Aniki (Spectre) is one who I look up to with great respect. Even if he doesn't realize it, his story has changed me. I understood that my reasons for being adopted weren't as serious, but I never thought that they would have 3-year-old girls being trafficking slaves. Thats just sick. His daughter was that 3-year-old girl. He saved her. He got in trouble for it, but he saved her life. Im not too good with words, so my words may not be nearly as strong as I intend, but what I am saying is from my heart.

Someone like Aniki should be recognized. I don't care how, but these types of people should be the ones being honored.

Aniki, you are my role model. You have changed me in a way that I thought nobody could do. Learning about your past brought me to tears. I have decided that I am going to do something with my life. I will lay my life on the line to help those in need.

They can't cry out for help, because nobody is there to hear their cries. We are all so absorbed in ourselves that these toddlers, kids, teens, and adults are left with nobody to look to for help.

Its time for us to stand up against the people who do this to innocent people. A major person that has done something like this is Joseph Kony. He may not be trafficking sex slaves, but he is kidnapping kids, forcing them to kill their families, and fight for something they do not want.

Really, guys. We need to what we can to help. Please, think about all these people, and decide if you are going to continue letting little kids be raped, killed, and forced to have sex with people just to be able to survive, or if you are going to stop it.