First Post

*appears on top of a turtle ninja* Heeellllooo Everyone! Might Guy is in the house! *smiles* It feels good to be me! Now onto business. I am more then glad to be on the Otaku. Alot of familiar and i am glad that my students are here as well. Everyone has gotten stronger and like naruto says all the... "Believe It!" I love that kid.
My close friend and rival Kakashi is on this as well. TT^TT Why is he so garsh darn cool? *smiles* I still beat him 52-51. Which is why i'm more stronger then me. *cool pose* Yondaime Minato is here as we speak. He taught kakashi everything and yet me... i prefer not to say.
But i here that the snake shinobi Orochimaru is on here and that he joined the akatsuki, that's bad news now that the akatsuki as him again. Our forces will have to be strong in order to take them down for good.
But other than that, i am glad to be reunited back with my group.

Well i have to depart. Goodbye to all! *cool pose and disappeares in smoke*