Hey people, its mewmewlover55, well now MewMew, from myotaku.com :)

A little bit about myself :D

Name: Rachel

  • Birthday: 1/1/92
  • Age: 22
  • Likes: drawing, anime, boys ^_~, photoshop, copic markers, playing the flute and piano, spanish, biology, snow, ice cream
  • Dislikes: ART THEIVES (u ppl suck lol), obnoxious people, my chemistry class, my little brother, pizza, bad grades, dead copic markers lol

I hope that you guys check out my gallery, i try to draw and update as much as i can
For most of my art i use copic sketch markers, or prisma colored pencils, sometimes i use photoshop but i suck at it lmao.
If u guys like my art i hope you subscribe me, i love making new friends :)


If you wana talk to me pm me or sumthin

Other accounts of mine:
sheezyart Heavenstar (innactive ^^')
deviantart Shunshuu-tsunami

hurricane sandayyyyy/ SECRET SANTA??

Hey guyz,

i hope everyone was okay with the hurricane. My family was okay. i was in ohio during it. i went home this weekend to see the craziness that happened. it's so crazy.. nyc has no power for half of it... there's like no cabs because there's no gasoline. my area has no power and there's no gas station open... occasionally there's shipments of gas... i told my parents to fill their cars up before the hurricane XD they filled two of the cars up so that was good.



does anyone wanna do secret santa??????

let meh know i might make a world for it or somethin :D

hope everyone is doing well


i found this cute show i haven't seen in it in a while tho.. only like a few episodes... i forgot the name loll


Hey ppls,

today has been a very blah day lolz XD

easter break starts on wednesday so i'm excited, i can finally have some drawing time :)


I got bak my math quiz and english essay today T^T gahhh i didnt do too well.. the english one i was happy w/ he gave me a B and he's such a hard grader O_O but i was 2 freaking points away from a B+ blehhh xD lolz


I have two quizes tomorrow, but they have so much info on them i feel like they're tests lolz XD
so i'm busy studying for that all day today T^T

wish me luckkkk :)

have a great day guys :)


Oh crap.. lol

Hey guys...

i kinda was going through my gallery and i deleted a couple of things.. and one of them i didnt want to delete and i did T^T

so i would greatly appreciate it if u guys could go re comment and stuff :/.. i'm sry XD XD XD XD XD


So yea school was boring today... nothing special happened.. just.. boring XD

hope to talk to u guys :)


woot momiji lolz