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winter break

ya it soon going to be winter break and i can't wait. am not sure what am going to do over break but am sure it will be fun either way. i'll get to see my family even the ones i don't want to see but o well you win some you lose some. like my dads always asks around this time whats the diffence between inlaws and outlaws?......outlaws are wanted lol^^. well hope to see you all over break =P o and happy b-day you big puff ball


is it to much to ask the men of these days to be romantic. do they know anything about the looks we give them or the rush of being so close just to touch or the words they don't say that can make melt or the little things that can drive us crazy. How i wish to meet a romantic guy.


There once was a lycan who was banished to this earth for angering the gods. He was told by these gods that he would never be happy and that this place would become his hell. The lycan was furious with the gods for putting him here. He hated this world and its people think that these people knew no honor, no respect, and no loyalty. Until one day when a human enter his world and changed his life. She showed him this world in a whole new way. He fell in love with her and her to him. They both loved the moon and looked at it often. One night she started dreaming of olden days, the olden days of his past life. It did not scar her in fact she wanted to help him return to his home. She got in really deep and ended up getting killed. He thought it was his fault she died and he never forgave himself. He spent the rest of his life wondering the earth lost, confused, and in deep sorrow.

the trouble with love

as little we watch fairy tale movie with there happy ever afters. we get an idea of what love is. we spent most or all of our lifes looking for it and the right someone to share it with. some of us are lucking enough to find it but others will never see it. i wish each and every day to be one of thoughs lucking ones who find love. am not looking for a knight in shining armor just someone who would wish to be my everything and and for i to be his everything. for him to be charming, outgoing to take chances, muture, and overall himself. amjust like every little girl just waiting to be sweep off her feet. well just keep wishing


hey everyone ^^ this year has gone by so fast. am starting to get a little scared unsure of whats to come. right now i have no job, no way of getting around,no boyfriend which is not a big deal and am not sure what i want to do with my future. these are scary times am sure i will figure it out i still got one more year before am out on my own and friends and family that will help me through it. well until next time your freind moon ^^