Abandoned in the storm -poem

Two teenagers,
Running under the crying sky,
Tears streaking their faces,
As they plow through the forest.

Fleeing from the destruction,
And terror behind,
Trying to forget,
The sound of gun shot.

It rings in their ears,
Haunting them,
Not letting them forget,
The carnage they left behind.

All alone,
No idea where they are going,
Just that its far away,
From the stench of chard wood.

Through the unknown forest,
running to find a place,
Any place,
To stay.

The girl looks back,
Wishing it all away,
The boy stops and shouts,
She turns back to late.

Over the edge she falls,
Off a cliff she didn't see,
Grabbing something,
Anything stable.

The boy looks over,
Already on his knees,
He thrusts out his hand,
Stretching as far as he dares.

Desperate she reached for him,
So close yet so far,
She tries to climb,
But the rocks give way.

They both scream at once
One of denial,
One of terror,
As she fall into darkness.

Watching her disappear
The boy shouts,
Screaming her name,
But to no avail.

His gaze was empty,
Shaken with what had happened,
Not able to comprehend,
His immense loss.

but slowly he realized,
Everyone was gone,
Family, friends,
The whole town in ruins.

His only love was gone,
And he was alone,
And as he started to cry,
The sky wept with him.

And you could hear his screams,
louder than thunder,
desolate as the moon,
Abandoned in the storm.