Time for an end.

It's time. Time we all stop acting they way we have been acting. It's like we have all become little kids who can't think.

I need to adress something. Something has happened between two of my friends here, and that's it. Nobody has the right to get upset about it. I know exactly what had jappened just days before, and that is no excuse. Things were said, feelings were hurt. That's gonna happen. It's life. Stuff is gonna happen. It is not our job to get ourselves involved in somebody else's problem. All it does is cause more unnecessary problems. Seriously, guys. Whoever started the fight, this is for you:

Remember when Shimu and I got together? Yeah. People were pissed about it. I felt like they had no room to be telling me that it was wrong. I knew the possible consequences, but I did it anyway. These two, they are probably feeling the same way. They probably feel like everyone is butting into their love life. We need to just back off and leave them be.

To the two (they know who they are X3): i am so happy for you two. I never thought that things would get this way, and I want to apologize for it. I promise not to get involved in you guys' relationship PERIOD. Unless, of course, one of you asks me a favor or something, but that's it. I know you two are being treated badly by some, but I just want you to know that no matter what, I will not do the same thing. I will never disrespect any of my friends for whatever reason.

Everyone, I want you all to stop this. Stop the fighting. It's not worth it.