Missing School.

I'm not going to school today. I'm not because I accidentally split open part of the incision on my left foot. I was walking to my mom's room to get my foot wrapped up, and there was a black suitcase in the middle of the floor. Oh, and, it was dark. So, I stepped forward and kicked the suitcase. My incision smashed against it, and I guess it opened a bit. I saw blood, but it was only a little, so I didn't think much of it. I told my mom, and she sat me on the bed. That's when it all started. I was holding my foot when I noticed the blood was spreading faster. It started to pool on the incision. I dragfed the trash can over and placed it under my foot. Then, the blood overflowed and dripped off into the trashcan. My mom put gauze on it and bandaged it tightly. I spent the night in her room with my foot elevated (HOORAY. ._.) So this morning she's calling the surgeon and is going to make an appointment with him today so he can check it out.

I blame this all on DeathScythe187. He jinxed me. He told me i'm graceful a few hours before this happened. Thanks, bro. Bunny is now stuck at home |D not that that's a bad thing.