Ai (watashi) ga rabushiteru nanosa" which I think means something like, "It's like, I'm in love." "AI" here can mean the English word "I" (as in me), but is also the Japanese word for love (愛). Also in the title is the English phrase "I love you" (AI RABU YUU).
Basically: confusing title.
Yaoislife translates the title as "I, like, Love, um, You, and stuff," which is pretty cute. Idk how accurate it is to the original title, but who cares.

As far as the author, Jaryuu Dokuro, goes, her work tends to be pretty alright. I remember reading her one shot Call My Name some years ago, and remember liking it. :V (I'm also sure there was a prequel to it, but I can't find it...?? WHATEVER.) I like her art style well enough, and it's usually pretty expressive... Also kinda sketchy, but I do like art on the sketchy side. She also tends to add this sort of quick, snappy humor into her works. It's kind of rare for the kind of humor she uses to appear in BL mangas; A lot of BL kind of relies on a fantastical, dramatic tone, and when there is humor, it's usually kind of cheap and unnatural.
(...I don't really have any evidence atm to show what I mean by "cheap and unnatural," but I CAN FEEL IT. ONCE I COME UP WITH A CONCRET WAY OR ILLUSTRATING WHAT I MEAN, I'll let you know.)

Anyway, on to Ai Ga Love Shite You Nanosa.

When I first saw the cover, I thought it was going to be a Teacher-Student Romance (I-I WAS SO READY TO READ IT AND JUDGE IT HARD;;;), but it's not. They're both high school students on the cover. Ai Ga is a 4-chapter story about the relationship between student council member Oono (left), and delinquent Takeuchi (right). There's also a bonus story at the end about a different set of characters, but I won't be talking about it. One notable thing about Ai Ga is that the two main characters get together in the first chapter.
Another notable thing is that they're both butt-cute little idiots.
External Image
I ADMIT, IT WAS MOSTLY THE OPPOSITE-PERSONALITY-DYNAMIC THAT WON ME OVER. I am weak. It's true that there isn't much of a storyline, the dialogue flow is a little odd at times, and the characters aren't particularly well developed. But there's a definite light and warm tone that starts to shape the more you read it. Plus, both of these characters ended up being rather cute and felt genuine, which was nice. Takeuchi's tough-guy-but-obliviously-cute act worked pretty well with Oono's strict-but-actually-really-shy act.

One hilarious thing I'd like to mention really quick is the chapter 1 cover art:
External Image
External Image
External Image
The only things I can offer to explain the reason for this hilariously inaccurate chapter art is the possibility that 1) the artist drew it before she decided the character personalities, or 2) her editor or someone wanted her to draw something with a more conventional seme/uke dynamic.
Oono, you are not mysterious and brooding. You are a cute little blushing baby.

In fact, all the characters were pretty cute, not just the main characters. I'm a fan of this chick:
External Image
I don't remember her name, but the manga's so short that I don't remember anyone's name. Having a female character that sticks out as a good, likable character is pretty impressive in BL mangas. BL manga tends to make boring or antagonistic female characters. But even putting aside all of that, this girl's great! I MEAN... SHE CALLS TAKEUCHI OVER USING TELEPETHY... AND IT WORKS. (???) Also, there's this:
External Image
SUGGESTIONS OF GIRLS LOVE??? IN A BOYS LOVE MANGA??!?!?!? Okay, this isn't specifically GL, she does say "We're friend's now." But I mean, considering the heart and the fact the dude on the buttom panel says "Just like Take-chan (who is clearly in a same sex relationship with Oono)," it seems like the author kind of maybe wants us to read into it a little. Maybe. Idk.
BUT YEAH, as far as the side characters go, I liked that the side characters never treated Takeuchi and Oono's relationship as odd, or anything; usually side characters in BL manga hint at the idea that same sex relationships are seen as "weird" and so on. Which, at times, can work--but other times, it won't. I think Dokuro's decision to make everyone GREAT FRIENDS instead of causing lots of friendship drama was a good decision for how short the manga was. That said, I do wish Ai Ga was a little longer; all of the characters could have used a little development, but especially the side characters like Dude With Hairclips and Beard Ponytail Guy.

