Hi people! I decided it was time to make a world because no one pays attention to MyO anymore. *sob*
Requests: Open
Trades: Maybe
Commissions: Nah, I don't have a Paypal set up yet

I love you guys! x3


College life

Making rosemary syrup for my coffee in a microwave, hoping my room mate doesn’t show up and look at me funny.

College life

Oh while I was gone I went to prom and finished high school and went to Europe and got engaged.


The best thing since sliced bread



Is here... Hopefully I'll be drawing more for theO. I don't really draw anime anymore... but who knows. I've got a whole summer to start drawing people again lol.
Damned furries, sucking me into their fandom.

Blaaahh I'm all sore from working out
Ttyl gonna go do stuff

And remember,


I am delighted.
So lately I've been stressing about school and being lame. I'm at the library now, procrastinating :}

Gotta go start my WWII ESSAY YAY


I just ruined

one more person's life.
I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I HATE IT. I'M SO FUCKING SORRY. I'M SO SORRY.... I'm sorry... I didn't.. mean... I'm so stupid... I just.. it's.. I can't form coherent sentences.