My name is Alisha! I am 26 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

I have a Deviant Art that I have been more active on: HametsuKuro I have a tumblr, but it is severely inactive until further notice.

Huh...who would have thought?

For the passed few years, my mind had been set on one degree....Sequential Art.

Today, I come to notice, I am too impatient for mangas...I would start out strong and it'll die down to where I won't want to finish....

So, here I am, thinking, I wasted two and a half years....

I've decided. I am going to get my BFA in Illustration. Of course, I still want to go to SCAD because SCAD is one of the top Art Institutes in America, and many people would hire a graduate from SCAD in a heart beat.


I am really hurt and heart broken....

External Image
This is my grandfather's old house. He built his new house just yards away. He and nobody else had the heart to destroy it......

External Image
THIS is it now!!! How could they? they even destroyed my grandmother's Weeping Willow!!!

I've been crying for the longest of time....

We hoped to get family to live in PawPaw's house instead of strangers because we KNEW they would tear it down....My 2nd cousins move in and now....its....gone....

The Worst night of my life

Please let me clarify that I'm not insane! I am freaking out!

Last night, I was visited by a spirit.....first it freaked me out because I heard someone walk in front of the fan and nobody was there, but when I turned back around a faded white figure rushed into my first I was thinking "maybe its a wandering spirit"

But what REALLY got me.....I was on the phone telling my Fiance what had happen, he told me to calm down....well I calmed down and while we were talking, we were interuped by a hissing/growling noise on the phone line and all of the sudden(I was laying on my stomach at this time) I felt terrible pressure on my back and my body felt like it was on FIRE! I was screaming and saying "I'm scared!" over and over and when I said "Help me!" it was over, but I did not go to sleep until 6:13 this morning.....I was too terrified that it might return.....It MUST have been an evil spirit....or maybe....a demon?

Now, I'm going to sleep with the Bible cutched tightly in my arms....

Can someone help? Or give me advice?


I am sooooooooo glad I'm not going to school tomorrow! Woo!!!!

No more lockers!
No more High School Drama!
No more Nasty food!
No more homework!
And most importantly....NO MORE BUSES!!!!!!

I HATED buses! I get motion sick easily, and it was always crowded!

Things I'll miss:
My teachers
My underclassmen friends
The cafeteria's Chicken Strips(the only thing edible and they were GOOD!!!!)
The vending Machines
Singing in Concerts
Selling Chicken Biscuits every Tuesday and Thursday
And mostly.....SIBELIUS! I'm gonna have to buy me Sibelius for home :( I miss you Sibelius!!!! I wrote awesome songs on it is sooo much fun.....


Ello! I got back from my friends house EARLY this morning! Which is really strange because I haven't spent the night at a friend's house in over two years. My Anxiety Disorder always got in the way of everything. I would have anxiety attacks, similar to panic attacks, and it always stopped the fun and I would be so bleck......

Symptoms of an attack(in order of appearance):Hot Flash, tightness in chest(not like a heart attack), rapid breathing, Dizziness, nausea, vomitting, eventually passing out. Whas worse is that the first symptom stays when the next appears, so in the end you end up with all of them at the same time.

HOWEVER, I found a trick! Icy air/air conditioner in the face stiffles the hot flash and it stops the other symptoms in there tracks.

BUT, what REALLY sucks is when you have one in your sleep....the beginning you don't know of until you wake up and feel terrible.

Well, I ended up only having two small ones this weekend! Which made me happy!

I had lots of fun with Manda-chan! We watched movies and stuff. Which reminds me, you should watch a movie called Paprika! Its freaky but cool! Its the same director who mad Perfect Blue, Millinium Actress, and Tokyo Godfathers! Though, I do not recommend Perfect Blue......its rather disturbing....