My Story

Yeees so you all know ive been working on a fanfiction........well i lost it in this world so ima post it again, this time with what was added on recently.

Chapter 1: Crossing paths

There I was, standing amidst the dust covered village I call home, with my brown hair flying in my face. It was almost nighttime, and I was tired. I began walking home when I hear a familiar voice calling to me. “Where are you going? Are the rumors about you joining the Akatsuki true?” As I expected, the voice belonged to my childhood friend Gaara. “Well, time to face the music, I guess. I knew you’d find out somehow. Yeah, it’s true.” I looked up into his eyes, which were looking at the ground. I started to fidget. They still had that cold stare of death that scared so many people away. “Why? Why didn’t you tell me?” to be honest, I didn’t know why I kept it from him. “I-I, well, um I guess…you know what? I give up. Come on; ill tell you everything when we get there.” He looked at me, confused. “Where? Where are you-?” I was already dragging him down the road to the end of the village. We ran for half an hour or so when we reached our favorite spot outside town. It was a lake we always played in as kids. We sat down near the waters edge.

For a while we didn’t talk. After a while, I decided to break the silence. “Im joining the Akatsuki because it’s my destiny. My parents were members, and they told me that they had planned it with their leader the year I was born.” Then, without thinking, I turned and did the one thing no one dared do: I gave him a hug. Gaara must have been startled because the next thing I knew, I was trapped in his notorious Sand Coffin while he was in a defensive stance. “What were you trying to do to me? Why did you….” His voice trailed off, and I noticed that he was staring behind me. I heard a voice I have never heard before. “Let go of her,” said the voice, “Or ill show you why they call me the Bomb Master, un.” Without notice, Gaara dropped his hand, releasing the Sand Coffin, and I fell to the ground. I ran and hid behind a tree and watched the two people.

The owner of the voice looked very feminine, and they had mouths on their hands. The person walked up to me. I must have been thinking out loud, because they said, “My name’s Deidara, and Im a man, un.” I turned a bright pink and hid my face. I guess he could read my thoughts. He let out a chuckle and then turned to Gaara. “What were you doing to her, un?” Gaara stared immensely at him, and, with an icy tone said, “She wrapped her arms around me, and she would have tried to kill me, so I defended myself.” I peered out from behind the tree and said, “I was giving you a hug. When you give someone a hug, it means you……uh…well, it’s not something bad. People give each other hugs all the time. They are to say sorry *cough cough*, to say hi or bye, to cheer someone up, or…..certain things.” Gaara said nothing, but the look on his face said it all. I walked up to him and gave him another hug. This time, he pulled me in closer, and he said something I couldn’t understand.

All three of us sat down. All of a sudden, Deidara shouted, “TOBI!!! Come, un.” A man with an orange swirled mask that made me dizzy plopped down next to Deidara. He leaned forward, looked at me and said, “Name’s Tobi. What is your name?” I stood and bowed, saying “Tsukiyomi. Akane Tsukiyomi.” Then I noticed the cloaks they were wearing and asked them what they were for. “Not to intrude, but where are you guys from?” As soon as I finished, both Deidara and Tobi started to speak. Tobi turned to Deidara and said, “Sempai! Let Tobi tell!! Tobi and Deidara-sempai are from the Akatsuki! Tobi and Deidara come to find the new recruit.”

I stood, my palms beginning to shake a little. “I am the new recruit.” Deidara, Tobi, and Gaara all stood; shocked looks on Tobi and Deidara’s faces. “Deidara-kun, when am I leaving?” Deidara didn’t hear me, and seemed to be staring off into space. Then, as soon as I followed where his eyes were, I saw it finally: he was staring at Gaara, whose eyes were even more icy cold than before. Gaara took my hand and pulled me to him. I could feel his heartbeat, and then Deidara put his hand on Gaara’s shoulder. Gaara felt something wet, and pulled away with me still up against him. His eyes were wide with fear and anger. Before he could do anything in attempt to kill Deidara, I stopped him. I stopped him by pressing my lips against his. I was shocked for two reasons. One because I kissed the most feared person in the Village Hidden in the Sand, and two because he didn’t pull away.

When we finally broke apart, we looked at each other for a long time. After about 3 minutes, he turned and ran. “Gaara!” I called. “Gaara, wait!” I started to take off after him, but Deidara stopped me. He then pulled me to him and held me. I was crying and getting tears on his cloak. We began to walk to the village. Deidara and Tobi were comforting me, and Tobi eventually got me to laugh. He was so happy that he started dancing ridiculously. I couldn’t stop laughing. Deidara led me to the entrance, and then I led him and Tobi to my front door. Still teary-eyed, I turned to them and said goodnight.

Chapter 2: The Secrets are Out! Off to the Akatsuki!

The next morning, I opened my eyes to see Tobi sitting on my bed staring at me. I wasn’t surprised, since, well, it was Tobi. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and said “Good morning, Tobi-kun. Where is Deidara-sama?” Tobi jumped off and pointed to the window. Deidara was sitting on my neighbor’s roof asleep. “Tobi and Deidara-sempai fell asleep there last night. Tobi woke up before Deidara-sempai, so Tobi woke Akane-chan up.” I led him downstairs so that we could prepare breakfast. We were in the middle of frying the eggs when we heard Deidara shout, “TOBI?!?!?! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!” Tobi ran upstairs and I heard Deidara yelling. I snuck upstairs and began to eavesdrop on the conversation.
D: What did I say about being alone with her, un?
T: So sorry, Sempai! Akane and Tobi were making breakfast!
D: Im sorry Tobi-kun. Its just that we can’t have a new recruit be without supervision from either two Akatsuki, or the most experienced one. There must always be an experienced fighter, un.
T: When I was recruited, you were the only one, and you left me alone sometimes. Why do you want to be…….? Wait a second…Sempai, do you…?
D: (begins to turn pink) D-do I w-w-hat?
D: Quiet, Tobi! If you can keep it a secret, then I guess its out. I think I’m in love with Akane, un.

I let out a gasp. Tobi and Deidara looked at the door just as I peered in. Deidara looked at me. He stuttered as he managed to say “Akane-chan! D-did y-y-ou hear w-w-what I s-said, un?” I nodded and he turned beet red, then jumped out the window. I sat down on the bed, spaced out. “D-does Deidara-sama really….I mean, is it true?” Tobi sat down on the floor and removed his mask, looked up at me and calmly replied, “Yes.” I then got ready to leave, packed my things, placed some kunai in my hidden pocket in my mini-skirt, and then Tobi and I were off to find Deidara.

We returned to the lake to find Deidara and Gaara talking. We hid in the trees to listen. Gaara seemed shocked about last night, and Deidara was still a little shaky.
D: Um, G-Gaara? May I tell you something, un?
G: Yes. Can I tell you something too, Deidara?
D: Sure. You go first, un.
G: Please, you go.
D: …
D&G: Fine. I’ll go. I think Im in love with Tsukiyomi-san.
D: What? You too, yeah?
G: Yes…..
T: Oh no…

They stood up and moved across from each other. Deidara moved his hands to his pockets and pulled out some type of clay. He placed it in his hands and his hands began eating it. He placed the rest away again. Then, Deidara dove into the ground, saying “Earth Release: Hiding like a Mole technique!” Nobody could see him. Tobi explained the Jutsu to me, and I immediately understood. Unfortunately, Gaara had already figured it out. He sent his sand into the earth to find Deidara. As soon as the sand rose with Deidara trapped in it, I screamed,” DEIDARA-SAMA! GAARA-SAMA! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!” Startled, Gaara released Deidara, and Deidara released his Jutsu.
Tobi and I dropped from the trees. “Gaara, Deidara-sama. Don’t do this. I mean, of course I understand why you would be angry, but why kill someone over a girl?”

I led Gaara over to a rock where I began to talk to him, and Tobi began speaking to Deidara. I turned to Gaara; my eyes beginning to tear up. “Gaara-sama. I heard the conversation with you and Deidara-kun. Why didn’t you tell me in the first place? Why? Why didn’t you-” He pulled me into a hug. “I’m so glad you know now. Now I can’t hide it form you anymore.” Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Deidara glaring at Gaara. I looked up at Gaara, and began to speak. Before I could say anything, he spoke. He leaned in and said, “I know you love both Deidara and I. It’s okay. I’m going to win you over, no matter what. Akane, I love you, and I always will.” I was silent for a while, then I hugged him as tight as I could. I then walked over to Tobi and nodded. He then got up and went to talk to Gaara as I sat down with Deidara.

Deidara began to turn red, and I placed my hand on his cheek. He did the same to me, forgetting the fact that his hands had mouths. I felt something warm and wet on my cheek, and removed his hand. I stared at the mouth with him, and then I began to laugh. He even cracked a smile, which made me very happy. He looked at me and said, “I may not be worthy, but is it okay? I mean, I’m not supposed to be in love with the recruits, but you, you’re not like any other girl. You’re-” I pressed my finger to his lips. I put my head on his chest, and we lied down and stared at the sky. “Deidara-sama, is it okay if I’m in love with you and Gaara?” He let out a sigh, and said, “Yeah. Even if you are, I’m going to do all I can to win you over. I love, you, Akane-chan, un.” We didn’t talk for a while, and then Tobi reminded us that it was time to leave. We retrieved my suitcase, and we all stood at the gate of the village. Both Gaara and Deidara leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. They looked up and glared at each other. I giggled, and they both continued to glare. Gaara said, “I’m going to miss you. Please come home and visit.” Deidara said, “Akane-chan, this is the start of a new life for you, un.” I turned to Gaara, and said, “Goodbye, Gaara-sama! I’ll be back as soon as I can!” Then, Deidara, Tobi, and I were off.

Chapter 3: The truth behind the secret of the Akatsuki

We stood inside Deidara’s room. Inside were two men; one who looked like a fish and a man with Sharingan that seemed depressed. Deidara, Tobi, and I stood in the center of the room. Deidara spoke up and said, “Everyone, this is Akane Tsukiyomi, our new recruit, un.” Both of the men that I’d never met before stepped up and introduced themselves. “Name’s Kisame!” said the fish guy. “I’m Itachi Uchiha of the Uchiha clan.” Without thinking, I exclaimed, “Mr. Grumpy Man, why are you depressed?” Then, I jumped into is arms, forcing him to catch me. “Get….out…of…my…arms,” he commanded. “Itachi! Relax!” said Kisame. “Give the girl a chance! She is just a recruit, after all.” Itachi grumbled and held me. “Deidara-sama, where am I sleeping? Where’s my room for now?” Deidara looked at the others, and then said, “Rei-dono told me you are sleeping in here, but there are only two beds, and it is impossible to sleep on this floor. I guess you’ll have to sleep with either me or Tobi-kun, un.” I looked at Deidara, and said, “It’s up to Tobi-kun.” We both looked at him, and he nodded his head saying, “Tobi thinks Akane should stay with Sempai. Sempai knows her better.” Deidara looked at me and I placed my things on the bed. Then, it was time for the test.

