Rosario and Vampire

Ok so i started watching this new anime called Rosario and Vampire. Its about a normal guy named Tskune Aono who goes to Yokai Academy, which turns out to be a school for monsters. He has to hide his human identity from everyone but one person. Her name is Moka Akashiya. She is not just an ordinary girl. She has to wear a rosary to seal her powers away. If that rosary is removed, she becomes an S class vampire. Tskune meets a succubus named Kurumu Kurono, a witch named Yukari Sendo, a Yuki-onna (Snow Fairy) named Mizore Shirayuki, and many more.

Rosario and Vampire is a show meant for teens and adults.

(L to R: Kurumu, Tskune, Yukari, Moka, Mizore)