Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi Fujiyoka is a scholarship student at Ouran Academy, a high school for extremely rich families to send their kids to. She stumbles upon a club known as the Host Club which is a group of six male students who entertain young ladies. She accidentally knocks over a vase worth ¥8,000,000 ($80,000) She is forced to pay off the money by becoming their slave. All this time, she has the appearance and characteristics of a guy. Her glasses accidentally fall off and the host club members realize how handsome "he" was. She was made a member of the host club. Slowly all the members but the President began to figure out that she was a girl before she was made a member. It was declared official that she was a girl when the President himself walked in on her in the dressing rooms. She decided to stay a member and disguised herself as a boy and they helped to keep it a secret. Then the real fun begins when the President falls in love with Haruhi.