Chapter 4: The ultimate showdown: a battle between two lovers.

I stepped into the room where my challenge laid ahead. I heard a voice. “My name is Rei-dono. I am the leader of the Akatsuki. You will fight one of our own to prove your worthiness to join us.” I gulped and begged inside that it was anyone but those I met. “Deidara,” said Rei, “You will fight Deidara. Let the battle begin.” I looked up to see Deidara standing, ready to fight. He began making hand signs, and then spider-like creatures appeared, and charged at me. I jumped and dodged them just in time. From far above, I saw them explode. I landed, and then made the hand signs for my most widely known Jutsu. “Water Element: Black Rain!” I held Deidara in place by using my feet to stop him from moving. I then attached a ball of chakra to his hair so that the cloud could track him. The cloud began raining oil all over Deidara, making him unable to walk without slipping. I snuck up from behind, pulled out a kunai, and held it against his neck. “Give up yet?” I asked. “MY GOD SHE COVERED ME IN OIL!!” Deidara screamed. Rei held up his hand, saying “Match over. Welcome to the Akatsuki, Akane Tsukiyomi.”

Chapter 5: A new Beginning

I was back in Deidara and Tobi’s room getting ready to go eat. Deidara stormed in still covered in oil. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR, UN!?!?!?!? And, how is that jutsu possible, yeah?” I glanced up to see him standing over me with an angry look on his face. I stood up and replied, “I would have finished the strategy, but I just couldn’t set you on fire. It would be too painful for both you and I. Also, you’re not ready to know.” He looked extremely surprised to that I would set a person on fire, then apologized for getting so angry, and then got in the shower to wash off the oil. While Deidara was in the shower, I began to write a letter to Gaara. I didn’t get past the word “dear” because there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Itachi standing in the doorway looking gloomier than ever. He glanced around the room before saying, “Rei-dono ordered me to get you so you can find a cloak that fits you. Come on.”

I followed him to a room that looked like a storage shed. I tried to see what was inside, but it was too dark. I pouted and sat down. Itachi turned to me and motioned for me to come over. I looked at him and shook my head no. He glared at me and said, “Come. Now.” I glared back saying, “Make me.” Jutsu usage was forbidden in the storage shed so he couldn’t try to kill me. Instead, he came over and scooped me up and carried me over. He started to set me down, but I clung on tightly, so I wouldn’t budge. He gave up and put me on his back. Itachi looked for a cloak that fit me, and then he handed it to me to try on. It was too small. I stepped out of the dressing room, shouting, “I AM THE ULTIMATE PENGUIN MASTER!!! BOW DOWN TO MY POWER!!” Itachi looked up, and I’m almost positive that he chuckled a little. I looked at him, and I began to giggle. We both started laughing as I waddled around the room in the cloak. I took it off after a while, and he handed me another one. This time, it was too big. I stepped out, unable to see. Itachi looked up, and said, “I think it’s a new species.” I let out some sort of growl/ribbit, and he started laughing all over again.

Eventually we found one that fit me. We were about to leave when I jumped in his arms again. This time, he didn’t do anything. He carried me out, and we were both smiling. He carried me to the dining area, where all eyes fell on us. Itachi was known to kill anybody who so much as touched him, yet here he was carrying the newbie and smiling. We both turned bright pink, and he set me down. As soon as he did, Deidara ran up. He pulled me close and said, “Why is he smiling? Did you guys…?” I let out a chuckle. “No, Deidara-sama. He was ordered to assist me in finding a cloak that fit me. He handed me one that made me look like a penguin, then one that made me look like a new species of animal.” Deidara laughed, and pulled me closer to him. “I’m glad nothing else happened. If anything else had happened, Itachi would see why these hands have mouths.” I noticed that Itachi had sat down next to Kisame, and all eyes were on Deidara and I. “Um, Deidara-sama? We should really sit down now.” He noticed them, too and we blushed. I sat down next to Deidara and Tobi, and dinner began.

We had just gotten our food when Deidara noticed how little I had time to take for myself. “Akane-chan, would you like some of my food since, well, you have almost nothing?” I looked at his plate, which had a mountain of food on it. I blushed and said, “I think you have more mouths to feed than I do. Anyways, I eat a small amount because I need to stay light to control my Jutsus.” He laughed and said, “My hands don’t need to eat. Also, what is your specialty anyway?” I looked at him and said, “I specialize in fighting with kunai and shuriken. That’s why I knew exactly how to trap you with one kunai.” He smiled and nodded. We ate and talked for a long time, mostly because Deidara had so much.

After we ate, Deidara went and introduced me to some of the Akatsuki members. I saw a man that looked like a Venus flytrap. “Who’s that?” I asked, pointing to him. “Oh, him?” said Kisame. “That’s Zetsu. Be careful, he’s a…” I was already running up to him. I said “Hi. My name is Akane.” He looked at me and said, “You must be the newbie. Of course she is, you fool!” I stepped back, shook his hand and ran back to Kisame. “Akane, I tried to tell you he’s a cannibal.” I looked up surprised. “Oops. Ehehe, sorry. But you didn’t mention that he argues with himself.” Then, before Kisame could say anything, I noticed another guy that had red eyes with green pupils. “Do I have to be careful of him?” Kisame noticed him too and said, “Oh, that’s Kakuzu. Just as long as he’s not mad at you, you’re safe.” I ran up and introduced myself to him. Then, I noticed a guy in the corner who seemed to be praying. “Who’s that?” I pointed to him. He looked at me, stood and walked over to me. “My name’s Hidan. You must be Akane-chan. I’ve heard a lot about you.” He bowed as he talked. I cocked my head a little, the Deidara called me over. I was introduced to a few others, and then it was time for bed.

Chapter 6: The first night is the scariest

I was ready for bed, and I was about to get in bed when I remembered I was sharing with Deidara. I decided it was polite to wait for him since he was giving up part of his own bed. When he finally got into bed, I asked if it was okay if I could, too. “Okay, but it might be a little chilly under the covers.” I got into bed, and it was. I lay there shivering, when I felt someone’s arms around me. “You’re warm,” said Deidara. “I’m not moving my arms because you make me feel warm.” He was warm, too so I didn’t want to move, either. I snuggled close to him until I could feel his heartbeat. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, and he was smiling. I smiled, too, knowing why he was. It’s not everyday that you have to share a bed with the person you love, unless you’re married. I put my arms around him, and then I noticed the weird tattoo on his stomach. I said, “Deidara-sama? Why do you have a tattoo on your chest?” He opened his eyes and said, “It serves the same purpose as my hands. If I need to, I use it to create a mouth there, too.” Instead of pulling away, I stayed there, still not wanting to move.

For a while all we did was stare at each other. His eyes were such a pretty blue and I didn’t want to look away. Without notice, he put his hand on my cheek, turned my face towards his, and kissed me. I kissed him back. My stomach got butterflies, and I turned pink. He didn’t say a thing. Then, we heard a crash, and screaming. We jumped out of bed, threw on our cloaks, and went to see what was causing the noise. When we arrived at the scene, I saw the one person I thought I wouldn’t see for a long time standing at the entrance with the guards dead next to him: Gaara.

I was frozen with fear. Why would Gaara be here? Deidara held me close and held my hand. Gaara’s sand wrapped itself around Deidara’s feet. “I’ve come for Akane. I can’t leave her with you, Deidara.” I knew that Deidara was about to tell Gaara what happened earlier, so I had to do something. I stepped away from Deidara and pulled out two kunai. I held them pointed towards Deidara and Gaara. “Knock it off. Both of you.” Gaara released Deidara’s feet. I continued to point the kunai at them as Rei and Itachi took both of them away. Itachi led Deidara back inside, and Rein led Gaara far away. He used a memory erase Jutsu on him, and then left Gaara wondering what he was doing.

On my way back to the room, I must have been daydreaming because I ended up in the storage shed. I sat down on the floor and began to cry. Then, I heard a strange voice behind me. “Don’t move. If you do, I’ll kill you.” The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows. He looked sort of like Itachi, but his hair spiked in the back, and his eyes didn’t have the wrinkles. He picked me up and ran outside so quietly, the new guards didn’t notice. The only noise made was outside my room when I squirmed and grunted, trying to get Deidara and Tobi’s attention. I guess it did, because I saw Tobi come outside. I sneezed, and he looked up and saw. He noticed the man that was with me, and ran back in. Minutes later, he and Itachi ran outside and jumped to the trees where we were hiding. Itachi looked up, and said, “It is nice to see you again, Sasuke.” So his name was Sasuke. Why had he come for me? What did I have that he wanted? Sasuke stood, still holding me. Itachi walked up to him and took me from him. He set me down, and I immediately jumped into his arms again. Staring immensely at Sasuke, Itachi said, “State your business.” Sasuke simply replied, “I came to take her from you, Brother.”

Chapter 7: The Rescue

Brother? Tobi and I froze. Since when did he have a brother? And a good looking one, too. We looked at each other and said nothing. Neither of us had heard anything about Itachi having a brother. I stood in between them and faced Sasuke. “If you’re going to kidnap me, you should at least know my name. My name is Akane. Akane Tsukiyomi. So you must be Sasuke Uchiha. I’ve never heard anything about you from Itachi in the hours that I’ve known him. Who are you, and why do you want to kidnap me?” I waited for an answer, but none came. Then, without notice, he grabbed me and jumped into the trees. After a few miles or so, he set me down and hit certain spots on my back, knocking me out.

The next thing I know, I am sitting on the floor inside a cell that is incredibly cold. Sasuke is asleep on the bed next to me. I was tired and needed some sleep. I took off my cloak and used it as a blanket. I laid my head on the ground and was about to go to sleep when I heard Sasuke whisper, “If you want the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.” I sat up to see him sitting up, too. “Are you sure? I mean, its kinda cold down here. I’m practically an icicle.” He looked at me with a look that meant he insisted on it. I stood up, and laid my cloak down so that he could use it as a sheet. I climbed into the bed and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, I woke up to find out that Sasuke had climbed in next to me and had his arm over me. I managed to get his arm off just as he woke up. I was about to stand up when he pinned me down. He leaned in close and whispered, “I’m still cold. Keep me warm like you did last night.” I shrugged and got back in bed. He immediately pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around me. I blushed, and we fell back asleep that way.

We slept through the whole day because we were so tired. The next morning, there was a knock on the door. Sasuke got up to open it. I put on my cloak and stood. As soon as he opened the door, a fist made contact with his face, causing him to fall. Deidara and Tobi stepped in. Instead of running to him, I stood there, shocked. I didn’t know where I was, so how could Deidara? “Deidara-sama, how did you find me?” I asked. He walked up to me and whispered, “When you were asleep, I placed a chakra ball on your cloak so we could track you. What did Sasuke do to you? Are you okay, un?” I looked at Sasuke, who was standing now. I then looked back at Deidara and said, “Sasuke-kun didn’t do anything. He gave me his bed and kept me warm. Nothing horrible happened.” Deidara looked angry. “So, he was in bed with you? Did you let him, un?” I looked up at Deidara and said, “No. He had climbed in after I fell asleep.” I guess this was just to piss of Sasuke, but just then, Deidara grabbed me and kissed me. Then, he picked me up and we left Sasuke in the room alone.

