Updates On Server Move and Featured Fandom

As you all know we are in the process of getting settled on a new server. Naturally this means there are bugs and things to work out. If you notice stuff like that just go and comment here: Server Move

Anyway, what this also means, and has for a while, we are unable to switch our temporary chat moderators until all the bugs are worked out. So though I’ve already chosen the next crew and they know who they are, that will have to wait until after we are able to do the switch.

Another thing I wanted to touch on was the Featured Fandom that we’ve been working on. Even if people don’t PM Adam or myself directly with questions, we do get word of concerns or questions that people have. So I’m going to explain just a few things to help people understand it a little better.

First off, this feature is 100% subjective. Unlike the front page, it is not based on votes or popularity or any automatic function of the site. This has both positive effects and negative ones. The biggest positive is that artists who would never make it to the front page are recognized and featured. The biggest negative, and you can’t get around it, stuff that people think doesn’t deserve to be featured, will end up there. Because it is subjective, it is based on the human element when being picked.

Secondly, we’re telling people that when they choose an item; it’s good to have descriptions and links or details about how the piece was made. This is just something to keep in mind when spotting a piece that looks like it would be good to feature. It can, no guarantee of course, help cut down on a potential plagiarist being featured.

Finally, the link is then PMd to staff that make the final decision on whether to feature it or not. Why? Because members don’t have the necessary access to be able to update the Featured Fandom spot on the front page. Another reason is members don’t have access to member’s records. This is important since we can screen out people who shouldn’t be featured.

This is one thing that we will not do, willingly feature someone who is a known plagiarist or has repeatedly abused the system for popularity. The goal is to give attention to the honest hard working artists on the site, instead of those who deceive members and abuse the system for recognition.