Another thing I want to talk about is the art. It started out pretty standard in art style (especially the hilariously bizarre chapter 1 cover art, that looks like a fairly standard BL art style). As the story went on, the art seemed to get a bit more experimental. It turned pretty cartoony near the end, with less screentones and a kind of more sketchy/doodle-y art style compared to the first chapter. It wasn't a bad thing, and I like how the art looks in both the beginning and the end, but it was just kind of a weird thing to happen in such a short manga. HM? HM.
I really love how expressive Dokuro manages to draw everyone, though! BL has a bad reputation for its weird anatomy, but I think the lack of diverse expressions is an issue, too. Dokuro pulls of anatomy pretty well (except she sometimes draws heads a little big which makes the characters look randomly young), but expressions are really her art's winning feature. It's so refreshing to read BL manga with expressive characters, in a land where BL manga is dominated by bored looking dudes.
Like, look at this guy from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi:
External Image
It's. Are you happy, or. Pitying someone, maybe. Condescending, perhaps. I have no idea, he just looks kind of bland. Yeah, I'm being kind of harsh. I've never liked the way Nakamura Shungiku (who wrote Sekaiichi and Junjou Romantica) draws guys. I've never read any of her works, so I can't really say anything about her storytelling or anything else in her manga.
But it's not just Shungiku who does this weird emotionless thing; here's a chapter art from Super Lovers:
External Image
Yes, can you not see the love I harbor when you look into my emotionless, dead eyes...
But no, I literally cannot see either of these characters as having any sort of emotions in this picture. They're just sitting and staring. Indifferently. I'm not trying to say that there isn't a place for these sort of blank, emotionless expressions in BL manga. I'm not even saying that Sekaiichi or Super Lovers is bad--I've never read them, I wouldn't know. It's just that with these sort of faces, it's hard for me to really care about the story being presented because clearly, the characters themselves don't care.
Dokuro on the other hand works with varying expressions, and from the pictures of her's that I've already posted, I'd say she manages to pull it off. She draws very cute emotions, I really like it. *3*b
External Image
Look at these cute losers, it's great. She also draws pretty nice kissing:
External Image
Cute and simple, and the characters actually look like they're feeling emotions rather than like... kissing a wall, or something. And seeing emotions in characters makes them seem so much more relatale and likable.
Though Dokuro does a good job with faces, there was a definite lack of backgrounds in the manga. She definitely could have put a bit more effort into that department, because there was a lot of white space in several of the panels.

To conclude, here's my final thoughts on Ai ga Love Shite You nanosa:
-The plot is simple with no real conflict, and doesn't require a lot of thinking. Yet there's a light and cute tone to the story, which I found likable.
-All the characters are cute and fun, but pretty flat. Their lacking depth did add to the lightness of the tone, though.
-A little short, could have used some expansion.
-Cute art, but could've used a bit more detail in the backgrounds/etc.
-Dialogue was a little plain at times, but the cute moments and funny moments got me liking the manga after all.

Overall: B-
It was a fun read and definitely had lots of cute moments, so I do recommend it. *u*b It's not extraordinary, though, and doesn't have any sort of depth or striking originality to it. But it is enjoyable; I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would.

And that's that! Thanks for reading, if you did, I know it was kind of long. Haha. If you like reading these sorts of reviews or whatever, I might do another one sometime. :V You can even suggest something for me to review! WANT ME TO READ SOME BAD YAOI? I'LL READ SOME BAD YAOI... or whatever you want, haha.

Anyway, I'll post some art stuff up sometime this week, probably. And I'll try to have a life update soon so I can tell you 'bout plans for Katsucon and whatnot! *u*b HAVE A NICE LIFE.

Some pointless character quiz

Mood: I hunger.

I was actually just super bored last night, and it looked kind of fun. :^D BUT YEAH, here's a couples quiz with Stefan and Gabe because WHO ELSE WOULD I HAVE ANSWER THESE, LET'S BE REAL...;;;; So yeah, the answers to this thing takes place while they're dating.

The first third has questions answered by Stefan, the second third answered by Gabe, and the final third answered by both of them.

1. What exactly was it about this partner that he was attracted to?
I'm not entirely certain if this question is asking what I find attractive about Gabriel, or what Gabriel finds attractive about me; I'll answer the former. I suppose you could say that I find Gabriel's carefree take on life attractive... I admire how he can find enjoyment in most things, and that he is able to maintain a positive attitude. He's also fairly entertaining, as in the way he talks and his mannerisms in general. I enjoy spending time with him, is mainly what I'm trying to explain.