Chapter 8: Back again and ready to work

I sat down on the floor. Deidara sat on the bed and stared at me. “Be glad that you were around. If Tobi had taken you back, I would have blown Sasuke up. And, since when did you address him as ‘Sasuke-kun’? It better stay that way. I love you, Akane-chan. I don’t want more competition. I will kill him if I have to.” I stood up and moved next to him. “I only added the -kun at the end because he seems like a good guy. He gave up his bed and slept on the floor. Have you felt that floor? TALK ABOUT COLD!” He laughed and hugged me. Just then, Itachi came in, and he seemed angry. “AKANE! WHY DID YOU STAY WITH SASUKE?!?! HE’S NOT…..uhh…” I looked at Itachi. “He’s what? An evil person? Unable to be trusted? Cruel? How about kind enough to give up his bed.” Under his breath Deidara mumbled “Only to climb in later and sleep while you were still in it…” Luckily Itachi didn’t hear anything Deidara said. Itachi looked confused. He left, and we got ready for our first mission.

Tobi, Deidara, and I all met in the room where Rein-dono awaited to assign us our mission. “You are to go to Konoha. Akane-chan, you should really try your best to…dress accordingly. You will be searching for a man named Jiraya. I will fill in Tobi-kun. Deidara-san, Akane-chan. You may leave.” We both bowed, saying, “Hai.” We walked outside and to our room. “what could he mean by ‘dress accordingly?’ I don’t understand…” Deidara looked at me and began to laugh. He was reading a book I brought with me about many ninja and who they are. He showed me the page. The description said: “White hair, wears giant scroll on his back. Red lines come from eyes. Headband is silver and has ‘oil’ written on it. Often seen spying on girls in bathhouses. Loves girls that wear low-cut clothes.” By the time I finished, I was fuming with anger, and Kisame, Itachi, and Tobi had all gathered around. “SO I HAVE TO DRESS LIKE A…..? I can’t even say it.” Tobi looked at me. “Guess it’s figured out. Yes.” Tobi attempted to retain his laughter, but failed. I Ran out of the room and ran to the storage shed. I made sure Sasuke wasn’t going to surprise me again with another kidnap attempt.

By the time I came back, which was hours later, I was calmed down enough to not want to kill Tobi. Apparently, Kisame and Itachi had gone shopping for the clothes that I needed. I didn’t bother to go through the stuff since I trusted them both. “Is it okay if I get into the shower before I try these on?” I asked. They all nodded and I went in the bathroom. I left the bags outside on accident. I turned the water to “hot”, stripped off my clothes, and stepped in. A shower is SOOOO relaxing after a long day. After what seemed to be hours, I stepped out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and hollered through the door, “Dei-kun, can you hand me the bag???” He started laughing, and said, “Sure. I find it funny that you called me Dei-kun.” I blushed. “I was trying something new. Deidara-sama sounds too girly for me.” He paused. “Wait, if you had been calling me Deidara-sama, does this mean…? Umm…can we talk about this when you’re done?” “O-o-okay, Deidara-sama.” He handed me the bag. I closed the door and opened up the bag.

There, lying at the top was a bra that read “Property of Deidara. HANDS OFF!” I screamed. “KISAME!!! ITACHI!!! YOU”RE DEAD MEN!!!” Deidara rushed to the door. “Akane-chan! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I took a deep breath and said, “I’m fine, but Kisame and Itachi won’t be. LOOK WHAT THEY BOUGHT ME!” I threw the bra at him. He read it and began to turn a dark red, darker than I already was. “I AM GOING TO…wait, Akane-chan? Do you have something in mind for them?” I laughed rather evilly. “Oh, I have something in mind, all right. Hehe, teach them to mess with me.”
I rummaged through the bag some more. I found a low cut, no sleeve half-top that read “Caution: DO NOT TOUCH” It was black and the writing was yellow. There was also a yellow miniskirt with hidden pockets for kunai in the inside. I also found shoes that were yellow and black striped that had a hidden button that, if pushed, caused metal spikes to appear on the bottoms. “Sweet!” I said. There was also some makeup in a purse that I found. I put it on, making my eyes extra smoky.

I stepped out of the bathroom. All eyes were on me. Kisame, Itachi, Tobi, Deidara, and a few Akatsuki I hadn’t met before. Everyone stared at me. I hid behind the door, and they all laughed. I blushed as Deidara came over to me. “You look beautiful,” he said. I looked at him like ‘So am I beautiful when I dress like this only?’ He quickly said, “Even if you weren’t dressed like that, you’re still beautiful. Maybe even more, because you’d be dresses the way you would want to dress.” I leaned in and whispered, “Nice save. Almost landed you in a world of trouble. That Black Rain Jutsu does more that ruin your clothes.” I began searching around for my cloak, and then as soon as I found it, I put it on. I secretly had the bra in my hand where it was hidden. “Excuse me,” I said. “I’m going to be right back. I need to do something.”

I wandered down the halls looking for the door that said “K & I” (Kisame and Itachi.) At last, I found it. I took the bra and hung it up in plain sight on the door. I also taped up a sign that read, “I always win, don’t I boys? Never try this on me again, Kisame and Itachi.” By the time I finished, a crowd had gathered around the door to watch. Kisame and Itachi ran up, redder than ever. Kisame took the stuff down. I turned to the crowd of men. “And this is why you don’t mess with the only female Akatsuki here, boys.” I walked back to the room and packed.

On my way out, I got numerous high fives, even one from Zetsu, which surprised me a little. Once we were outside, I began to cry. “I just got here, and I’m already leaving you guys behind. Itachi, Kisame, don’t ever pull anything on me ever again, will you?” They smiled and, at the same time, said “No promises.” I smiled and hugged them both. I turned and followed Tobi and Deidara. We were off.

Chapter 9: Trouble on the way

After about 5 hours of running, we stopped for a break, since I wasn’t used to running for so long. I laid down to rest on a tree. As soon as I was settled, a string that was thin yet very sturdy wrapped over my body. I began to freak out, but keep silent. A strange man that I had never seen before hopped in front of me. I thought out loud, “Why is it always me? What do they want with the newbie…?” He gasped. “I-I-I’m so sorry. I thought you were Deidara. Sorry.” I glared at him. “Do I REALLY look like Deidara-kun to you?” He laughed silently. “So…you know Deidara, huh? He a friend of yours? Then, I’ll just take you. If he loves you and cares, maybe he’ll come for you.” “You were looking for me, Yoi, un?” Yoi turned, as did I. Deidara already had his exploding birds ready. “Ahh, Deidara. Long time no see.” Deidara continued to glare at him. “Leave her alone. You want me? Then let’s fight, un.” Yoi released the strings from my body. “Big mistake.” I whispered.

Yoi already had Deidara in a headlock by the time I was ready. “NOW!!” I screamed to Deidara. Deidara then slipped out of Yoi’s grasp and held him by the hands. “What are you doing?” Yoi asked. Deidara threw the birds to the side, where a minor explosion was caused. Yoi looked confused. “Why would you throw away your only weapon? All you have now is this girl.” I chuckled. “‘Just a girl’ huh? Im sure you are gonna be thinking that after this.” I placed a chakra ball on his arm so the rain would hit the arm only. “Water Element: Black Rain!” All of a sudden, the black cloud came and began raining oil. Then, as soon as I stopped it, I made the hand signs for my signature move. “DEIDARA RUN!!!” I screamed. Then, I shouted “FIREBALL JUTSU!!!” I sucked in, and blew out a ball of fire. It made contact with Yoi’s arm and it was burnt to a crisp. Yoi let out a wail of pain and ran.

Deidara came up to me and said, “Is that Jutsu your kekkei-genkai, un? The ‘Black Rain’ one?” I looked back and sighed. “Yes. Im from the Village Hidden in the Sand, but my kekkei-genkai comes from an undiscovered village that even I don’t know about. See this spiral on my hand? It allows me to change any liquid to flammable oil. The Fireball Jutsu I learned from one of our own. He doesn’t know it’s me.” He smiled. “I knew Itachi-kun taught you that, un.” I said nothing and we moved along with our journey. By the time we reached Konoha, Tobi was carrying a sleeping Akane on his back. They checked into a hotel and placed me on one of the beds.

Chapter 10: The Pervy Sage

The next morning, I woke up extra early. I got ready in the same clothes since they weren’t dirty, and I waited for Tobi and Deidara to come out. 2 hours later, I got mad and went to their door. I knocked and shouted “DEIDARA-SAMA!! TOBI-KUN!! LET’S GO!!!” they ran out breathing heavily. “Lazies,” I pouted. Before we left, Tobi informed me and Deidara of the plan. I was to leave immediately, and Tobi and Deidara would put on their disguises and follow with enough distance so that they would be unsuspected. Deidara dresses as a girl, and I tried so hard not to laugh. Tobi dresses as Deidara’s “boyfriend.” His mask was removed and he had sunglasses on.

I was walking about the market when I spotted him. He was standing with a boy in a orange suit that looked about my age. The boy had blonde hair and it looked like he had whiskers on his cheeks. The boy was running around with some sort of wallet on his head. Jiraya sighed and walked into the bathhouse. Now’s my chance I thought. I gave the signal that I was going in and Deidara and Tobi kept secret watch over the entrance.

I pretended to “accidentally” bump into Jiraya. He turned, and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. God, this guy is a pervert. I thought. I disguised my voice and said, “Hi. You must be Jiraya. I’ve heard SO much about you from my friends. Want to walk around town with me?” He began breathing very heavily. “YES!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!” he said. Jesus, why me? WHY??? I thought. This man is a true pervert.

We got outside and were about to walk away. As soon as we did, the blonde kid ran up. “HI, I’m Naruto Uzimaki. I’m going to become hokage someday, believe it! Remember the name! Naruto Uzimaki!” Then Naruto turned to Jiraya. “Pervy Sage, When did you meet this girl! Were you spying on her, too?” I turned green. So that’s why this Naruto kid called him ‘Pervy Sage.’ Well, he does have a point. This guy is DISGUSTING! I thought, almost out loud. “Excuse me for a minute, will you? I need to do something.” I said, turning to walk to Tobi and Deidara. I winked at him and left.

“So? Anything, un?” Deidara asked. “THIS GUY IS SO DISGUSTING IM GOING TO BE SICK!!! HE’S A PERVERT!!!” I screamed. “He flipped out when I bumped into him because of the way I’m dressed. Also, that blonde kid, his name is Naruto by the way, asked if he had been spying on me, too!” Deidara grew mad. “If he even tries to touch you, call me, un.” I nodded. “I’m going to lead him to the forest. You two trail behind.” They nodded. “Hai,” they said simultaneously.

