My name is Alisha! I am 25 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

I have a Deviant Art that I have been more active on: HametsuKuro I have a tumblr, but it is severely inactive until further notice.


Why is it so freakin hard to get attention on Deviant art?

Let's Compare Stats from here with stats from DA.

TheO:N/A portfolio views, 112 creations viewed 33,876
DA: 1,888 pageviews, 66 deviations viewed 4,850

TheO: 493
DA: 111

TheO: 1197
DA: 191

TheO: 3,217

Artists I watch: 55
Artists I subscribe: 446

Watchers: 20
Subscribers: 286

You know what makes the biggest difference in these stats? I joined TheOtaku and DeviantArt at nearly the same exact time.




So, I follow two tumblr blogs called DeviantArt Confessions and Artist Confessions....and I was wondering....

I looked up TheOtaku on tumblr and there are like only 6 or so posts tagged....

SOOOOOO.....Should I make a TheOtaku Confessions Blog???? Would anyone like to help me with this too? Would anybody really be interested in it?

Just wondering...

TheOtaku is dying....

I've been noticing this for the past couple of years now...This place is dying. It's not as active as it used to be.

Maybe it's just me being a whiny little brat, but you know, I used to get much more feedback by all of you. I would gain like 5-10 subscribers a week and now I'm lucky to get one in a month. I would get 10-15 votes/hugs on my crappy work and 25-30 votes/hugs for a good one, but crappy stuff gets 0-5 and my good work only gets 10-15. What happened? Like whenever I used to post a random world post saying "Hey, how is everyone doing?" I would get comments from you guys, but if/when I do it now, I get zip.

Where is everybody? What happened? This is depressing....I don't know if all of this is because this place has become inactive....or if my work has gotten worse and no one likes me anymore as a person....

*sigh* maybe it is just me and I'm being rude...but I get really sad now every time I post ANYTHING now...


Hey everyone! how are you guys today?

One perk of my job is that I have several "downtimes" when I get my assignments complete early. This is one of them lol So, my job is basically a secretary. I file paperwork, put entries into the computer and I am also building onto the company's website :) I work at this financial marketing business, I'm not quite sure what EXACTLY it is, so don't ask >.<

I'm thinking about bringing my tablet with me next week so I can doodle on my downtimes :)

hey guys!!!

I started my job last week and got promoted to full time last friday. So i'll try my best to be on here as much as possible :) i hope that things will start to look up finally ^-^ anyways, i'll be trying to upload new stuff soon-ish, so be patient and stay tuned!!!

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well :)