This is a collection of short writings I really wanted to do a pretty long while ago. Just read it to know what it's about.

Once I post enough here, I'll be willing to let people guest post in order to add their writings (that keep to the theme, of course. But then, you can dare to request to guest post by PMing me. =^_^=)

A Clock's Work

Clocks were made to tell the time, but it seems that they now control the time.

We are not the type of person who regularly wears watches nor one who looks at clocks often. That's why these past few years, a regular client of ours has been giving us watches as presents. She tells us to wear even just one of them.

We wore one out of obedience one time, and eventually, wearing the watch became part of our daily routine. We didn't even notice that we were faithful to wear it every morning.

One morning, we left our residence in a hurry and forgot to wear our watch. While at work, we kept on looking at our left wrist, forgetting that we didn't wear the watch for that day.

Are we, as beings bound by time, supposed to be bound by timekeeping devices?