I returned. “Um, Jiraya? I think I lost something in the forest. Can you come with me to find it?” I winked as I said this. He immediately said “Yes. I’ll follow you, just lead the way.” He winked back. I began walking to the forest. I gave the two the signal. Cough twice, Sneeze once, and rub my nose three times. Tobi returned with a yawn, three sneezes, and three coughs.

When we got to the forest, I walked to the selected spot and began to “search” for the “lost item.” All of a sudden, Tobi jumped out from the bushes and grabbed me while Deidara blocked Naruto from going anywhere. “LET ME GO!!!” I screamed. “OK, as you wish.” Tobi said. He let go, and Deidara stepped away from Naruto. I ran and hid behind Jiraya. I pulled one of the kunai from my hidden pocket. “PERVY SAGE, LOOK OUT!” Naruto screamed. It was too late. I already had Jiraya pinned down with the kunai pointed at his heart. “You really are pervy, aren’t you? Yeah, im not just an innocent girl. I am Akane Tsukiyomi from the Akatsuki. You sicken me.” I turned to face Deidara. “Now, Deidara-sama.” Deidara’s hands shot the clay and completely wrapped Jiraya in the clay.

“Wh-what is this?” Jiraya asked. “Exploding clay, un.” said Deidara. I ran for Naruto. I grabbed him and I took him back to town. Back in the town, Naruto began freaking out. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO PERVY SAGE??? AND WHY DID YOU BETRAY US??” I sighed. I couldn’t answer his question because I hadn’t been filled in. Just then, Tobi came up and said, “Tobi will explain everything. Akane-chan needs to go with Sempai now.” He walked off with Naruto.

I returned to the room where Deidara had placed Jiraya on the bed still stuck in the clay. I sighed a disappointing sigh, grabbed my cloak, and went to change. I came back to find Deidara yelling at Jiraya. I smiled to myself. I love that Deidara would do anything for me to keep me safe. “I’m heading to town for a bit, oaky?” I said to Deidara. He grinned an evil grin and said, “Take all the time you need.”

Chapter 11: Reunited again

I went to look at all the shops and things around town. People stared because I was in my Akatsuki cloak, and they knew I meant trouble. I saw a line of Genin outside a large building, and I went to investigate. I saw a large sign that read “NOW ACCPETING SUNAKAGURE” My heart stopped. Could Gaara possibly be here? I wondered. I walked around looking for that gourd he carries on his back. I jumped over a fence that led to an alley. I felt sand wrap around my feet. I turned, and Gaara was right there. He had with him two of my other friends, Temari and Kankuro. They had no idea about what had happened at the lake. “G-G-Gaara-sama?” I stuttered. Temari and Kankuro gasped. “Tsukiyomi-san, you just called Gaara ‘Gaara-sama.’ Just wanted to let you know.” said Kankuro. Temari turned to Gaara. “Something’s up. She’s never called you that before. Spill.” Apparently Gaara was back to his old self because he responded, “Nothing happened. Don’t call me that ever.”

My heart sank. Had he forgotten? “Just kidding, Akane.” I heard him say. I was so happy! I jumped up and planted a kiss on his cheek. Temari and Kankuro stood there, their mouths agape. I looked at them. Gaara was now holding me in his arms. He was smiling. “I’ll have Gaara explain everything later. For now, I have some explaining to do. I’m part of the Akatsuki now.” I said, revealing the headband with the slash on the symbol. “I’m here on a mission to capture Jiraya, a mountain toad sage. God, is he a pervert.” I stepped away. “I had to wear this as a disguise.” I pulled out a picture of Me, Deidara, and Tobi. Kankuro began to laugh. “You don’t look too shabby there.” Gaara glared at him and he stopped talking. We all heard Gaara say “I can see that Deidara seems to be happy standing next to you in that picture.” Temari cocked her head. “Long story. The person that looks like a girl, HIS name is Deidara. The other guy is Tobi. He usually has a orange swirled mask on.”

Just then, Deidara hollered, “AKANE-CHAN!!! There you are, un!” He ran up to me. He noticed Gaara and pulled me up to him. He looked at me and kissed me. Gaara got so mad that Temari and Kankuro had to hold him back. “I think I see what the story is Tsukiyomi-san. No explaining needed. Gaara, let’s go.” said Temari. They left me and Deidara alone. We walked back to the hotel together and packed our things to leave.

Chapter 12: Back home again

After a few days, we returned back to the camp with Jiraya strapped onto Tobi’s back. We placed him in a prison cell. After we placed him there, everybody left but me. He looked at me and asked, “Why would you trick someone like that? It seems so cruel, but you seem so innocent.” I smiled. “My kekkei-genkai is called ‘Black Rain.’ I seal it with a Fireball Jutsu. I specialize in the use of kunai. Doesn’t seem like something an innocent little girl would do, huh?” When I finished talking, I realized that he had fallen asleep. “Figures.” I said. I went back to my room and went to bed.

The next morning, there was an emergency meeting. Rein told us that there is an enemy roaming around the premises and that we were to always be with a partner. I sighed. The only time I could be alone is whenever I snuck off to the storage shed. The description given was tall, black hair, wears a purple rope around his waist, and has Orochimaru’s curse mark on the left side of his neck. He also had been seen in the storage shed when he took one of us hostage. My heart stopped. One name came up that couldn’t be mistaken. Sasuke Uchiha.

I looked at Tobi and Itachi. They too had shocked looks on their faces. I stood up. “Rein-dono, I know who it is that is here. His name is Sasuke.” Rein stood, too. “Then if you know who he is, you are responsible for his capture. Deidara, you are to assist her. Meeting over.”

As soon as we walked outside, Deidara pulled me aside. “Sasuke must be the one that abducted you. I’m not letting you out of my sight at all. We’re going to find him together, un.” I nodded and said, “But what if I have to go to the bathroom? What then?” He chuckled. “Then I’ll stand guard. Akane-chan, think realistic. Watching someone pee doesn’t seem entertaining at all, un.” I laughed. “Deidara-sama, what would I do without you?” He held my hand and we walked to the room.

I hurried to get ready for bed. As soon as I climbed in, Deidara said “I think it would be best if I protected you even at night, un. I mean, he could attack at any time.” I smiled, because I knew what was going to happen next. “Maybe you’re right. I mean, you did come for me pretty early in the morning.” He pulled off his shirt, then he pulled me so close to him that I could feel his breath down my neck. I looked at his chest, and there was so much muscle. I turned so red that when he looked, he thought I had a fever. Then we both started laughing so much that I cried. Even Tobi got worried. “Is Akane-chan okay? Tobi worried.” We both turned to Tobi. “Everything’s alright. I just was…I…uhh…” Tobi laughed. “Tobi gets it. Sempai and Akane-chan don’t get too wild.” At that, we all started laughing so hard that we all cried, even Deidara. Once we were calmed down, we went to sleep.

Chapter 13: When things go BANG in the night

At around 11, I heard movement in the room. “Tobi go back to bed, okay? You don’t have to guard us.” I said. The figure laughed. “I’m not Tobi. It’s me.” I gasped. I clung onto a sleeping Deidara who immediately woke up. “What’s the matter, Akane-chan? Had a nightmare, un?” I shook my head. “He’s here. He’s right there.” Deidara sat up. “Sasuke Uchiha. What do you want, un? Why so late at night, un?” Sasuke walked to the opposite side of the room Deidara stood at the end closest to me.

They both prepared to fight. I sprung up and came to the center of the room in between the two. I held out my hands and said “Stop.” Just then, what seemed to be a chakra wall appeared, dividing the room in half. Sasuke and Deidara were separated. I looked at my hands. Did I just do that? I wondered. “Uchiha-san, Deidara-sama. Why? Why now? Uchiha-san, why do you attack our home base. We did once to get me back. Why am I so important that you have to capture me? Please tell me.” They both looked at me but said nothing.

I continued to wait for an answer, but none came. “Heh, that’s what I thought. Sasuke-kun, I want you to leave this base and return at another time. We need to do this properly.” He nodded and left the base. I released the chakra wall. Deidara reached for his demolition clay. He fiddled with it before putting it away. He created tow bird bombs that would follow a target. He threw them into a closet, and Sasuke ran out of it. We watched him run out of the base to return at another time. We hear a loud explosion, and we laughed.

We went back inside and got into bed. I snuggled up against Deidara and said, “Deidara-sama, I think im falling for you more that I am for Gaara.” Deidara smiled and said “I’m glad. I told you I’d win you over.” He kissed me and began to stroke my hair like I was a puppy. “I’m not a puppy, Deidara-sama.” I said. “I know but your hair is so soft! What do you do to it, un?” I sighed. “You’re turning into my sister. Be careful or I might just have to hack yours off,” I teased. “You better not. Anyways, goodnight, Akane-chan, un.” “Goodnight Deidara-sama.” We fell asleep in a few short minutes.

Chapter 14: The few days away

It was around 9 am when we were called into the room where Jiraya’s cell was. Rein turned immediately towards me and said “Who was the blonde boy you met the other day, Akane-chan?” I thought for a moment and said “I think his name is Naruto Uzimaki…. Why?” Jiraya, as smart alack like as he could mooched the words Rein had said before. “This boy holds the Nine-tailed Fox’s power and we need him.” The whole world now seemed to disappear from my mind. This boy holds the demon that killed my grandfather? How…? I began to cry. I ran out of the room in tears oblivious to the fact that they were all watching me when I was spaced out.

I began to run as far away from them as I could. I didn’t get very far because I ran straight into a person. That person was Sasuke. He turned and saw me crying. He picked me up and sat down with me in his lap. He asked what was wrong and I explained everything. “Wait, Naruto…Uzimaki?” He asked. “I know him. Not only does he have the fox sealed in him, he also is beginning to master its powers.” I gasped. “So, he can, I mean, if he learns to, but he can learn everything? Even how to let the fox out at certain points?” I asked. He nodded his head. “I-I-It can’t be! H-H-He can’t let it happen. That beast killed my brother!” I began to cry all over again, and I cried on Sasuke’s shoulder.

We sat for at least an hour when I heard shouting. I didn’t recognize who the voices belonged to until I heard Deidara’s ‘un’. “I don’t wanna go back yet.” I said. “Then, we’ll go to my room again like when I took you there when I kidnapped you.” I nodded, got onto Sasuke’s back, and he took off right as the other Akatsuki came. I think they saw us, but couldn’t find us. By the time we got to the place where he lived, I was already asleep. He laid me on the bed and got in next to me.

