Hey everyone I decide to post holiday on the world so if you any question on this world send me to Miracle Star19.

Fanart Secret Santa 2014 - Wishlist! :3

Hey hey guys

So I join the Secret Santa 2014 and I'm excited to draw for the holiday!!! :D

Here my list:

1. MLP: Doctor and Derpy:Okay so I love MLP and yes I still watch them and I have fave two background ponies which are Derpy and Doctor Whooves (or time turner whichever name XD)

2. Sherlock and John Watson: I started to watching BBC Sherlock on Netflix and so far I finished the first season I'm excited to watch the second season. I love the show!!!! <3 link: http://http://news.doddleme.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/sherlock.jpg

3. Okay I haven't got to chance to watch fully but I started to watch this series, Doctor Who if I have choose which doctor for this, it be the 11th doctor with his tardis XD

Now for the twist: I want them on the list to celebrate the holiday! :D

Well that all I can think about sorry if it random XD

Have fun and remeber stay JOLLY!!! XD


SS Fanart 2013

Hey hey !!!

I'm posting this world for the SS fanart wishlist. Sorry I had to post it here, this world use to be holiday world but it Miracle icon. Now idk I might change it again. >_< THANK YOU ItachiSasuke FOR THE REMINDER!!! I almost forgot to post it. >w< again Thank you!!! As for my wishlist

1. I want a drawing of a Victini that stealing cookies from Santa.

2. I want a drawing Vanellope Von schweetz from Wreck it Ralph in the holiday spirits.

3. Umm I totally forgot what for the third one I have to come back to this. v-v;;;

Hope this alright and can't wait to draw!!! :D


Icon testing 2: the Forest of spirits

Avi 1


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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! :3 Those who already celebrated easter(everyone around the world) XD HAPPY LATED EASTER!!! X3 Hope everyone having a good time on easter. =3