secrets - poem

Secrets are lurking every where
In the shadows
In the dark
Every one has a secret they wanna hide

To cover them up
They tell you lies
That even you can realize
Aren’t one damn bit true

Secrets can shift
Into any shape or size
They trick you into thinking
They are just another shadow you are walking by

They are just too tricky
To slick and to sly
You better keep and eye out
Or say good-bye

Because they lurk around every corner
Following you around
Soon they will catch up with you
And pull you down

The secrets that can hide
Could strangle you, corrupt your mind
And leave you wishing
You had just stayed inside

Shine the light and find the truth
Look the secrets in the eye
And tell them you don’t buy
The lies that cover up the truth

Let no truth be a secret
Believe no lie that stands before it
Find the truth because you know you want it
And let the secrets hide no more