Kailith's Questions:
1. Do you think Canadians say ABOOT instead of about?

Well, not exactly, sometimes I catch Tegan and Sara (canadian singers) saying it like that, but most of the time they pronounce it like us. But they do pronounce Sorry differently.

2. What was the last book you read? Did you like it?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And yeah it was nice.

3. Do you read fanfiction?

Yes I do, every now and then.

4. What is your OTP (One True Pairing)?

er....I'm not sure

5. Favourite Disney movie?

D: Why would you do this to meeeeeeeeeeeee!? T^T I can't choose just one

6. Are you dressing up for Hallowe'en and if so, what are you going as?

Yes, as a Couch Potato. Which looks just like me anyways XD

7. Are you going to marathon all of the LOTR movies before The Hobbit comes out in theatres?

I more than likely will, but I have friends who are much bigger fans of the series than I am. I still like it though :)

8. Tea or coffee?

Neither XP When there is nothing else to drink I will do EXTRA EXTRA sweet tea or Coffee with LOTS AND LOTS of sugar and milk

9. What is your best trait?

Physically, my eyes, even though they are a bland color (a very dark chocolate/almost black) I like the shape :)
Personality, I have extreme patience with people's behavior. I can put up with anyone's bullsh*t attitude. Yeah, sometimes I blow up on them, but in the end I still tolerate them. like my roommates -.-

10. Would you ever (or have you ever) met someone from the internet IRL?

Oh of course! That's how I met Trey, my ex-but-kinda-still-together-like-nothing-happened boyfriend lol We met on an online Dating site.

My Questions:
1. Have you ever attended an Anime Convention?
2. Have you ever dressed up extremely odd, either it be lolita, cosplay, street fashion? Were there any rude remarks or mean glances directed towards you while doing so?
3. What are you doing for Halloween?
4. What is your favorite Holiday?
5. What's you greatest accomplishment so far?
6. Do you write FanFiction?
7. What's your favorite thing about TheOtaku?
8. What's your favorite Video Game (single or series)?
9. Do you have a Deviant Art?
10. Hard Candy or Candy Bars?
11. Summer Heat or Winter Cold?

11 people I tag:

Kailith (again lol)
Sinner Krono
Beloved Blood
Captian Ronnie
Gero Chan