Admin voices

Ok so i admin pages on facebook and i like to switch it up a bit and change my typing, ya know? So here's my ways

Naruto Fans, admin Mei- so i talk like this un i throw a lot of uns, hns, hms, and yeahs into my sentences, yeah? I hardly use caps hn they bug me un,hmm

Amy Akatsuki, admin keri- So for this one im pretty much the same. However, i use correct grammar and a lot of emoticons XD So yeah c:

Muku, admin keri- Tend to be more lax here....this one is my calm, 100% gramatically correct page.

*Sasuke Uchiha*, admin Ino- CHEERFULL OVERLOAD XDDDDDDDD here i looove being EXTRA CHEERY CAZ I CAN! im also loud :3