Forced to watch my world fall apart -poem

I never thought,
Things would go wrong,
But I forgot,
About the things that could.

I saw things,
I should never have seen,
I just opened my eyes,
And stared death in the face.

Franticly thinking,
Scared and alone,
Grabbing the dyeing in my arms,
And running as fast as I can.

It was all just a blur,
And I didn’t know what to do,
I had to act fast,
Before my world shatters.

It is starting,
I have to be fast,
But only despair waits.

I scream for help,
But there is none to give,
Nothing anyone can do,
And my body is paralyzed.

My world is falling apart,
My mind has gone blank,
As I hold death.

She's squirming and arching,
In my tight grasp on her life,
But without a word,
She dies in my arms.

I can't move,
All I can do is stare,
And I don't know,
What to do any more.

My only friend,
Dead in my arms,
Who was alive,
Just moments ago.

Tears are falling,
And my heart stops,
As it hits me,
That she’s never coming back.

I fall to the floor sobbing,
Feeling hell for the first time,
As I'm forced to watch my world,
Fall apart in my hands.