This is for my fellow writers.

No one sees life quite the way that a writer or an artist does. Only they can see the beauty in the pain, the laughter in the tears, the past in the present...

Expect daily writing exercises, a tip of the day, and some of my own random writings ^^


SinsofMidnight is...

People Watching!

  • Exercise of the Day:Start With Who You Know
    Choose two people who you know well and write a detailed character description of each one. Next, change their gender, name, and physical traits. Begin a story with both characters standing on the platform of a train station, waiting for a train.
    ((Source:, the blog of John Hewitt))

  • Tip of the Day: People Watching
    It might sound a little creepy, but it's true. It's also a popular exercise for psychology and sociology classes, and the overlap is intentional. Writers need to have a grasp of culture and behaviors and the psychological state of their own characters, and we can frequently find new material by watching others. Whenever I leave the house --whether to eat out, shop, apply for a job, or interact with someone in another way-- I always watch the people around me. Different kinds of people will do different kinds of things, and through long-term observation, it becomes rather easy to differentiate the kinds and types. When creating a character that fits a type (especially when it is not the same one you are), these observations really come in handy and help you flush out a character's details.
    ((Source: A Voice In the Darkness))

Expect this sort of themed over-lap normally, alright?

Later Days ((:

I'm Completely Inanimate!

  • Exercise of the Day:
    Write a paragraph from the point of view of an inanimate object…
    ((Source: "A Novel in a Year" by Louise Doughty))

    Please feel free to pound out/post a response in the comments! I'll feature some if I get enough ((:

    • My Response
      I love the way fingers feel against me as they dance with a madness I can hardly understand. Sometimes the touch is tender, a lover’s caress, the kiss of snowflakes, the soft brush of velvet. More often, there’s something more coarse in the touch, something much more common and plebeian. All I know is that there is a language in these touches, a message hidden deeply in the patterns and repetitions. I know that someday I’ll figure it all out. When I do, I imagine that I will drown in the beauty of these things that I, as yet, have no understanding of. I see more than they think. I hear more than they believe. I feel deeper than they imagine possible. Until my understanding is made whole, I remain nothing but a humble scarred old up-right piano in the corner of the room.
  • Tip of the Day:
    Don't throw out a piece because it's "crap". You have to write the trash to learn to write the treasure, and you have to learn from your mistakes.

  • SinsofMidnight's Writer's Update!
    I finally finished the original piece I've been working on since October. Today, I sent it off to a few friends to read and edit. I'll get them back in a week, edit the crap out of my copy, and send it off to the publisher before January.
    It's a novella for an open-submission anthology, so I've got a deadline to contend with --as well as the fact this is my first submission to a publishing house. I'll let you know how it works out, alright?