Welcome to mew mew branch 2.0

For many years we have been researching the 'mew mew' project. Following in doctor Shirogane's footsteps, we have aimed to successfully re-create his experiments. We have searched the world for ideal carriers, and have matched their genes with that of the perfect matching RDA.

After many attempts, we have finally execute a successful 'mew mew' trial.

However, these mew mews are an entirely different creation from their predecessors, the 'Tokyo mew mews'.

This new line of super-humans is faster, stronger, and know no equal. We have striven to create the most powerful mew mews, and we succeeded.

They are the Neo Mew Thesis.

The Second Protocol.

Hiatus #2: complete

UGH. I really hate myself for doing ANOTHER hiatus. Maybe junior year can really do that to you >_> but just saying, I'm not dead yet, if anyone is still interested <_<

Anyways, I realize I should probably set a FIXED DATE in which Neo Mew Thesis will be updated. Like 'updated on Fridays' or something like that! I'll let you all know when that is.

Anyways, I wanted to put this out there before I actually submit another Neo Mew page, but I fear my style has changed drastically! >_>

It's become difficult for me to draw mange style! *_* Or at least, that's what I think. So I believe Neo Mew may be adopting a more srs bzns style (because that's how I really draw) It's just easier for me, and I may update MUCH faster.

So, enough beating around the bush. What I am essential doing is a transfer of mediums, from pen and ink/ digital hybrid to completely digital because, let's face it, I am NO GOOD at inking! >_> so we'll see how that goes.

If I like it, I may re-do the first chapter (same dialogue and stuff, just better drawings.

But I digress. I need to get crackin'! D:<

This BETTER be the last hiatus, or so help me I'll...

Chapter 1: Oblivious Complete

Wow, I actually finished a chapter! Though it did take a long time, it didn't take as long as I had thought it would.

The main reason that it still took a while, though, was that this is the first 'manga' that I've ever created. I had to teach myself a lot about screentone, inking, panel layout, storyboards, etc... It's a lot, I guess D:

But now that the learning phase is over, I'm sure I'll be able make pages at least a little bit faster.

Gah, Mew Taffy and Mew Cocoa need so much screentone... I think Mew Tofu is my favorite so far, in terms of inking and shading... (I'm such a lazy butt).

Well, onward, to the end of Volume 1! >_>

File Cabinet Series: On the Origin of Names

Even though there is much yet to be known about the girls introduced so far, There is probably some confusion that needs to be cleared up STAT.

'Tofu' and 'Cocoa' are most likely the easiest to understand. But thorough analysis will come later.

'Rambutan' is the most confusing of all.

That is the Rambutan fruit. It is a tropical fruit native to Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits, like the Lychee.

The white part is very sweet, refreshing, and tasty~

Of course, the reason this name was chosen will come later on.

Hiatus Complete

Well, that was a longer hiatus than I expected!

Now that that's over, I'm proud to say that the Neo Mew Thesis comic will be getting updated daily! And it won't be just one page, maybe three or more! (that's still not a lot, though...). So, for those of you who had all but lost hope in this endeavor, fear not! I have returned from endless character designing, slaving over cosplay, and an unexpected summer enrollment at the local art school...

Neo Mew Thesis, re-commence!


On a side note, I think this world needs a new image....

File Cabinet Series: The first protocol

Back from Anime Expo 2010 and I can tell you, what a hectic life we anime fans lead 6_6

This year, our cosplay group (which annoyingly consists of all girls and an ever-changing cast of one to two boys) decided to do Tokyo mew mew. And we were victorious.

These were photographs taken of the original team during their time as mew mews. Notes have been taken on these polaroids, but by who? There are some arrows with illegible text, arrows with no text at all, some dates, and a few mew mews' are highlighted. You can tell it's someone's notes to themselves, but it's hard to discern what they're trying to say.

Surprisingly, original photographs of Tokyo mew mew are rare. Media such as videos and newspaper clippings have gone out of print since the short Mew Mew Boom in Japan, and Tokyo mew mew has been significantly forgotten by the general public. All mew mew's identities have been kept confidential.

As you can see here, this post is called the "File Cabinet Series".

It's simply a little library of images, ones that are relatively unimportant, so they will usually not be uploaded in the Fan Art section. They would give more insight on characters, Enemies, and plot of Neo Mew Thesis. Nothing that great, really.

Of course, later on, you'll find out just WHOSE file cabinet these things are from. >:D

(I know that the image above is kind of cheezy, and it was pretty annoying to put together. But I thought, why not?)

So, Neo Mew Thesis, back in progress!


Photography Credit goes to

InuYashasGirl122 @ deviantart.com
Everon @ acparadise.com
Eurobeat King @ acparadise.com
whitewolfmew @ deviantart.com



Ichigo: whitewolfmew @ deviantart.com
Mint: AyameLawliet @ deviantart.com
Lettuce: monochromexii @ theotaku.com (aka cocoaferret @ deviantart.com)
Pudding: lettuce and zakuro's little sister :D
Zakuro: cobrared @ deviantart.com
Berry: Kisa903 @ deviantart.com
Kish: bragosonetruelove @ deviantart.com
Keiichiro: Reina-Ali @ deviantart.com
Ryou: Hunter
Pai: Chase