Ten Inch Hero (2007)

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And a beautiful relationship was born

Hello all! Welcome to my review of Ten Inch Hero as requested by Ritona Raito!

This is a movie I had for a long time but kept putting it off because it looked "odd". Turns out, this movie is one of those rare feel good movies that actually is really good. At its heart it's a story of 5 people who work in a sandwich shop as they try to convince each other that the only way that they'll be happy is if they be themselves. You will laugh and you will sway with girly feelings. Not a complete heart wrencher yet it still proves to pull at the strings. If you're looking for a casual movie with the girls, butter the popcorn, bubble the cola and pull up a seat, this is the movie for you! In my personal opinion I don't think guys would enjoy this movie very much, as a side-note.

And, if you love Jensen Ackles, this is a good opportunity to see him be absolutely silly and love every second of it.

xoxo, Momma Love