The next morning I got up bright and early. I had time to sneak off into a nearby village to get some food since, well, he had none. I came home and was making breakfast when he woke up. I had set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him and was outside to practice some jutsus. I formed a ball of chakra that somewhat looked like a blue hole and threw it, saying “Hōkai bōru Jutsu!!!” The ball crashed into the tree and the entire tree disappeared into thin air. I jumped in the air screaming, “Nani ga ima! Dare ga ima tawagotodesu ka?” I clamped my hand over my mouth. I hadn’t meant to say that. “Um…uhh…I meant Who’s the best now?!?” I stammered. “I’m sure you did.” said a cheerful Sasuke. “Well I see somebody’s in a good mood today!” I said. He laughed.

I practiced the new jutsu a few more times before he asked what it was. “Umm…it’s a ball of chakra that destroys whatever comes in contact with it. I just made it up right now.” I didn’t realize that I still had the chakra ball in my hands. I dropped my arms and it went crashing through the ground. I didn’t need to turn around to know what had happened. My eyes got super wide and I ran to the room as fast as I could. I fooled around with some jutsus before I grew bored. “TAIJUTSU TIME!!” I began punching and kicking a dummy at lightning speed. I also had it so things would fly out at me, and that the dummy could fight back. I had yet to master the only move that could knock out the dummy: the Primary Lotus. I shouted “First Gate, Gate of Opening…OPEN!” I felt a huge rush, and sprang into the air. I prepared my body for the Primary Lotus. I began falling, and I shouted, “Primary Lotus!!!” I hit the dummy and it exploded. I lay on the ground, too astonished to get up. I did it…I really did it. I had no words to express my joy.

I felt bad because the dummy was Sasuke’s and not mine. He told me he never used it. I asked him what he used to practice. He shrugged and said “People.” I figured he did, since, well, its Sasuke. We continued to hide from the Akatsuki while I calmed down. I knew that they were searching for me because I saw a notice in the village that said “MISSING! Name: Akane Tsukiyomi Description: 5’7”, brown medium length hair, brown eyes, may be seen in Akatsuki cloak. Please report sightings to local police.” Luckily, I was wearing a disguise the whole time since I brought my suitcase that had not yet been unpacked. Some people looked at me like I looked familiar, but I just shrugged and walked away.

After a few days, I felt homesick. I decided that it was time to go home. When I mentioned it to Sasuke, he got mad. “I think its time for you to choose: me or Deidara. Make up your mind.” I could only stare at him. “Did you just tell me that I have to choose who I love? Its my choice. Right now, im in the process of deciding. Don’t shove me into the spotlight and make me choose right now.” He sighed and said, “Fine. But I think you should really hurry and make up your mind.” I laughed. “Oh, and by the way, there is a third guy. His name is Gaara. Let me tell you something: he attacks by using sand he carries in a gourd on his back. He never loses a battle.” He laughed and turned away. While he wasn’t looking, I took off running. I guess he saw me because when I looked back, he tackled me.

I began to cry. “Why won’t you let me go home? I need to go back.” He looked at me sternly and said “I need you. You’re my family. I have none.” I didn’t care. “Think. There are many others worried about me, but you want to keep me all to yourself? Really?” He turned to me. “You. Aren’t. Leaving.” He grabbed me and began to take me back to the room. “DEIDARA-SAMA HELP ME!!!!” I screamed, not knowing that I couldn’t be heard. I managed to set off a signal to them. I began kicking and screaming, trying to stall. Sasuke put me down, but for some reason I wouldn’t run. He formed some chakra ball like thing that made a weird noise. He looked up at me. “Prepare for the power of the Chidori!” I didn’t think before I began forming my counterattack. I had time to learn a move from Jiraya called the “Rasengan.” I formed the chakra ball in my hand. He ran towards me as did I to him. He said “Chidori!” right as I said “Rasengan!”

The two made contact with each other. We were thrown back by the impact. Sasuke sat up and just stared. “That attack… Where did you…?” I grinned an evil grin. “Jiraya taught me.” Without hesitation, I jumped at least 500 feet away form him. I focused my chakra towards my head. I began to sing a high B flat. Above me, dark green clouds covered the sky. I created a chakra shield and said “Rain Dance: One thousand Needles of Terror!” Just then, needles covered in poison began falling from the sky. They were about to hit Sasuke when some sort of purple humanoid shielded him. Is that…Susanoo? Could it be? I thought. Then, Sasuke looked up. His eyes possessed one of the greatest Sharingan ever: the Mangekyō Sharingan. I wasn’t sure why, but I kind of felt sorry for him. He killed his own best friend just to get more power. “Why, Sasuke? Why would you…?” He suddenly looked sad. “I didn’t want to. I needed to so I could someday face Itachi. He told me I had to. It’s too late.” I still didn’t understand, but I didn’t care anymore. “Well, I can’t interfere now, but I have something to tell you. I’m a clone. The real Akane is gone.” Then, I ran. I hid behind a tree. I then created a clone. I ran away as fast as I could. I hadn’t gotten far before I spotted the one person I was hoping to find. “DEIDARA-SAMA I NEED HELP!!” I hid behind him before he could ask what happened.

Just then, Sasuke appeared from behind a tree. “So, I see you’re going to take her back? She fooled me, but I always win.” I whispered something into Deidara’s ear. He smiled and nodded. I stepped down to the ground, which was moist from rain. I focused my chakra to my feet, and released it into the dirt. The chakra picked up all the minerals and began to shield me. “Ninja art: Sand Shield!” I said. Deidara jumped from his place in the tree and landed behind me. Just as he did, the shield was completely around us. There was no way Sasuke could break it. He used his ninja art to change the ground to sand. We began to dig a tunnel leading far away form Sasuke. After a while, we were pretty sure that we got away. We surfaced, and we found ourselves in front of the entrance to the Akatsuki hideout.

I sighed as I got up. I made the hand signs for the release jutsu. “Ninja Art: Sand Shield Release!” My chakra that I used returned to my body. I turned to Deidara. “I have something to show you. May I borrow some clay?” He cocked his head, but reached into a pouch and pulled out some clay. I took it from him and put it in my mouth and began to chew. “Now,” I said. “Do the same thing, but with your hands, and create something. Any kind, any size.” He looked pale. “Did you just eat that clay Akane-chan, un?” I laughed. “Deidara-sama, just do it. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” He sighed. “Fine then, but this is really weird, un.” He placed some clay on his palm and the mouth ate it. After a few minutes, his hands spat it out and it formed into a hawk. “Watch, Deidara-sama.” Then, I swallowed the clay and immediately threw it up. It too formed into a hawk, mine with a white crest, his with a black. I then commanded it to fight Deidara’s. They attacked each other and kept going. Then, mine began to shape shift. It turned into a clone of Deidara. Without warning, I grabbed Deidara and jumped high into the air. I bit my thumb so that it bled and made handsigns. I pointed my palm towards the ground saying “Summoning Jutsu!” A beetle that was the size of the Kazekage’s building appeared. We landed on its back. I smiled at Deidara. “Watch and listen to what I say. Ready? Ninja art: Copycat Jutsu! C4 Karuna!” I folded my hands. At that, the clone began to expand. Then, I screamed “Katsu!” Deidara’s hawk began to disappear, as if it was dissolving.

Deidara looked at me. No words can describe the look on his face. “Akane-chan….that jutsu…how did you know it, un?” I smiled. “Deidara-sama, I am a Copycat ninja. There is technically only one known to man, and his name is Kakashi Hatake. In truth, there are two. Kakashi is the only one who knows of my talents. As a Genin, I fought a girl named Hinata, who possesses the kekkei-genkai known as Byakugan. I looked at a girl named Ino, who was using a jutsu known as her signature ‘Mind Transfer Jutsu.’ I mimicked the movements of her hands, and watched as she looked deeply into her opponents eyes. I too stared into Hinata’s eyes, and did exactly as Ino did. The jutsu worked, and I was in Hinata’s body. Kakashi was watching the fight and approached me after I won. He knew. But, there is still more explaining needed, isn’t there Deidara-sama?”

He nodded. “I never used that jutsu in front of you. How did you know the hand signs and the name, yeah?” I bowed in sorrow. “Deidara-sama, I have another thing to tell you. I was waiting for another time to tell you, but I have yet another kekkei-genkai, one that it not visible to the naked eye. It lets me see what other people are doing if I see a picture of them. I was looking through a bingo book, and you were in it. I used my kekkei-genkai to see if you really looked like the picture, and you had just begun making the hand signs for the C4 Karuna. I memorized them and everything you said. That’s how I know.”

I waited for him to begin yelling at me or to hit me or something, but nothing happened. When I looked up, he was smiling. “Akane, it’s ok. I know you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t be sorry, un.” I stood up. “Akane-chan, I say we go to our room, yeah? Its cold, un.” I nodded. “Hai, it is. I’m also feeling a bit tired.” He took my hand and we went to the room. By the time we returned, it was already late at night, so Tobi was already asleep. I got into bed and Deidara got in after me. I turned so that I was facing him. He looked at me and said “Tsukiyomi-san, don’t ever run away like that again. You really scared me, un.” I nodded. “Hai. I understand.” He then brushed my hair aside and kissed me. This time, my reaction was different. I can’t quite explain it. Could it be…? I thought. Am I falling for Deidara? I didn’t know what was going on, but whatever was, I didn’t want the feeling to end.

Chapter 15: Homesickness

The next morning, I woke up with a strange urge to want to return to the village hidden in the Sand. I didn’t want to tell anyone because it would reach Deidara and I know he doesn’t want me to see Gaara, but Gaara was still my friend. I decided to ask Zetsu about what I should do. I ran around everywhere trying to find him. It turns out that he was on a mission. I sighed. I was going to have to find Hidan. I wandered the halls a little bit until I found his room. I knocked on the door saying “Hidan? Are you there?” A few seconds later, he opened the door. “Ahh, Akane-chan. What is troubling you? By the way, if you weren’t such a beautiful young lady, I would have killed you by now, so just be lucky that im on my best behavior around you, got it?”

I nodded. I came in and sat down on the floor. “Hidan, I want to visit my village to see a friend of mine, but I know Deidara-sama won’t let me. What do I do?” He closed hid eyes for a moment. “Deidara-chan really likes you. I’d say just leave. He doesn’t deserve love.” I narrowed my eyebrows. “I’m not asking what you would do. I love him too. I’m asking what I should do.” He looked down. “Leave the little…im not going to cuss in front of a lady. Leave the brat a note. Tell him where you are going.” I stood. “Thank you, Hidan. You really helped.” He stood. I left before he could say anything.

I went to my room. Deidara was sitting on the bed. “Where were you, un?” I stopped. “I had some business to take care of.” He wasn’t buying it. “What business? Tell me. Now, un.” I sighed. “I’m homesick. I want to visit home.” Deidara looked at me. “But, this is your home. What other home is there, yeah?” I sighed. “The home where I was born and raised. The village hidden in the Sand.” He stood. “If you are going, I am coming with you, un.” I nodded. “Hai, Deidara-sama. Arigato!”

Chapter 16: Gaara, here we come!