2. So, here’s a scenario for you: some guy is hitting relentlessly on your significant other? What do you do?
Assertively ask him/her to stop and/or leave.

3. Where did they take their significant other to on their first date? Details plz!
Incedentally, we went on our first date as a sort of joke... I lost a bet. I left everything up to Gabriel as part of the bet, though. We went to the movies, to the mall, ate dinner... nothing out of the ordinary, surprisingly.

4. So, do you think of yourself as possessive?
Not particularly; the both of us try to be fair in our relationship, and not hold an unhealthy amount of control over the other.

5. Do you regret taking in your significant other?
No. Though I was uncertain of what direction our relationship would go, initially.

6. Any angry Ex’s we need to be aware of?
No. There was a time when Gabriel's friend Danny was interested in Gabriel, and thus had negative feelings toward me. We've cleared up our conflicts, for the most part.

7. What physical traits do you find most attractive about your significant other?
Ah... Well, there's no denying that he has a nice body. Though I do like his face quite a bit. Particularly, his smile. He has that pretty boy celebrity sort of smile, it's very handsome.

8. Are they hot?
Aeh, well, I suppose... I think so...;;; [translation: yep, imo.]

9. Do you think YOU’RE hot?
? Not particularly, though I wouldn't say I'm unattractive... What does this have to do with our relationship, anyway? :I

10. Have you met your significant other’s family? What was the outcome of that meeting if you have?
I have indeed. Initially, I was actually rather nervous about meeting them... I've been in relationships in the past, but this was my first time meeting a lover's family. He has a very warm family, though, and I enjoyed my time with them. I'd be happy to visit again, sometime.

11. So, having read the above questions, what do you think about the way you’re significant other answered them?
Classic Stef. So formal. -u-b

12. Okay, so some young, supple woman is hitting on your man. What do you do?
UH WELL UH damn, if it's a girl, I guess I'd just come over and be like, "YO, EXCUSE ME BUT HE'S GOT A MAN." Or like... yeah, something like that. I DON'T KNOW, MAN, I'VE NEVER ACTUALLY THOUGHT ABOUT THAT...

13. Where do you like your significant other to take you on dates?
Oh I dunno, I'm pretty fine with anywhere... Though idk maybe I'd kinda like if we'd go do romantic shit like... walking around Paris at night... go see the Eiffle tower... or eat dinner at some random cuTE PLACE AAAAHSHUTUPILIKEDOINGCUTESHITSOMETIMES/// *hides face*

14. What is one thing you wish you could change about your significant other?
Uhh... huh. I dunno, maybe I wouldn't change anything? Though like sometimes he gets annoyed pretty easy at little things, like at restaurants or when he's driving. :T Idk, it's not really too big a deal, though.

15. Disregarding the laws of physics, nature, and gravity… what would the children of you and your significant other be like?
HAHA, OH UH... I HAVE NO IDEA, DAMN. MAYBE LIKE... my hair, and his eyes, and named Gabe jr. and grows up to be a rock star. Yeah, good plan. Nice work, Gabe jr., very proud dad I am.

16. As a follow up to the above question, do you want kids?
Nah... I mean, I do like kids and stuff, but I dunno if I'm really responsible enough or whatever to actually take care of one. I don't think Stef really likes being around kids that much, either, so I wouldn't wanna force him into that. A-AND ANYWAY IT'S KINDA EARLY TO THINK ABOUT KIDS, Y'KNOW, HA HA...;;

17. So… Who is really in charge of the two of you ^_~
Hahaha, I dunno... like, I don't think either of us is really in charge, we just talk out things if we need to.

18. So, have you or are you living together? If not, would you want to? If you are, are you happy?
Nah, we're not, but we both stay at each other's place pretty often. I mean, I'd like to live together... I dunno if he's ready yet, though, and I'm kinda nervous about asking him 'cause it's like... what if I freak him out;;; 'CAUSE LIKE, IT'S A PRETTY BIG DEAL, Y'KNOW... and I don't wanna ruin everything by asking a stupid question, gah. orz
Whoa, sorry for getting real on you. Just had to let that out...;;

19. So, what do you like most about your significant other?
oh, uh... I dunno, I like everything about him...! I guess I really like... his eyes... and his laugh... and everything hhaaaa why is this SO EMBARRASSING FOR ME ALLOFASUDDEN... Stefan's just a cool guy, okay? And I just... like him. OKAYNEXTQUESTION.

