All this time

I look back at my life and how i thought i had it rough when i was younger. Im growing up knowing my father is in prison and not knowing if my mother is even alive, i had been separated from my oldest sister soonafter birth but was reunited, i currently have 2 sisters related by blood, 1 adopted sister, and 1 adopted brother, My brother moved out and caused tons of drama, i was pulled out of public school and my college are being used for schooling now, i had 2 surgeries, and i thought I had itbad. That was until I met someone here. This man changed me. He inspired me to realize how lucky I am. He has it worse off than I ever will. Hearing his story on how he got his daughter, it changes a person. There are so many things that he has had done to him that I could not even imagine. This person...........hes not like most people. He has gotten beaten for something he didn't do, and got in trouble for saving his daughter from becoming a "slave."

Im betting you want to know who he is. Well, its not my duty to tell you. Its his. The only hint I am giving is that he is here on theO.

If he wishes, he may reveal who he is by commenting here, but its not my job to start saying names. Some of you already know who he is, though.

My overall message is this: Cherish life and be glad you live the way you do.