Mom....this is for you.

Its a late one
I will give it my all.
Mom, you saved my life.
When I was stuck in the condition I was/am still in, people were afraid to take me in.
I was weak, and I couldn't even lift my head up yet.
You and Daddy found me and one of my sisters.
Both of us had disabilities, both mental and physical.
You took us in, and adopted us.
You tended to my sister with great care, and helped me to grow stronger.
Not only did you do that, but you reunited us with our oldest sister.
I was 1 1/2 then.

Now, I am 14 and i already feel i am able to care for a child myself.
That is why I do what I do.
I volunteer.
My sisters are all doing amazing.
You brought in 2 more children into our family, a boy and a girl.
You adopted a total of 5 kids.

Mom, you are my hero.
I love you.