20. Vanilla or Chocolate?
Uh... Vanilla, I guess? Haha, what the hell?

Alright, so now you get to answer some questions together! =) This should be fun…
21. Alright… what movies do you enjoy watching together and why?
S: DON'T... TELL THEM THAT. ....it started as a joke, but I think at this point we both enjoy a romantic comedy every now and again, with a degree of honesty;;;
G: Hey c'mon, The Proposal's a good movie.
S: You only liked it because that Ryan Reynolds fellow is in it.
G: Ry Ray is bae.
S: Right.
S: Of course, of course.
G: I LOVE YOU, STEF! *u*/ <3

22. So…what would be your nightmare date? ^^
S: Nightmare date? I'm not sure... *to Gabe* That rock band you took me to see was a rather terrifying experience.
G: Haha, c'mon, it wasn't that bad. You were having fun by the end. :D FOR ME, IT'D BE.... *to Stef* yo, actually, I think our nightmare date would be like... if we went out somewhere, and your parents had to chaperon...
G: Actually, your dad might be pretty chill, but your mom... no offense man, she kinda sometimes scares the shit out of me a little bit;;;
S: She tends to have that effect...;;;

23. Okay, as a follow up to the question above, what would be your dream date?
S: Just spending time with Gabriel is enough for me--
G: AW STEF STOP I'M BLUSHING. *smooshes Stef's face* But actually, hear me out: lamplit walk around Paris at night, go see the Eiffel tower all lit up, then go eat dinner at some random cute place...
S: ...I'm not opposed to your saccharine plans, but you're going to have to be a bit more descriptive than "dinner at some random cute place."

24. AWKWARD QUESTION TIME~! <3 How is your love life? (No graphic details plz…)
G: It's great, Stef's great in be--
G: ~*~But Stefan, I just want to tell everyone about how great you are at everything~*~

25. So, what are your plans for the future?
S: I'm not quite sure, I feel that the two of us are just taking the relationship wherever it goes. *to Gabe* Unless you had something in mind?
G: U-uh, well, uh... I mean like, I kinda sometimes think about when we should move in together, or if we should, and like...
S: Ah, I see. We could talk about it sometime, if you like.
G: You mean it... doesn't freak you out or anything?
S: ? Why would it "freak me out"?

26. MOAR AWKWARD QUESTIONS~! <3 What lies have you told your significant other?
S: I don't think I've lied to him, so I don't--
G: Aw eff that, Stef, you lie all the time.
S: What?! I don't!
G: You do! Like with little stuff all the time, you're such a hardass about things and don't like to admit when you screw up, so you just make up some stupid shit to save your ass.
S: Like what?!
G: Like, uh... if you cook something and it comes out shit, you'll be like "Oh no, the recipe called for 4 cups of sugar, when it should have said 1," or something, like... Yo, I dunno I can't think of anything right now. But stuff like that.
S: That doesn't even count as lying--
G: Chill, chill, it's not even a big deal. I actually think it's kinda funny. :D
G: Stef, I'm just teasing youuuuu. ;u;/
S: >:T *pout*

27. Do y’all go on group dates?
G: Nah, not really... I mean, none of our friends are really dating, are they?
S: Tomato has his boyfriend, but...
G: Yeah, I think that'd just be awkward.
S: Isn't Jo dating Danny?
G: Yeah, but I'm not going on a double date with my sister;; Nah, just... nah, group dates, nahhh....

28. So, dates aside, what is your favorite thing to do together?
G: Eh, idk... just chilling is nice. :D
S: Agreed.
[ooc: I'M GETTING TIRED SLKJFSA maybe I'll come back and change this answer, later.]

29. Okay, last question. Are you and your significant other polar opposites, or do you ‘click’?
S: We're fairly different people. We do our best to make it work, though, aha.
G: Haha, yeah, it's actually pretty fun. *to Stef* I dunno, maybe its like I like being around you because you are so different from what I'm used to. I've never been close to anyone like you, before.
S: I, uh... *hides face* R-right, I agree...///
G: What are you getting embarrassed for? (hahaha)
S: Silence, I'm not embarrassed;;;;
...AND THAT'S THE END OF THAT! Stefan's section seems so boring. Answering questions with the both of them was fun, though. HEE HAW.

Have a swell day, my friends.