Deadly thoughts of love -poem

My thoughts are troubling,
It’s hard to think,
When I’m around you,
I'm pushed to the brink.

I feel like I,
Have gone insane,
And I don’t dare,
To speak your name

Words are spoken,
Names are said,
You looked at me,
And my heart stops.

You asked me a question,
I could never say,
I don’t speak,
And your smile drops.

How can I answer?
When I don’t know what I’m feeling,
I don’t know what to do,
My head is reeling.

Words tumble out,
Going right through you,
They fall to the ground,
And in pieces they brake.

Staring at me,
Tears in my eyes,
You ran from me,
And the things you can’t take.

My heart is sinking,
And falls to the floor,
Where it lies,
It beats no more.

My spirit, gone,
My life is through,
And the question that did this,
Was “What am I to you?”