My name is Alisha! I am 26 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

I have a Deviant Art that I have been more active on: HametsuKuro I have a tumblr, but it is severely inactive until further notice.


Ello! I got back from my friends house EARLY this morning! Which is really strange because I haven't spent the night at a friend's house in over two years. My Anxiety Disorder always got in the way of everything. I would have anxiety attacks, similar to panic attacks, and it always stopped the fun and I would be so bleck......

Symptoms of an attack(in order of appearance):Hot Flash, tightness in chest(not like a heart attack), rapid breathing, Dizziness, nausea, vomitting, eventually passing out. Whas worse is that the first symptom stays when the next appears, so in the end you end up with all of them at the same time.

HOWEVER, I found a trick! Icy air/air conditioner in the face stiffles the hot flash and it stops the other symptoms in there tracks.

BUT, what REALLY sucks is when you have one in your sleep....the beginning you don't know of until you wake up and feel terrible.

Well, I ended up only having two small ones this weekend! Which made me happy!

I had lots of fun with Manda-chan! We watched movies and stuff. Which reminds me, you should watch a movie called Paprika! Its freaky but cool! Its the same director who mad Perfect Blue, Millinium Actress, and Tokyo Godfathers! Though, I do not recommend Perfect Blue......its rather disturbing....


My mum was put on meds. LOTS of meds. And at night, they F*CK her up BIG TIME!!! I don't know what to do!

She talks nonsense, dozes off and claims she never does, She eats like crazy, passes out on the couch, and to top that off SHE NEVER REMEMBERS IT!

Can someone help, or give advice?


I finally made a time chart for the challenges I wat to participate in. If you haven't noticed yet(look at my portfolio) I LOVE challenges! I don't know why, because most people would have given up on them after the third loss....but I don't care for the win/loss I just love dng them for some reason! Amanda has probably thought, "its just a phase, as usual, she'll get bored of them sooner or later." Well, 20 challenges later, I'm still kicing and obsessed with them! I even created two already and another is active right now! Well, I calculated and I'm doing 23 more challenges! Have I mentioned I love them!

On another note, I've started a new project and once it goes into full-blown mode, I'll only be here on theO only to check for messages/comments and maybe post some pics, but I'll be back when the project is over okay!? I loves you all!!!


I made a list of things to work on.....

  • Darkfireness' request
  • Hellokatty's request
  • Collaboration with Spirt of Water
  • Realism Challenge
  • School's Out Challenge
  • OrgXII challenge
  • OC Fashion challenge
  • When the world relies on you challenge
  • Draw a chibi challenge
  • The Magical You! challenge
  • A Modern Faery tale challenge
  • Pokemon challenge
  • Poem Writing Challenge
  • Royalty Challenge
  • Kingdom Hearts World Costumes Challenge
  • Inspiration Challenge
  • Animal Inside Challenge
  • Mythical Meets the Real Challenge
  • What makes you "squee"? Challenge
  • The Ol' Switcheroo Redux Challenge
  • Silhouettes Challenge
  • What Scares you the Most Challenge
  • Alice's Wonderland Adventures Challenge
  • Purely Sexy Challenge
  • Chracters from my book

so much to do......


I found this!!!! Antonio Banderas sang Phantom of the Opera with Sarah Brightman!!!!