My dream

I hid this from you guys for a long time, but its still scaring me, so im going to tell it. Im going to tell you guys one of my dreams i had a few nights ago.

My mom left me behind since I didn't have my shoes on. I ran down the street in a nice dress and black tights on, a heavy backpack slung over my left shoulder, and tennis shoes in my right. I ran about 2 blocks when I realized that if I put on my shoes, I would move just a bit faster. I stopped at a corner, sat on a concrete fence, and began putting on my shoes. Since i was facing a busy street, cars were passing by. Lots of them. I didn't pay too much attention to them. I had my left shoe about halfway on when a white car pulled up in front of me. Then, a man stepped out of the passenger side of the car. He was about 5' 4", he was Mexican, he was fat, had a very very short buzz cut (black hair), he appeared to be growing a mustache (also black), and his eyes wee a light brown. (scary how I remember it in such detail, huh?) He stood about 3 feet away from me and was watching me. I stood to put on the other shoe. He grabbed my arm and asked, "What are you doing?" Frightened, I replied, "Putting on my other shoe." He let go and continued to watch me. Finally, I managed to get them both on and also managed to get him to go across the street. I took off running up the street. I ran until I decided I needed to go into a house and call 911 since I knew they were following me; I had seen the man jump back in the car and they had been following me the entire time. I knocked on a door, and my sister opened it. I ran in, dropping my wallet in the process. I locked all the doors, then noticed the wallet. I unlocked the doors and grabbed my wallet just as they saw me. I ran back in and relocked the doors. I turned to my sister. "Call 911," I said. She nodded and ran to the phone. I thought for a second then turned to her saying, "Do you have a shotgun?" She said "Yeah." I told her to go get it. I shut some of the blinds, but then they started looking for me through the open ones. I hid behind a small pillar, angling myself so that when they moved, they couldn't see me.

that was all that had happened before I awoke.