The Death of me TAT

Okay, so, as you all know, im in a performance this year called Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Well, I just found out that there is only two scenes that I am not in, and at least 7 costume changes. Also, here's a list of all the songs that are sung by more than 1 person in order

Any Dream Will Do
Jacob and Sons*^
Joseph's Coat*
Poor, Poor Joseph
One More Angel In Heaven*^
Close Every Door To Me*^
Go Go Go Joseph*^
Pharaoh's Story
Poor Poor Pharaoh
Song of the King (Seven Fat Cows)
Pharaoh's Dream Explained
Stone the Crows
Those Canaan Days
The Brothers Go To Egypt
Grovel Grovel
Who's The Thief?
Benjamin Calypso
Joseph All The Time
Jacob in Egypt
Finale: Any Dream Will Do/Give Me My Colored Coat

and the ones that i know the dance to have the *, the ones i now the words to the ^ is there