We made arrangements with Rein to leave the next morning. I felt like I should look different, so I packed all the clothes that Kisame and Itachi had bought. I changed into a low-cut red belly shirt and black shorts. I also put on black stilettos. I put on my Akatsuki cloak around the outfit. I waited for Deidara to finish packing his clay. “Deidara-sama, are you finished yet?” I whined. He stepped out with all of his clay in an entire suitcase. “Deidara-sama, why so much clay?” I asked. “Why? Because I know I’ll need it. The village hidden in the Sand is dangerous, I hear, yeah?” I glared at him. “Whatever. I don’t have time for any fooling around. Let’s go.” He hesitated to move, but I forced him to.

We were on our way to the dining hall when suddenly, out of nowhere, I fell. I used a medical jutsu on my ankle, but it needed time to heal. I had screamed, and Deidara ran to get help. Itachi and Deidara came beck just as I finished performing the jutsu. Itachi crouched next to me. “Are you okay?” he asked. “You numbskull! I just fell! Of course I’m not okay!” I shouted. I realized what I said immediately. “I-I-I’m sorry, Itachi-san. I didn’t mean to get so mad. At you.” He smiled and shook his head. “Akane-chan, I know you didn’t mean it.” I smiled. “Arigato, Itachi-san. Now, can you both help me up?” They nodded and said in unison “Hai.” They took me by the arms and helped me up. I tried to walk, but when I took a step, my foot gave in and I almost fell. They both caught me, and set me down gently. Itachi and Deidara nodded to each other, and then Itachi picked me up and they began to walk to the dining room.

As soon as we got to the entrance, everybody noticed me and Itachi and began to stare. I got furious and was about to start yelling when Itachi stopped me. “Don’t mind us.” He said. “She fell and I’m helping her out. If any of you continue to stare, I’ll show you exactly what I did to the Uchiha clan.” Immediately, everyone turned around and resumed their business. Itachi set me down next to Zetsu, and sat down on the other side of me. Deidara sat across from me and lifted my ankle onto his lap. He pulled some clay out of his bag and ate it. He spit it out on my ankle so that it formed a cast around it. “There.” He said. “That should do the trick, yeah? Should get you far enough to a hospital, un.” I began to cry. “Deidara-sama, you didn’t need to waste your clay. I used a medical jutsu while you were gone. I’ll get you enough to replace the wasted clay.” He sighed. “No, you don’t need to. Even medical jutsus take time, un. It’ll help.” I nodded. When it was time to get food, Zetsu got mine and his, even though I refused to eat it. I needed to maintain my weight if I can continue to use only kunai and jutsu when needed. I gave my portion to Deidara, who had another mountain on his plate. Deidara’s food was brought over by Itachi, who, for some odd reason was being really helpful.

I managed to create a fake foot out of chakra and I walked to the room. I went to bed immediately, and I could tell when Deidara got in because the clay moved and it seemed that he was checking it. I sat up and applied the medical jutsu again while he was watching. “A-Akane-chan, how did you learn that, yeah?” I smiled. “Remember, im a copycat ninja. I witnessed it in battle.” He smacked his head with his wrist since, well, his hands have mouths. I laughed and went to sleep as he wrapped the clay back around my ankle. As he lay down, I heard him whisper “Remind me when I’m about to detonate a bomb, yeah? When I detonate something, all clay explodes. Even that clay on your ankle.” I didn’t say anything. I was almost asleep.

I woke up early the next morning and was almost out the door when I remembered: Deidara was accompanying me. I removed the clay from my ankle, which was fully healed. I left a note saying that I left and where I was headed inside his bag of clay. I stood at the entrance, having second thoughts about whether I should leave. After all, of the few months I had been a member of the Akatsuki, I had only actually been there for about three weeks. I still didn’t know many members, but still. Something was telling me I had to go. I decided I was going to leave for the village hidden in the Sand then. I turned, and I began the journey to my home.

Chapter 17: A reunion

I ran amidst the trees trying as hard as I could trying not to be noticed. I passed by a traveler who noticed me. He tried to kill me with kunai, but I dodged it. I leaped from my place hidden in the trees. I was right behind him and held a kunai against his neck. “Who are you and what do you want with me?” I demanded. He smiled and pushed me away. “Ninja Art: Wind Sword!” he said. I jumped back and quickly created a sand barrier around myself so that there was no way he could attack me. Please, Gaara. I thought. Please come and help. You, Deidara, anyone! I heard screams from outside the barrier. I parted the sand only enough so that I could see what was going on. Gaara and Deidara were standing together with the man trapped with clay and sand. Deidara ordered Gaara to step behind my barrier. He nodded and moved out of my range of view. Deidara held up his hands and said “Ha!” The clay detonated and the man was blown up.

Deidara and Gaara Both stood in front of my barrier. “Come out. It’s safe now.” They both said in unison. I knew something was wrong. They hated each other. There was no way they could work together. “Why don’t we play a game?” I said. “I’m feeling a bit devious still from the fight. I’ll escape, and you two must find me. How ‘bout it, huh? Feel confident enough?” They both looked at each other with shocked expressions. “Yes. That seems fair enough.” Deidara said. Another mistake .I thought. Whoever it is messed up. Deidara always says ‘un’ at the end of a sentence. I made myself invisible, then destroyed the barrier. “Good luck you two!” I noticed that Deidara’s eyes were different. They possessed the kekkei-genkai known as Byakugan. “You are one of the Hyuuga clan members, aren’t you?” I asked. They were the sole inheritors of the Byakugan. “Heh, I guess you figured me out. Yes. I am Neji Hyuuga.” I looked over at Gaara. He still had that cold stare anyone else could see. I knew it was really him. “Why have you saved me, Neji-kun?” I asked. “I have been sent by the Hokage, Lady Tsunade. You are the only Akatsuki member we aren’t after. It is our duty to protect anyone that is an enemy to us. Your group is, but not you.”

I stood and released the Invisibility jutsu. “No other member is here with me. I am alone. I sensed Deidara’s presence near me. I knew I had to get these two, or at least Neji, away from me. I didn’t know what to do. Then, I got an idea. I turned to Neji. “Our hideout has been blown up and we’ve relocated to the Sound village. It is my job to go to the village in the Sand to gather food and such for the journey. Who you look for lies to the east. He nodded and took off. Gaara on the other hand wasn’t buying it. “Tell the truth.” He said. I chuckled. “You really don’t get fooled that easily, do you?” I said. “No.” He said. “I know that your hideout didn’t get blown up. There is no way. It is hidden almost completely. Nobody could find it.” I looked at him. “My real reason for journeying here is that I’ve come home for a few days. I wanted to visit.” For once, he smiled. “Welcome home.” I smiled and we walked the rest of the way home together.

Chapter 18: Where is Akane?(Dei’s POV)

I am positive that I heard something early in the morning in my room, but I just figured that it was Akane going to the bathroom or something. I didn’t bother to check to see who or what it was. I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

A few hours later I woke up again. I noticed that Akane wasn’t next to me, and her stuff was gone. I bolted out of bed and quickly got ready. I went to ask Itachi or Kisame if they had seen her. I found Itachi in his room, but Kisame wasn’t there. “Itachi, have you seen Akane-chan? She’s missing, un.” He looked at me with those eyes that make me hate him. “No.” He said. I ran out of the room without so much as a ‘Thank you.’ I found Kisame in the hallway on his way to the dining hall. “Kisame, have you seen Akane-chan, un?” He stopped. “No, I haven’t. Why? Is she missing?” I nodded. “I woke up and heard moving but thought she was just going to the bathroom.” He began to walk. “Ask Zetsu. I see him outside early in the morning sometimes. I ran to find Zetsu. I looked in the dining room. He wasn’t there. I checked his room. Not there either. I checked the halls and all the rooms. He wasn’t in any of them. He just got back from his mission so he couldn’t have gone on another. Nobody knew where he was. I found him on the roof outside staring at the sky. “Zetsu! Have you seen Akane-chan, un?” I shouted. He nodded. “She left here. She went that way.” He pointed and I nodded. “Thank you, un.”

I packed my things. I picked up my bag of clay when I noticed a paper inside it. It was from Akane. I opened it up and read it. It read: Deidara-sama, I’ve left for the Hidden Sand village. I wanted to get a head start so I could let the village know to not attack you. They aren’t too kind to strangers that are uninvited, and if I don’t say anything, they’ll think you are uninvited. If I am not either on the path to the village or at the village, call for help. Love always, Akane. The note dropped from my hand. I needed to find her. Something wasn’t right. I had to find her before it was too late. I quickly left the hideout towards the Hidden Sand village. I saw that someone had been traveling the path not too long ago. Then, I arrived at a battle scene. I hid in the trees to watch.

There was some person I didn’t recognize, and there was Akane. She lowered her guard. Before I could react and try and save her, the man pulled himself out of her grasp. She stepped away. I noticed that her chakra was leaking out of her feet into the ground. He used one of the few jutsus that cannot be dodged: The Wind Sword Jutsu. Luckily, I was out of range. Suddenly, she was surrounded by some sort of sand shield that looked like a sphere. Now I understood. It was one of Gaara’s jutsus that she saw and copied. Then, two men appeared, but one of them…he looked like me. He even had my kekkei-genkai. I knew this because as soon as I noticed them, clay shot fro his hands, as did sand from Gaara’s gourd. They constricted the man, who began screaming.

I couldn’t believe it. Somebody knew who I was and used a Transformation jutsu that completely transformed them down to my kekkei-genkai. But, there was one thing different. His/her eyes weren’t the same. The entire eye was a pearl white. I wanted to see what was going on, so I listened as best as I could. The person who had the white eyes approached. They were talking for a little while. Then, out of nowhere, he transformed. I recognized where he was from right then. He was a member of the Hyuuga clan, the inheritors of the Byakugan. I understood it all.

They were sent from the Leaf village to find us. I saw Akane look up at where I was. Can they see me? I thought. I tried to hide myself better. I continued to watch what was going on. She pointed towards the east and the Hyuuga boy nodded and took off. Gaara, however, didn’t. They talked for a couple minutes and then they began to walk together. I was almost positive that I saw her wink at me. I followed them the rest of the way there.

Chapter 19: Deidara and Gaara: Time to choose? (Akane POV again)

There we stood at the entrance to the place I once called home, my hair blowing in the dusty breeze. I sensed another presence besides Gaara. “Deidara,” I said. “I’m glad you caught up.” Deidara stepped forward. “I saw the note you left. Why didn’t you wake me up, yeah? I could’ve come with you, un.” Then, he noticed Gaara standing next to me. Gaara noticed too and they glared at each other. I didn’t notice at first. I was happy that I was home and nothing was going to ruin it.

Of course, I forgot to take off my Akatsuki cloak, so naturally, the people of my village thought I was an intruder. I dodged the kunai just in time. I spun around to see Temari at the head of the line. “Temari, why?” I asked. She stopped. “Tsukiyomi-san, its you!” I nodded. “I told you I joined the Akatsuki.” Temari sighed. “I didn’t recognize you.” I smiled. I figure she forgot that we ran into each other when she was going to take the Chunin exams. “So, how did the exams go?” I said. Before she could answer, I noticed something near my house.

