Thanks niisan!

Yesterday instead of the usual training at the dojo we had a job. Us students didn't get to really do anything, but the masters handled everything. I kind of felt that i didn't deserve the reward but my master kind of made me take it. Next time, im going to be much stronger and i hope to be able to join the masters in fighting sometime. Well, since my niisan (yes its time you all know that firezero and i are now bro and sis) made me go shopping, i bought a kimono for if the dojo ever has some sort of special event, a sword that i will start using for practice since it is heavier, and i bought ingredients to make panda sushi and strawberry cheesecake to thank my niisan. I still feel like i dont deserve the reward because i didnt really do anything at all. Niisan, if you read this, iwanna say thanks for teaxhing mw thus far and i cant wait to learn more!

Oh this is the kimono but thats not me XP