My name is Alisha! I am 26 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

I have a Deviant Art that I have been more active on: HametsuKuro I have a tumblr, but it is severely inactive until further notice.


I was bored at work yesterday >.>

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I'm Alive

So for a very long time, I haven't been posting much. I remember when I first got art accounts back in 2009....I posted ALL THE TIME. Mostly here because back then I was kind of intimidated by DA. I would post like 2 or three pictures a day. As the years rolled out they have been slowing down, some times more drastically than others.

Well, as for the past year, I have been going through tough times, with college last spring, having to get a full time job whenever I couldn't continue school for financial issues, to the stresses of work, home, and love life, my physical and mental health, etc.

Recently, one of my roommates moved out. I finally chose to fix up the now spare room for myself. My dream was to own an art studio, a personal work space, in my own home. Well, now I can bring that to life. I am currently setting things up, but I am also switching around my whole house now that my roommate has moved out. So, I'm hoping to be finished before Thursday, when I go to my side job for the weekend, so I can return monday to my new workspace.

To those of you who are wondering why I'm excited, its because I have always worked from my room. always. I rarely worked in my living room or kitchen because I live in a house full of people and they would complain or accidentally ruin stuff. Well, working from my room was horrid. In my mind set, I see a bed. Bed good. Sleep good. No work, go to sleep. sleeeeeeeeeeep. So, nothing would get done. I became very lazy when it came to working on art. This lead to depression because drawing is how I calm myself. It's my escape. So, now that I have a separate work space from my bedroom, I will get things done and build up what I have lost or put off.

Wish me luck! Need to get it ready before thursday so I can begin anew monday!!!


I take it no one likes my paper marbling.....that makes me feel special T^T



I entered a sweepstakes at a local restaurant back in January. I was like “Meh, why not?” I had completely forgotten about it until today….

…..when I received a phone call saying that I won.

I don’t remember the details, but I will post them once I am reminded and given more details on what to do. BUT. The gist of it? I won a weekend trip to the Bahamas for two.

I thought these things never happen T^T I’m still in shock o.o

Puppy Name(pics)

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So out of all the suggestions I have received from family, friends, and all my followers/subscribers, I have narrowed it down to three names:


So far, I like Poe. What do you guys think?