My name is Alisha! I am 22 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world!

This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

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*sighs* nothing like spending a weekend with meh buddies! A great friend of mine is coming over to stay for a weekend. can't wait! and I'll be forcing her to do I lot of pictures and force her to post them as well! lol You know I love you Amanda Panda!

People need to learn

People need to either learn how to read, or learn how to read slowly enough to understand stuff. I am getting sick and tired of people calling me a hypocrite.

Sick and Tired

I am getting sick and tired of some people. They jump to conclusions...thinking they know you like a sister/brother...and treat you like fucking shit and do nothing but piss you off. I am sic and tired of their fucking mouths.

I mean please! Have some respect and dignity people!

My Composition

This is the music I was hoping to use for the fighting scene with Ame and Kaze in my book...please comment, me and tokyoxuxa worked REALLY hard on it!!!


I'm thinking about deleting LWLAM...I mean, no one's actually reading it, and It jumps to much...might as well don't bother with it....