Quiz I stole

1.Are looks important in a relationship?
Nah not to me

2.Are Relationships ever worth it?

3.Favourite beverages?
Anything good and low calorie

4.Are you in a relationship?

5.Are you in love?
Define "love"

6.Do you shower every day?
Mostly but sometimes I forget

7.Do you like spicy food?

8.Would you ever consider doing an extreme sport ie: sky diving, river rafting, etc?
It really depends: am I sober or drunk?

9.Do you think you can last 1 year in a relationship and not cheat?
Yeah, but i dunno about the guys

10.What’s one thing you hate about some women?
They always have to try and look pretty no matter what.

11.What’s one thing you hate about some men?
They don't think women can do what they do.

12.Lego or Video Games?
I dunno. Both are epic.

13.Do you agree or disagree with sex before marriage?
I have nothing to say about it.

14.How many pets do you have?
Too many to count.

15.If the person you like, hurts your feelings, how do you handle it?
Naturally, i'd find a reason to blame myself for it.

16.If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her?
I'm single so......................yeah.

17.Is it better to keep your mind open in life, or find something to believe in?
I'd say both.

18.What’s the first thing you notice in someone?
Usually the way they act around me.

19.What’s your least favourite thing(s) about yourself?
I can't decide if i'm fat or not.

20.What’s your favourite thing(s )about yourself?
I dunno

21. What is your definition and view of cheating?
Cheating is when one person in a relationship has an affair with someone outside the relationship or begins another one while they are still with somebody else.

22. Who is your favourite comic book hero or villain?
Crimson Chin lD

23.What is your favourite season and why?
Probably winter. When I picture winter, i see hot cocoa, Christmas, gingerbread cookies, Christmas lights, and warm houses.

24.What turns you on?
Nothing caz im not electric *shot*

25.What is your dream vehicle(car or truck)?
One that works and has good gas mileage.

26.Do you support gay rights?
Yeah, though i'm not gay.

27.What words do you like to hear during sex?
um..i dunno

28.What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
Told me they loved me.

29.What are 5 of your top cartoons growing up?
Xiaolin Showdown
Ben 10

30.What is/are the hardest lesson(s) so far, you’ve learned in life?
You can't trust anyone.

31.Where would you like to travel?

32.Would you be willing to forgive a cheater? Explain reasons why or why not.
No. They knew that what they did was wrong, and they deserve to suffer for it.

33. What are the top 3 most interesting things about tumblr and what are the top 3 worst things.
I don't like tumblr.

34. Do you believe in downloading, buying music or a combination of the both.
Both, but mostly downloading.

35.Did you like or dislike high school?
I just started, so I dunno.

36.What is the worst thing someone can do to you at a party?
Get dangerously drunk and start a fight.

37.Night owl or sleep lover?
Night owl

38.What jobs( that you are comfortable stating) have you done?
Volunteer work.

39.What is the worst job you could do, if you had to in order to earn money?
Probably work as an assistant for a carpenter.

40.Do you like working?

41.How do you handle stress?
I usually sing.

42.Do you believe in physical discipline or emotive support?
Mostly emotive support.

43.Do you care about politics?
Only if the topic affects me now.

44.What are your top 5 favourite video games?
Sonic Adventures
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Just Dance 2
Zelda Twilight Princess

45.Do you prefer big parties for birthday events, small gatherings or something intimate with someone
Big parties. Definitely.