My name is Alisha! I am 27 years old and living the boring adult life lol. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for dropping by my world! This is where I will post random things, basically like a journal or blog or whatever you want to call it lol

Life with Love and Magic: Deadlines!

If you are interested in my upcoming web comic, please watch this account!

For those who are interested, I am revealing my deadlines for developing Life with Love and Magic! As of today, things are on time and running smoothly!

Current Schedule

  • Teaser Release - April 14th
  • Start up Merchandise: Print #1 - April 28th
  • Start up Merchandise: Print #2 - April 28th
  • Start up Merchandise: Print #3 - April 28th
  • Patreon Launch - May 1st
  • Web Comic Launch - September 1st

Keep an eye out for more updates!

Time Lapse Video!

Here is the time lapse video I made of Chibi Hana!!!

I have to link it because it won't embed here!!!! D:

Special Announcement!

Hello all! I'm here to announce that my upcoming Webcomic Life with Love and Magic's script for chapter 1 is complete!

What's next?
- Pages will begin the illustration process in April!
- A teaser will be released in April!

If you have a deviantart, I highly suggest you go watch my professional account as it will be the main host of the webcomic!!

Monday! 3/13

I will be making an announcement tomorrow! Keep an eye out!

Life Update...

Well. My boyfriend was forced to quit working with me because we lost our babysitter (my mom). Let me note now: We're poor. We suck. Anyways, my mom was the only one who was willing to work long hours for shit pay. She only asked for us to help her and pay for food and gas...and that she brings her two dogs with her. Well, that was fine. One is a 16 year old blind and deaf pug that needs to be confined in a small space to keep her from hurting herself. The other one is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Never begs, never gets into things, great with kids, only barks at strangers (which doesn't last long because he's a loving goober). All he does is be a living vacuum cleaner and sleeps all day. Anyways, our landlord saw this and immediately told us they HAVE TO GO. Well, now we don't have a babysitter because mom refuses (rightfully so) to leave her dogs locked up in a tiny house for 11 hours a day. She cannot afford to get someone to check on them and she lives to far to constantly check on them (it'll cost us too much). And she cannot babysit at her house because her home is not safe (I know, we tell her all the time that something needs to be done, but we're all poor and doing what we can do). We cannot afford another sitter. We cannot afford daycare. We cannot put her back in Pre-K because they won't accept her due to classes being full. (She was pulled out due to them going to MO to help his little brother)

Anyways, due to losing our second income, we are back to square one. I closed my shops until further notice so I can focus on resolving our situation. There might be a hiatus here as well. I'm not sure. I already barely have a foot in the door here due to the ongoing site issues and still not receiving a reply from Adam.