Hi everyone :3 WHO'S STILL HERE??

Hey everyone! I don't know who still is around here but I wanted to share a project with you guys that I launched on Kickstarter today :D

It's called The Sunday Comics :D
I have been working to create a newspaper that's only printing comics! We have over 150 artists on board that are making original art on 15" by 22" paper. We're going to print the art in two ways, a newspaper and a hardcover book. There's going to be different sections in the publication ranging from science fiction, fantasy, illustrations, traditional strips, and reprinted archives from the public domain.

We have many different artists involved that are contributing such as the artist for Dennis the Mennace, Ron Ferdinand, animator, Billy Plympton, comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz, Julieta Colas from Rick and Morty, illustrator Lesley Vamos and many many more :D

Here's the link for the Kickstarter :3

Here's the Facebook link ^_^

I hope you guys like it and contribute !!!

~ Rachel