Hello Welcome To Tokyo Mew Mew this is my fav anime i hope you have a nice time on here plz chack back some times

Here is a banner of the web site called Sugoi-Mew-Mews she crated it she is a big fan of TOKYO MEW MEW and... she Cast as Lettuce Midorikawa that is so awsome so the banner it's not going to take you there it's just an image of the banner Nya

Character Mew Ichigo Momomiya, Zoey Hanson

Mew Ichigo is the main character in Tokyo Mew Mew and the leader of 5 mews and she has to find them all and protect the Earth and she has love on her hand too she must protect the Earth from the cyniclons. She has the DNA of the Iriomote Cat so ev...

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