This is the site of my fanfic. It is set in the world that you and I live in, not in the anime world. It will be updated every week so you'll know when to drop by! (I'm aware that the title is extreemly corny, but it's all I could think of)
By the way, each post is a half of a chapter. each part is fro the perspective of the two main characters.

Character bio

That's right folks! It's time for a character bio! First uo we have Tanja!

(yes, it is just a crummy sketch.)

Name: Tanja Lockheatr
Age: 15
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Hair length: shortish, worn in pigtails
Hobbies: reading manga, watching anime
Status: Marik's fangirl/ grilfriend

Chapter 9, part 1

We were having a sleep over at my house tonight. The whole cosplay group was coming. I spent all day setting up with anticipation. I calmed down a bit when people started arriving. What I didn’t know was my life would change that night. Everyone was asleep, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes shut. I was thinking too much, my mind was too awake. Marik had been acting so weird lately. Normally he was happy when we were all together, but recently he was all sad and closed to the world. He was asleep. I saw something shine next to his bed. It was his millenium rod. His millenium rod was like no other I had seen before. It looked so shiny, as if it were made of solid gold. Also, he never let anybody touch it. My curiosity got the better of me. A stumble out of bed and tiptoed my way across to his bed. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. I knew I was intruding his personal space and I felt guilty. Before I looked through his bag I looked at his adorable face, and gave him a kiss on his forehead. I then kneeled down on the floor in front of his bag. Lingering forward I picked up the millenium rod. The moment I did a surge of power ran right through my body. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I put it down immediately. The next thing my eyes lay upon was a notebook, one that I had never seen before. I opened it up and its content shocked me. It had all my personal details in, but not just my address and phone number, but my doctor and my allergies, all my school reports, everything. It also had a plan for my death. I read through it. What was most scary was everything was going according to plan, it wasn’t just some coincident. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I grabbed the millenium rod and the notebook and returned to my bed. If Marik didn’t have them, he couldn’t kill me. The only other thing I remembered was crying to myself to sleep.

Chapter 8, part 2

After my little melt down yesterday, I was ready to go to Tanja’s house. I was still a little shaken from yesterday and felt a little down. Once I had arrived at her house I started feeling a little better. I rang the doorbell. I could hear footsteps, and the next thing I knew, Tanja had sprung herself onto me. It felt so weird being hugged. No one had ever loved me. I was hated by all, and now I was being hugged. I didn’t really like it. She showed me all around her bedroom taking care to not skip anything. I was bored out of my mind. She asked what I wanted to do. I didn’t care. She insisted that I watch pointless videos on her computer. Then a voice came from elsewhere in the house. It was her father. “What are you two up to?” he asked. He sounded suspicious. Tanja recurred me that nothing was wrong. “He’s just paranoid that you’re going to hurt me or something, don’t mind him.” She said. It hit really hard. I was going to hurt her. I was going to take her life from. I felt something that I had never felt before. Guilt.

(Gah! This is much as I've written! I better get a move on! Don't be surprised if it's late after this post.)

Chapter 8, part 1

Sorry it's late. I have no excuse...Here it is.

I woke up bright and early in the morning and put on the nicest clothes I could find. I wanted to look nice and pretty for Marik. When I heard the door bell ring I knew it was him. I ran to the door, opened it and gave him a huge hug. “Hi!” I said with a huge grin, “Come on in!” We made our way back to my bedroom. “Sooooooo?” I asked, “What do you want to do?” He just shrugged. I decided I would show him all my favourite videos on YouTube, so I logged on to my computer. We were watching a comedy so we were laughing. My Father must of been suspicious and asked what we were doing so I told. “That’s fine the” he said. “What’s wrong with him?” asked Marik. “Oh, he’s being a father. He’s just paranoid that you’re going to hurt me or something, don’t mind him.” I told him. I went back to watching the video.

Chapter 7, part 2

Later that night I grabbed my millenium rod and headed to Tanja’s house. I needed to take over the world and fast. It was a long walk, considering we don’t even live in the same town. It was dark and cold. The atmosphere was just filling me with frustration. When I finally reached her house, I let myself in with the aid of a mind slave. After many attempts at a plan knew what I was going to do. Take over her mind and take her to Egypt, let everyone back home think she died in a freak accident, and tell her that she promised to do whatever I say, she just forgot that she did. It wasn’t very well made, but it would have to do. I walked down the hallway and stepped into her bedroom. I pulled out my millenium rod and hesitated. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wanted to control her but something inside me was stopping me. I fell to the floor, shaken, and lay there until dawn.