The voice inside -poem

I want to be strong,
But there’s a voice inside me,
That holds me back,
From what I want.

Its eating away,
At my soul,
It only gets stronger,
And I fight for myself.

I want to tell people,
Things I could never say,
But that voice calls me back,
To my black past.

It won’t let me do,
The things I want,
It hides me away,
Under a blanket of anxiety.

I want to talk with people,
And have friends,
But the voice wants no one,
To interfere with its plans.

It says there is no room in my heart,
It can only be us,
But I want more,
Than just myself.

I want to be strong,
And determined,
I want to stand up,
For my rights.

But how can I do things,
When I fight with myself,
And I don’t know what to do,
To stop it.

I want to get rid of it,
And through it away,
But can someone,
Please help.

Because I don’t know,
How to forget my bad past,
Or how to make my ugly self,