Hello every1 my name is Lina and in this world, I will be posting random stuff.....And i mean random stuff.
im bored now..... well, yeah if anyone needs me, just pm me some of my friends say im like haruhi...*giggles*

I like this anime too.


hi! every1 i dont think that i'll delete this account... cuz i can jus post stuff through this one anyway mostly random things like....umm...different kind of stuff idk dananananaa! kk jus wuz letting u kno (hope u kno tht u didnt hav 2 read this, and if u did, i jus wasted a few minutes of ur time...lol) >.> <.<

Is it the end for us?

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry i wasn't able to go to anifusion thingie Dx And also, i made a new account, so you guys might have resubscribe or sumthin... and what i'm trying to say is.....is...I might delete this account! Dun dun dun dun! Omg!

You guys are probably wondering why I wasn't able to go to that thing. Well, see my dad had to be such a ****face and not let me go. He blew up at me saying that i can't go, right after he said i could! tht sux... I guess I cant promise anything rigt now but... remember one thing, that you have to... use the FORCE. Lol jp oh yea and hope you had a merry christmas and hope you have a happy new year XD

Long time, no post

Hi everyone, I noticed that i havent been on in a while... Wow, it has been long X3 Let's see... I for one, has always wanted to go to Comiket, has anyone went before or going???? Also, I'm going to the J-pop christmas and the AniFusion XD. I'll post everything I see,find, or hear about. Hopefully, I don't forget my camera lolz nah i won't forget about it...or the batteries

funny, aint it?

hei!!!! i wana tell ya sumthin

hei every1, i kno i havent been on l8ly, butt i kno i hav been XD last month i was at tha New York Anime Festival (NYAF). it was fun! butt tha bad thing was tht i 4got my camera nd i didnt charge tha battery anyway, so i was tight. butt i saw one of the most cutest things there, nd of course there wer lots a cosplayers,anime, and manga! there was so much there, i thought i was guna b broke by the time i was at 4th stand XD. scary butt since i was with my mom, i wasnt able to spend too much, so all i got was a hat... tat sux butt, i still like tha hat tho. wen i went to tha bak, there as croud of ppl, nd a stage sum dudes wer givin sum stuff out. tho u had to do sumthin for it, like these 2 girls had to scream as loud as they could, and whoever screamed the loudest, got the prize. lol and wen i was about to leave, i saw a whole bunch of cosplayers doin the YMCA dance! it funny, especially if ur not expectin wolverine to come out of no where, nd start dancin right in front of u. teehee and sum ppl had a sign on them tht sed "free hugs". and i saw sum dude hav a sign tht sed "every time u hug me, u save an emo's life", yo tht had meh rollin, i jus had pet him. well anyway it was fun, and ill b ther next year....with a camera so ah can share tha fun all of u thx.

Sad *snifflez* >~<

same song different anime.... sowie its been a longtime since muh last post XD