Something has happened...

Something has happened. Something that will change my life forever. My entire group of friends at school and my best friend now hate each other. Its because of me. I said something I shouldn't have, and now they are enemies. I can't tell you what I said, but its bad. My best friend was concerned for my safety, so she told my mom everything. My friends found out when she confronted me in front of a bunch of guys, and they tell me she just wanted to humiliate me. I don't know what to do. Im scared. I tried telling them that what she did was because she was concerned, but they won't believe me. That's why im coming to you guys. I need to know: What am I supposed to do? How can I fix this? I tried speaking to both my friend and my other friends, but they said they won't talk to each other anymore. I feel torn. I don't like what's happening. I just wish it all would stop already.

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Can you guys please help?