More about this paparazzi girl and a preview ;)

Que sepa el mundo que en marcha estoy con mucho que ver y viviiir! con cielos azules andando voy, a un lugar así soñaba con iiir (8)

I'm listening to this pretty song :) it's Phil collins brother bear's songs time!
Well... Hi! as you could see I made a new update and I wanted to show you some of its process...
I have basically used 2B pencil, charcoal and black pencil color. In this almost entirely done black and white drawing I also used my fingers to spread the few charcoal powder through the sheet of paper :) it's not like the first time I use them but this time I was sure of what I was doing xD.
What else? I discovered is really awful when you use first charcoal and then black color because if you do, you'll completely feel your hand heavy and the sheet will be like rough and dry.

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And one preview! do you recognize them? ;) It's been a long time a didn't draw chibis... I hope to finish up soon.

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Introducing Yuki, finally! :)

First name: Yuki
Middle name: Marcella
Last names: Di Capua Kimura

But that's too much. In japan she's just Yuki Kimura :)

Nick name(s): None
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Birthday: January 14th
Her Story: She was just going to a job interview when she ran out with a stranger that offered her a job which would change her life. For starting she'd change from her old school to Ouran and stand by him all time, for that she had to apply for a scholarship. She did it, breaking expectations. After a series of events she wound up in the host club and had to convince him to join as well. Since that moment, she was known as the storyteller and he as the tsundere type.


Like(s): watch landscapes, cakes, warm hugs, pets, adventure stories
Dislike(s): arrogance, kiwifruit
Hobbies: reading, acting, storytelling
Good Habit(s): grateful, never gives up
Bad Habit(s): plays with hair, thinks out loud, gets anxious easily
Fear(s): bugs, clowns
Weakness(es): still working on it...

5 words that describes her:
- Funny
- Kind of Childish
- Espressive (But tends to overact/exaggerate)
- Passionate (in most of the things she does, specially in talking)
- Histrionic

Family, Friends & Acquaintances ...

Parent(s): Her dad is italian and her mom is japanese. Got divorced when she was very young.
Sibling(s): None
Relative(s): Her aunt Ayumi Kimura
Pet(s): dog called Otto
Best Friend(s): Haruhi, Ryuu, Kaoru
Friend(s): All host club
Boyfriend: She had one in middle school. Now, she's single
Crush(es): Still not
Rival(s): None
Enemy(ies): the joker! ok no... None

Academic Information ...

Club: The host club
Type: Storyteller
Rose Color: Peach
Year: Third year (3-A)
Favorite Subject: History, Art, French
Least Favorite Subject: Greek
Financial Class: Commoner

Looks & Appearance ...

Body Type: Curvy-average
Looks: yellow-amber eyes, long brown hair
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'3'' (160cm)
Weight: 125 lb (57kg)
Outfit(s): Ouran girl's uniform, simple shirts and pants
Accessories: a purple hair tie
Makeup: None
Smell: Lemon soap
Hairstyle(s): Large wavy ponytail that falls down on her left side.
Scars, Piercings, Tattoos, etc..: None

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Additional Information ...

Theme Songs:
Dance anthem of the 80s by Regina spektor and Storytelling royalty by royaltyfreetracks
Quote: still working on it... (not a quote.. xD I'm really still thinking about it)
Favorite Color(s): Purple and blue
Favorite Food(s): Ramen, okonomiyaki, apricot cake
Favorite Season(s): Winter
Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas and halloween
Favorite flower: Jasmine

Blank form here: DeviantArt introduce your OC thing :)

Sharing this amazing pieces of art with you!

For all my subscribers... JELLY! :D
I prepared it today sooo tomorrow it will be completely done!

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Inspiration. There are some creatures related to this word, they're called muses and they're goddesses of poetry, music and arts. Source of inspiration of some distingished persons from thousands of years ago.
In my case inspiration could come from anywhere, I mean... I'm walking through the city and I see a girl or guy with such fascinating hair/clothes/eyes/body then I catch it (visually taking a photo xD) in my blog and run away... and redraw at home when I feel it goes well with any character I have in mind.

Not only people but scenes I see in daily life, most of them are pretty clear in my mind but when I try to draw them, they just don't go as I though ;_; and that's when my drawing skills get overwhelmed.
Inspiration is like a naughty girl, sometimes. You have all free time to draw, you have your fancy tools and the OTP you want to draw about... but inspiration is missing.
However, Hasn't happened to you that after see some awesome fanarts you found without want, you feel inspired and inmediately the desire to draw comes to you? Well that's our point tonight!... I wanted to share with you, some of these wonderful pieces of art :) (all from deviantart)

Jack and Elsa by Lehanan

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Original work by Hellobaby

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Sketch by Sophiechan

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Sketch by Cartoongirl7

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Usually I keep them in a folder and I like to just see them occasionally
So.. Tell me, who or what inspires you? and what authors you admire the most?
About authors... Now, I don't have any special one but years ago I used to love Matsuri Hino's style ;)
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Bye bye!

Failing in painting with watercolor pencils!

These are some sketches I've done when I was practicing with watercolor pencils :). Well, I need a tutorial as you can see.

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Feel free to show me your stuff! I'd like to see different styles and learn from them!

I'm back (again) and with new addictive fandom!

Hii!! Today I'm uploading my first drawing in years and I know it's not the best but I have 2 weeks of vacations!! and I'll do more, well not only that.. I need to finish some others
Meanwhile, meet The big four, my new fandom! :D and they are..

Merida from Brave is Summer
Hiccup from How to train your dragon (HTTYD) is Autumn
Jack Frost from The rise of the guardians (ROTG) is Winter
Rapunzel from Tangled is Spring

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Picture is from Deviantart. Don't remember the user.

They're so epic.. I know

My drawing of Merida :3

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