Update on the situation

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Yep. Kevin and Double D.

Anyways, I would like to update you guys with regards to what happened, and what I have chosen to do. (I would appreciate if people refrain from getting upset if it makes them feel that way).

There's a saying in regards to boys dating girls: "Bros before hoes (Sorry. I'm really not trying to degrade girls or anything, especially given that I myself happen to be a girl)." For girls, I believe it is "sisters before misters." Typically, I would stick to the saying and leave the guy. However, due to the circumstances surrounding what happened, I chose my boyfriend. He was simply defending himself, and trying to make things right between him and I, and my friend chose to take things to a whole other level by getting involved as deeply as she did. In the end, I chose to let her go due to this past event as well as other previous events.

I do understand that we will probably not survive as a couple. It's too early in my life to even consider marriage, and I would frankly not want to get married until I have a set career and a good start as an independent person, so that if (God forbid) there were to be marriage problems, I could support myself on my own without help.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys about what happened, and what will hopefully not happen again.