There was some sort of beast-like thing sitting on my doorstep. “WHAT IS THAT THING?!?!?!” I screamed. It looked harmless, but I wasn’t sure. “Oh, that?” Kankuro asked. “That’s the village pet. Not sure what he is, but he’s friendly.” I hid behind Deidara. Something wasn’t right. He looked like he was in pain. I tried to step closer to him, but he growled at me and backed away. I looked at his paw, which he was holding. A poison needle was stuck in it. It was just a matter of time before he died. I needed to get it out as quick as I could. “Dei-sama, I need you and Gaara-sama to hold him down while I do this.” For once, neither of them said anything. Deidara used his clay and Gaara used his sand to hold it down. I walked up to it and I reached for its paw. It tried to pull away, but it was stuck. I pulled out the poison needle and I had a Medical Ninja draw out the poison. The beast looked at its paw then to me. I thought it was going to try and attack me, but it licked my face.

A few minutes later, I noticed a note around its neck. I took it off the collar it was attached to. I opened it and began to read it aloud. It read: People of the Sand. This letter comes from an unknown village. We need your help. Nonno, the beast that this was attached to, will show you the way if you say one word: Home. Please come and help. Sincerely, the Hidden village.

It was decided that Gaara, Deidara, and I would go with Nonno and help. Deidara and I went to change. I put on a strapless pink shirt, a white leather skirt, and black stiletto heels. He changed into a fishnet shirt, black jeans, and black tennis shoes. We met at the gate with Gaara and Nonno. Before either guy could say anything, I said “Home.” Nonno took off and we followed.

Chapter 20: Kidnapped Again! Two rivals join hands!

We were halfway there when trouble struck. It started when Nonno tried to direct us off the trail. We refused and continued to travel. Not a minute later, I was struck with a poison needle. I fell to the ground and blacked out. The next moment, I woke up inside a cave. I tried to run, but a voice said “I wouldn’t do that if I was you. We’re in the air.” I stopped. When will this guy ever stop? “Sasuke-kun,” I said. “When will you leave me alone?” He laughed. “Never. You mean a lot to Itachi, and I vowed that I would destroy him. I’ll use you.” I sighed. “I’m sick of getting kidnapped. It makes me seem weak.” I said. I summoned up my chakra, bit my thumb until it bled, and wiped it on my hand. I placed my hand on the ground, and shouted “Summoning Jutsu!” A bird the size of my house appeared outside. “Come on, Kimero, let’s get out of here.” I hopped onto his back, and we took off.

I caught up with the rest of the group. “Sorry, guys, I got kidnapped again.” They looked at me with their mouths agape. “You treat it like it’s a regular thing!” said Gaara. I laughed. “It is. I’ve been kidnapped by this guy twice, and had to escape him once. No biggie.” I smiled. “Let’s go! Nonno, Gaara, Deidara, hop on! We’ll get there faster.”

I still felt dizzy from the poison needle. I knew my chakra couldn’t last much longer. I decided to sleep. I woke up tied up to a pole. I sighed. “Great. Twice within 24 hours. A new record!” This time, I heard a female voice. “So, you’re the one who took Gaara from me, huh?” I wasn’t sure who this person was, and I didn’t take Gaara form her, so I really wanted to know what she had against me. “Whoever you are, I didn’t take Gaara from you. Please let me go.” I begged.

She stepped from the shadows. She was tall and thin, she had medium length hair that was an ocean blue. “So, you’re Akane Tsukiyomi. Gaara told me about you. Actually, I heard it when I was eavesdropping on his conversation with Kankuro.” I wasn’t listening. “Who are you?” I asked. She laughed. “My name is Shia. I’m from the village hidden in the Mist.” I froze. “So, you must have heard of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist…?” I asked. “Yes, I have. They’re all handsome guys. But, nothing compared to Gaara.” I sighed. “Why do you want Gaara so bad? All his life, he was feared by all.” I demanded to know.

I wasn’t exactly listening. While she was babbling on, I summoned Kimero’s baby and commanded her to find Kimero and lead them here. She took off right as Shia turned. Luckily, she didn’t see Kimona, Kimero’s baby. Kimona managed to sneak out through a small crack in the wall. I sighed, relieved.

Suddenly, Shia lunged towards me. I jumped up just in time. She crashed face-first on the floor. I laughed, but I knew what to expect after. She pulled out a kunai and tried to stab me with it. I knocked it out of her hands with one foot. “Don’t try weapons with me. I’m a weapons specialist.” She didn’t care. She tied up my feet, too. “There,” she said. “Now there’s no way of defending yourself.” She pulled out another kunai and threw it at me. I caught it in my teeth. Right as I caught it, she threw four shuriken at me. I hit them with the kunai, causing them to bounce off to the side. She stood there in a daze. I cut the rope from my hands, and then my feet. “I told you I specialize in weapons. Don’t try and pull that on me.” I said. “No weapon trick works on me.”

Just in time, I saw the glimmer of a string. I ducked right as she pulled. If I hadn’t moved, I would be stuck on the pole. Just then, I heard flapping. I looked at the entrance, and I saw Kimero, Deidara, and Gaara. I lowered my guard, and she pinned me to the wall with the string. “Gaara-sama, how did you….?” She asked. He stared at her. “Don’t ever call me that again. Only one person can. Anyways, let her go.” Shia began to tear up. “Gaara, why don’t you love me? Why won’t you love me?” she asked. He moved past her, ignoring her. He was about to cut the string when she attacked. I was stuck in the wall.

I could only watch what happened next. Every attack thrown at her by the two she dodged with ease. Deidara and Gaara were just about out of chakra. I began to worry that they would die here. Then, I blacked out from all the pressure of the wall. I woke up to hear screaming. Most of the cave was completely destroyed, and there was some sort of beast standing only a few feet away from me. I began to panic. Then, it slammed its tail against the wall near me, causing the wall to break and me to fall. The ground around us began to fall. I braced myself and prepared for the worst. Instead of hitting the ground, I hit something soft. I opened an eye. It was a large white creature made of clay. I knew what it was.

Deidara was sitting on the thing next to me. He guided the bird to a cliff about half a mile away. “What’s going on, Deidara-sama?” I asked. “That girl, she likes Gaara, yeah?” I nodded. “She tried to kill you when you were knocked out. We stopped her using our kekkei-genkai. She is a tough one, un.” I looked over at the scene. Something was wrong. The beast, which I now recognized as Gaara, was backing away. I sprang up and rushed over to see what was going on.

Shia, she was in a beast-like form. Her eyes showed pure hatred. Her skin was a dark purple, her hair now a light grey. What…is this? I wondered. She laughed. “Yes. I am one of Lord Orochimaru’s followers now. Bow down in fear!” So this is the true form of his subjects? I knew there was a catch behind this great power. Suddenly, she stopped and returned to normal. She fell to the ground, clutching her shoulder and shrieking in pain.

I didn’t bother to think before I had her tied and pinned to the ground. “I despise Orochimaru’s followers.” I coldly said. Whenever I hear about Orochimaru, I remember my sister. She was only three when he and his army invaded her village. Me and my mom were sent to live in the Sand village while she remained with my father in her hometown. News reached out that the village had been invaded. We traveled to the village to find it completely destroyed. We helped search for survivors that were trapped under the rubble. We searched for hours and found only two survivors. Then, it was time to search my sister and father’s house. It was torn to shreds. I began to worry. I desperately pulled away pieces of rubble. I heard faint crying. I rushed to the source of the sound. There was an arm sticking out from under a piece of rubble. On top of it, there was a large piece of the ceiling. I pulled it off to find my sister crushed by the rubble, barely managing to breathe. I began to freak out. We pulled her from under the rubble, and I sat down by her side. “Akane nee-san? Is that you?” I nodded. “Yeah.” She coughed. “Please…do me a favor. Stop Orochimaru from doing this to others. It’s up to you.” Then, she stopped breathing. “Sasami!!! Wake up!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face. Nothing happened. “SASAMI!!!!!” I cried and cried.

That day, I vowed that I would stop Orochimaru. I decided to start with Shia. I pulled out a kunai knife. Without another word, I shoved it through her heart. I stood, blood covering my outfit. I turned to Deidara and Gaara, who had returned to normal. “Let’s go.” I commanded. They followed without another word. Nonno was waiting for us. She continued to guide us to the village until we reached it.

Chapter 21: Akane’s revenge

The village was filled with chaos. Men, women, and children were running all around the town. Nonno led us to a large building where we were greeted by guards. They led us through a passageway into a room. There sat a man who appeared to be the leader. “Greetings. You must all be from the Sand. My name is Arturo, and I am the leader of this village. I have a task for you. Lord Orochimaru has invaded our village and has hidden himself so well that we can’t locate his whereabouts. He has been terrorizing our citizens by sending his followers into town to scare them. Please locate where he is and get rid of him.” I nodded and stood. “I will do everything in my power to stop him.” I left the room and was guided to my room for the time being.

For the first time in a couple months, I had my own room. I set my stuff down on the bed and I went to the mirror. My clothes were still stained with Shia’s blood. A smile slowly spread on my face. I was one step closer to avenging my sister. I went into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes. I turned on the water and stepped in. I scrubbed the blood out of my hair and off my arms and legs. I stayed in the shower for about an hour to make sure that all the blood was washed out. As soon as I was dressed, I set out to search for Orochimaru.

I met up with Deidara by a restaurant. He used an Invisibility jutsu to hide ourselves from the rest of the people. We snuck around, careful not to touch anybody. After about an hour, we spotted one of his followers who was terrorizing a young woman and her baby. Sadly, we could do nothing about it. All of a sudden, he was wrapped in sand. We looked to see Gaara standing next to us. We stepped to the left, so that he couldn’t hit us and discover our presence. The person managed to escape and began to run.

We tracked him down and followed him. He ran to an abandoned building and ran inside. We followed. He entered a strange doorway that led into the ground. We followed him to a room with a large door. He opened the door and entered. We followed and made it through just in time. We stood in front of a pillar so we could see what was going on. There was a man sitting in a chair. His hair was long and black, and his eyes looked like that of a cat. Only one eye showed through his hair. He was also wearing earrings. He was a very bright shade of either white or blue. When he spoke, his voice sounded raspy yet deep. There was a young man around my age standing next to him. He wore round glasses and his hair was grey.

The man who we followed kneeled in front of him with his head bowed down in respect. “Lord Orochimaru, I have come with news. It appears that the village has brought in a Sand ninja.” My heart stopped.

So this is Lord Orochimaru? I thought. I knew that I had to act now because this might be my only chance. I was about to make a move when he spoke. He said “Thank you. But first, I have to welcome our visitors who have managed to sneak in here. Come on out, you two. You aren’t hiding from me.” Deidara released the jutsu and we stepped from behind another pillar. Lord Orochimaru laughed. “So, we have spies, I see. I guess I’ll have to get rid of you. You know too much. Kabuto, take care of them.” The man next to him nodded.

