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Hey, guys! I don't know how many of you will actually see this, but it's worth a shot.

I know that, as of late, most of my posts have been in Spanish and all. Sorry. I keep forgetting that some people don't speak Spanish, since the majority of my friends do cx If you can't read it, let me summarize my posts:

  • Introduction: I explained how I will only be speaking Spanish when posting in that world because of the fact that I need to practice. I also asked for help from people who know the language better than I do.
    • Enrique Iglesias: I was just saying that i'm in live with him.
    • Mi amor: More fangirling over him, with a couple of songs of his.

    Anyways, my life thus far.

    A few days ago, (As in 2) I got my wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately, I had all 4. For those of you who have yet to do this.....IT SUCKS MONKEY BUTT. Like, as i'm typing right now, I can taste BLOOD because of my damn stitches. I hate being unable to eat whatever the hell I want. I can't even really brush my teeth very well, though I do try. I hate this.