My name is Alisha! I am 25 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

I have a Deviant Art that I have been more active on: HametsuKuro I have a tumblr, but it is severely inactive until further notice.

Fanart WIP

Been working on a fanart is a tiny hint

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Art Trades?

Anyone up for an Art Trade? I'm bored and will have full access to my art stuff from tonight to sunday :)

Thinking about Drawing tonight...

Maybe I should start on my "redraw" list....

what first though lol

What should I redraw for the Redraw This! Meme?

Hello all!!! How are you today?

So I'm making this as a look-back for myself, but also to seek your opinions!!!

I'm gonna be listing what drawings I WILL redraw, what I WANT, but unsure if I will, and if YOU would like to see something of mine Redrawn, Just comment!!!!

Will Remake

Chibi Season Gijinkas
Chibi Elemental Fairies
Battle Result
Chibi LWLAM Characters

Might Remake

My OC Collection (if this is redrawn, more characters will be added)
Elemental Fairies



Watcha think? Got any suggestions?



Me: Oh lookie here! I finally got my car! Now all I have to do is test for my license!!!

DDS: Oh no no no no….Silly human, you need a birth certificate, Social Security Card, and proof of residency!

Me: D: but my stuff is 40 miles away!

DDS: Oh well!

Me: *deep breath* It’s ok, I can just pull some strings and find my way up there

Me: *grabs items* See? No Problem!

*Monday comes*

Me: YAY! I’m gonna test today!!! See? I have my documents!!!

DDS: Oh no no no no….not today!!!! We are ALWAYS closed on Mondays :D

DDS: *looks at items* and look, you are missing something!!! You need 2 proofs of residency!!!!


*everything is still in mothers name because she never switched*

*no cell phone bill to show because of it being PREPAID*

*nothing else to prove*

Me: *slams into the brick wall life put up*

DDS: Good luck getting your license!!!! Have a nice day and go f*ck yourself :D

I want to rip my hair out right now....