yes, almost all of my poems are dreary but they are well made if i do sayso my self. it would really please me if you commented and liked my peoms that i slaved away at. i always insist that my works are perfect. enjoy!

why the tears fall down

Why do the tears fall down?
Because of,
Broken hearts and broken dreams,
Nothing is as it seems,
Never knowing what is true,
Every fight with me and you,
Every lie I failed to see,
Everything is failing me,
Feeling like I’m caving in,
No mater what I’ll never win,
Helplessly I hit the ground,
And that’s why the tears falls down

what laughter hides -poem

Laughter hides,
All the tears,
The agonizing pain,
And your worst fears.

It cloaks your discomfort,
When people babble,
When guys are boisterous,
And women ramble.

It keeps your secrets,
From the mass of strangers,
From their prying eyes,
And their dangers.

It dries the tears,
Before they can fall,
Hiding your sorrows,
From them all.

It conceals the pain,
And it’s hidden so well,
That no one knows,
No one can tell.

It stops the fear,
From escaping your grasp,
Now under control,
Seal tight the clasp.

It stops hysteria,
From spilling out,
Concealing the madness,
Quickly throughout.


His Name - poem

His name sends Knives through my heart,
And tears to my eyes,
This ripping sensation,
Will eat me alive.

In the face of pain,
I struggle to keep my composure,
Even if I die,
I know it won’t be over.

Torn apart brutally,
forbidden to be together,
How long can it last?
Will it be like this forever?

His name rips me apart,
Every time it is said,
Thoughts always linger,
it’s not even safe in my head.

So I’ve locked up my heart,
Along with his name,
In the black of my mind,
Where forever it stays.

I can't sleep - poem

I can’t sleep,
The drizzling rain outside,
Makes so many sounds,
Like it’s talking.

Whispering in my ear,
Telling me its sorrowful tale,
Riddled with disaster,
And full of woe.

I can hear the crying,
In the wind,
The shouting of denial,
The screams of pain.

Every place it’s been to,
Every person it’s seen,
It’s shown me,
In the dancing lightening.

The rain reminds me,
Of all mankind’s mistakes,
And all of the destruction,
It has seen.

Through all the ages,
It has missed nothing,
And it whispers it,
All to me.

Then the voice of the rain,
In the softest of words,
Tells me,
Of our future.

That is the secret it left with me,
As it crept away,
And that’s why,
I can’t sleep.

Stolen Heart -poem

My heart is missing,
I can't really breathe,
My blood runs cold,
Soon I might freeze,
It would be a relief,
from the hole in my chest,
The loss is numbing,
But the pain is immense,
Reminders are torturous,
It feels like i'm choking,
Sprawled on the floor,
I must look revolting,
My festering wound,
Is bleeding profusely,
It can't be stopped,
I stand here helplessly,
I couldn't change,
The look on your face,
Or your reasons,
For leaving this place,
But when you went,
You left me broken,
Never to be fixed,
My heart has been stolen.