Just as he stepped forward, Deidara shot detonating clay from his hands. It covered Kabuto and formed around him so that he couldn’t escape. Deidara nodded at me and I stepped to Orochimaru. “Orochimaru, we finally meet. You killed my sister in one of your invasions. Now, it’s time for me to avenge her.” I pulled out a kunai knife and threw it at him. He dodged it with ease. This guy is pretty tough. I can’t go easy, I guess. I thought. He lashed out at me, extending his neck to an extreme length. I acted just as quick and punched his face. He withdrew with a cry of pain. He smiled. “So, your skill level is the same as mine, but you aren’t one of the three legendary Sannin as I am. Incredible.” Instead of charging at him, I stood there. I had no clue he was one of the three legendary Sannin. I knew that one had turned evil, but I didn’t think they would be this evil. I didn’t understand why he was this way, and I didn’t want to know why. All that mattered was that I defeated him. I turned to Deidara, who was struggling with Kabuto. “Deidara. Clay now!” I shouted. He nodded and reached in his pouch and pulled out some clay and handed it to me, and I put it in my mouth. I chewed it up a bit, and swallowed, then turned to Lord Orochimaru. “Now, get ready for the fight of your life.” I said. I spat the clay out.

The clay formed into the same monster that I mimicked when I showed Deidara that I could copy almost any jutsu, even kekkei-genkai. This time, however, there was a trail of clay that led to my mouth. I controlled the creature with chakra by pushing it out of my mouth and into the clay. The creature threw a punch at Orochimaru. He dodged it and he tried to slice it in half with a sword that came out of his mouth. To his surprise, the sword got stuck in the creature. I smiled. I watched Orochimaru try to rip out the sword. Finally, he got it out, slicing the creature in half in the process. All the clay disappeared. Luckily, I still had a few tricks up my sleeve. I purposely took a few blows to hide the fact that I had a plan. While I was on the ground, I released some chakra from my feet into the dirt. The chakra gathered all the minerals and microscopic rocks. The sand I made gathered around Orochimaru’s feel, then hands, then head. I held out my hand and closed it into a fist saying “Sand Coffin.” The sand tightened around him so much that it would have killed him if he weren’t as skilled as he was. It broke most of his bones, but he survived. He was knocked out, but I thought he was dead. So did Deidara and Kabuto, apparently, because they stopped fighting.

If Kabuto hadn’t interfered, I might have killed Orochimaru on the spot. Unfortunately, he grabbed Orochimaru and disappeared before we could do anything. Deidara and I stood there, shocked. Him because Kabuto managed to escape, and me because I battled one of the legendary Sannin and what’s more, he addressed me on my skill. But still, he did wrong to my family.

Since we couldn’t find the two anywhere, we went outside. To be safe, we burned down the building, and then headed into town. We immediately headed to the building where we met the leader. As soon as we walked in, we saw the leader sitting in a chair. We walked up and kneeled in front of him. “Sir,” I said. “Orochimaru has disappeared, but we are not sure if he has officially left the village. We located his hideout and we destroyed it.” He nodded. “Good. Thank you very much for your help. To thank you for your work, here is your pay.” He handed us each a handful of money. He handed me Gaara’s too. “Sir,” said Deidara. “We would like to stay in the village for a few more days to ensure that Lord Orochimaru has truly left, un. Is that okay, yeah?” The leader nodded, and we stood and left.

I found Gaara searching the town. As soon as I found him, he came over to me. “Akane-chan, I saw a kid running with Orochimaru in his arms. They ran out of town. What was that about?” I smiled. “I just near killed one of the three legendary Sannin. The boy that was carrying him is Kabuto. He works for him.” Gaara sighed. Then Deidara came up beside me. Of course, he got all protective and put his arm around me. I noticed Gaara giving him the evil eye. I walked over to a wall and I hit my head against it. It collapsed from the impact. I turned to the two and said “Let’s go.” They just stood there with their jaws dropped. I laughed. I walked away, leaving the two standing there.

I walked all the way back with a huge smile on my face. I left Gaara’s pay on his bed, and then I went to my own room. I was so tired from the fight that I didn’t bother to change or anything. I fell on my bed and was asleep in seconds.

Chapter 22: The return home

For two days we stayed in the village to make sure nothing else happened. After making sure the village would be okay by itself, we decided it was time to leave. I did feel kind of bad for leaving the village so soon, but our job was done. We said our goodbyes to the leader. We never got the name of the village, but we will always remember it. The people there were so nice to us. I’m surprised that Deidara actually did good things since, well, he was one of the most valuable members of the Akatsuki; a group notorious for doing evil things. But then, I realized something. The way Orochimaru looked at me. His eyes were so sad. He looked at me with these puppy eyes; the same ones Deidara did when we kissed.

Then, it hit me. I didn’t even say anything. I just packed my things and prepared to leave. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I knew what would happen. News would get to Deidara and he would get so protective. I mean, of course I want a guy who would do that, but Deidara wouldn’t even let me outside anymore. Also, I was a little creeped out by that.

I met Deidara and Gaara at the town’s entrance. We said goodbye to the leader and we were off. For a while, nobody said anything. I was too busy thinking about the fact that one of the legendary Sannin was in love with me. And, to top it off, he’s also one of the most wanted ninja in the world. I noticed that Deidara wouldn’t stop looking at me. I closed my eyes to try and concentrate, but I missed a branch on a tree and I fell. Instead of getting up, I just sat there thinking. I didn’t notice Deidara and Gaara approach me, so I began to cry. Then, I felt someone sit down next to me. I looked to see Deidara and Gaara on both sides of me. “Guys, I’m sorry. Ever since I joined the Akatsuki, I’ve been troublesome for everyone. I’m not worthy of being a member. I’m always getting kidnapped, and I’m the weakest member.”

Deidara smiled. “How many of us can say we fought Lord Orochimaru and won, yeah? None of us but you. You’re also really strong. Nobody in the Akatsuki but you has been told that they are strong by one of the Sannin. Don’t say that you’re weak, un. I’ll get mad.” he said, and Gaara nodded. He sighed and said “For once, I agree with Deidara-chan. You’re strong.” Deidara was fuming. “Did you just call me Deidara-chan?” Gaara nodded and him and I were rolling around laughing. I guess he thought it was funny too because I saw a smile on his face. We stood, I wiped my eyes, and we were on our way yet again.

This time, I felt much better. I knew that, even though I still doubted, at least these guys didn’t put me down. We decided to take it easy. We strolled for a while in silence so we could calm down. Then, I turned to them. “Listen.” I said. “As long as we are on this mission, no fights, okay?” They looked at me as if they were going to defy me. I smiled, then I disappeared.

I rushed past the trees without any knowledge of where I was going. I didn’t really care, either. If they really cared, they would come after me. I stopped about 2 miles from where they were. I sat under a tree and fell asleep. I woke up in my bed back at the headquarters, but I was bandaged up. I sat up in shock. I stared at the bandages, unaware of what happened. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Akane-chan, you’re awake un!” I looked to see Deidara standing next to me. “Wh-what happened?” I asked. He sighed. “We found you under a tree unconscious. There was a Ninja standing over you with a Paper Bomb. He stuck it to your chest and ran. Gaara took it off of you, but couldn’t get very far. He is now in the hospital, and I brought you here to be treated, un.”

I suffered from minor injuries, except for a burn on my left side. I couldn’t stand the fact that Gaara saved me. It’s just not something he would do. Then, I did something that shocked both me and Deidara. I sat up and kissed him on the lips. Surprisingly, he didn’t pull away. Instead, he pulled me closer and sat next to me. I didn’t care when he put his hands on my hips, but I pulled away when he tried to lift my shirt. “Dei, lets not. It’s cold, and I’m still hurt.” Deidara sighed. “I’m sorry, un. I’m not supposed to anyways. I made a promise, un.” I got up and put on my shirt. I grabbed my shoes and left. My cloak got ruined so I had to get a new one. Itachi led me to the basement where they were.

I got my new cloak then went back to my room. I sat on the bed and Deidara put me on his lap. “Akane-chan, do you want to go see Gaara, un?” I looked at him. “I really want to, but I don’t think I should. You did say you are going to win me over, right?” He sighed. “Yes, un. But, there is one problem. If I am going to win you over, you’d think I need some competition, yeah?” I laughed. “Okay then, lets go!” I said.

I dragged Deidara about 5 miles until I realized something: I didn’t know which village he was in. I looked at Deidara and he was smirking. “So I see you got lost, un.” He began to laugh. I gave him the evil glare, but he continued to laugh. I began poking him in the side until he collapsed from laughing too hard. Then I helped him up.

He told me that Gaara was at Konoha Hospital being treated for severe injuries. I sighed, then we headed off in the direction of Konoha. About halfway there, I stopped and turned to Deidara. “Dei, why are you helping me? You hate Gaara, correct?” He looked at me and said “Im not going to just stand by and watch an enemy die without me being the cause of death, un. I want to defeat him myself. Even if it means helping him to live in other battles.” I smiled. “You think of him as a friend, don’t you?” I said.

He looked at me, then kept going. I followed him, but I was smiling. I knew that in truth, he did want Gaara to live, but not so that he could kill him, but he wanted him to live because he liked him as a friend.

Finally, after a long journey, we arrived. I didn’t really want to go into the room, but I had to. When I walked in, I was afraid. I was afraid of what I was about to see. I really didn’t know what to expect. I started to cry.

Chapter 23: The Visit

I stepped into the room. There he was. Gaara way laying on the bed bandages from head to toe. I never thought I would see him like this. So weak, so pale, so miserable…it broke my heart. I held in the tears. I guess Deidara knew exactly how I was feeling, because just then, he pulled me into a hug. I didn’t pull away, even though I knew Gaara could see. Instead, I let him hug me, and I still tried to hold in the tears. Then, when he let go, I walked over to Gaara. I kneeled beside his bed. “I-I-Im so sorry…” I said. “This is all my fault. I was weak. If I hadn’t been so stupid, you wouldn’t be here. Can you forgive me?” I saw a smile spread on his face. Then, I understood. He was never upset with me. He did what he did to save me from death. “You risked your life for me…thank you, Gaara-sama,” I said with a more cheerful tone.

The rest of the visit was silent. Deidara looked out the window the entire time, and I sat next to Gaara’s bed, peeling and slicing apples for him to eat.

Finally, it was time for Deidara and I to return back to the base. I hugged Gaara goodbye, and then we left. As soon as we stepped outside, Deidara turned to me. He looked at me and said “Let it out, un.” I looked at him blankly. “Let what out?” I asked. Then, he pulled me into another hug and whispered “Your tears. I know you want to cry. I can tell.” Then, I let it all out. I began to cry as hard as I have ever cried. We stood there in the hug until I finally calmed down.

So yeah thats it...........