Hey everyone

This is my 2nd world, it's going to be ANYTHING that has happened in my life.

Just a brief intro about me:

Name: Just call me Syallow

Birthdate: Dec 7th 1995

Interest: Manga/Anime, Music: Metal/Rock & Hiphop/Rap

Fashion Style: Black mixed with red or white. A monotone hoodie. Skinny jeans or mini skirt with black legging. Any shoes that comfortable.

E.N.V.I.O.U.S. Ch. 1 Women About Town

It’ll be so wonderful if you get that title. You’re proud of yourself for being known by all people in your town. People want to know you. Getting invited into parties and you haven’t noticed that you’re actually expanding your network. If you are this famous, you could have a greater chance to go international. And talks about being wealthy, you always get what you want with’cha money.

Okay, snap out of it guys. You may think it’s the greatest thing that you’ve ever imagined. But soon you’ll be begging to have a normal life. Why?
You better find out, from these girls’ life.
Life was never felt so real.


At International Universe City of Indonesia.
While she is searching for the voice’s owner, a huge bump attacks her back.
Dear God, it’s Vei.
“Xane! Xane! Xane! Xane!” the violet haired girl squeezes Xane tightly. Xane pushes Vei back. “Yes, that is my name. What do you want?” She’s always too cold sometimes.
“I’ve won the audition for Benetton TV Commercial!” Vei smiles widely. She can’t stop grinning.
“Should I congrats you or what?”
“Oh, gee, you’re too harsh sometimes…”
“God, I’m just joking. Congratulation Vei Langley, I’m so proud of you.” She pats on Vei’s head.

Oh yeah, forgot to introduce these girls to you.

Alexandra Ran, call her Xane, is a 18th year old girl who happens to be very famous around teens. She is no ordinary girl. Her cold personality stuns every people she meets. She also has her own principle about being a tomboy: searching for a tough guy. Xane could be very mad if you mistaken about a term of “Tomboy”. And no, she doesn’t dress like a boy. But she loves all those monotone colours.

The violet haired girl, Vei Langley, is a famous model for Benetton, Giordano and Pull & Bear. Although those are Vei’s contract by now, she actually had offered by Victoria Secret for summer collection. But she’s too young to be their model, so she has to say goodbye to Victoria Secret. Too bad, I know. Also she inspires people with her fashion quote and her style, especially her hair; sophisticated and mature.


Xane and Vei are now heading for their own classes. International Universe City of Indonesia is a very luxurious and high quality university. Many outsiders are all transferred to this university. A chance for having a bright future is guaranteed (em, really guys, if you need any bucket or sumthing just tell me. Go puke)
“I’ve got P.E. re-test today. BASKETBALL!” Vei complains. “Help me, XANEE! Heeellpp meeee! I’m soo bad at it!” She jiggles Xane’s arm.
“Go find somebody else.”
“Xane, you’re sooo crueel!!!”
“I am. So see ya later, I’ve gotta go to Science lab. Bye.”
Xane leaves her. It always been a habit for her to let Vei do her own business. She needs to grow up and be independent. Her looks may be mature, but she’s such a baby inside.

Vei sighs, “Now what? Who’s going to teach me basketball?”

Science Lab

“Go find your partner for this new assignment.”

The teacher just launchs a new assignment about breeding frogs. Xane needs a partner for this. But she seems has no interest with the class participants.

Tch, do I really have to pick one of them?

The guys hope for Xane to choose one of them, while the girls are dying to be assigned with Xane. Suddenly, her eyes catch on a figure that is a few table across her.
She walks to that boy’s table. The boy is still cringing.
“Hey, do you want to be my—“

The boy lifts his head. Xane’s eyes widened.

He’s such a good-looking guy.
He has a very low tone. It makes Xane awkward. What?? Alexandra Ran is awkward in front of a boy?
“Well…uh…I need a partner. I was wondering if you wanna…”
“Sure. I have plenty of time.”
“Um...So let’s start it by tomorrow. I’ll see you later.”
Xane turns around, suddenly she remembers something. “Anyway what is your name?”
“Zen Alpha”

im so effin confused!!

Mr Vain - Culture Beat <= love this song So, my class is going to make a farewell party for our seniors, the lovely 9th graderss (not all lovely 0_0) We are planning to go to Anyer (one of the beaches near to Jakarta,Indonesia)....

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Pussycat dolls is going to Indonesia!! : D !

YIPPPPEEEEEY! Boom BABY! I've done all the works!!

*Reports, presentations, products, movies, role playing drama*

Thankfully, because of these things, I didn't get any homework at all! In exchange I have three big projects!

Yes-tuh-day, I thought that when everything is done, I would be very extremely happy. But, no, my boredom went all over my mind. So what did I do yesterday?

  • Play Street Racing on Facebook
  • Chatting with friends thru msn
  • Watching LG Arena review on YouTube (love it, my next target)
  • Drawing miscellaneous thing on photoshop *geez i don't have any idea*
  • Lost my appetite on drawing

The best part is... I'VE WATCHED MTV WORLDSTAGE: John Legend & N.E.R.D.


They were singing Lapdance, Anti-Matter, Rockstar, and others.

Oh yeah forgot to tell you, Pussy Cat Dolls going to Indonesia on June 2nd!!! AAAAA! *changing the title post* Wooot! I've planned to go to their concert with my friends!!

Festival: $49 *estimation*
Tribune: around $80's
VIP: around $200

I wanted to book the festival, but it was SOLD OUT! DAMN SOLD OUT! There is only one of us who succeeded on booking. I feel bad about her, she's going to that concert without us (with her lil bro-ALONE???). Ah gee, I feel guilty......


Loads of Works

Geez, my school is effin crazy!

But I love it .... the destruction of it, muahaha!
No, I'm just kidding. Even though it's very tiring to be there, I kinda miss it (when I'm at home).

And yes, I'm not a goody two shoe girl. Just an average who got attitude, trying to be the best at everything. Well it's just my life goes..

*i'll edit this post soon, im at school, next lesson!*

Now I've done my report about "How The Universe Will End?"

Kinda scary? No? :P lol, my partner, Lomster is in charge about the Big Bang theory stuff.

Now I'm workin on the presentation~

*scratch, scratch. click click*