Recent Banning's Explained

As some of you are aware of I recently banned kobashi, EoAA, Shimaru and Airbender Ash from the site for inappropriate conduct in chat. As a result I've gotten some complaints from friends because they don't fully understand what happens when I have to make a decision to ban a member.

To make it clear, innuendos and other comments rarely result in a ban since usually a reminder to behave is all it takes. It's when it moves past that into actually doing stuff that I step in and do something about it.

I also do not act without proof of this kind of behavior. I don't go on rumors or word of mouth, I go on logs or stuff I see for myself. Which is the case here. I'm going to include a log showing just what was going on. It will be on the next page and my final thoughts on the matter will be on the next.