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Wondering Kiss - a MeruPuri fanfiction

Author's Note: This is a fanfic I wrote a little while ago for my friend. Please remember it is only the first chapter, if anyone would like to read the rest I will post it later on. Comment if you like it, please! I need the support! ^.^


One look at the busy club across the darkened street told Aram that his job tonight would be fun. He looked once more at the card his client had given him earlier that day to make sure this was it, and deftly slipped it into one of the hidden loops of material in his sleeve. He smirked to himself as he stepped silently out of the shadows and walked confidently across the road.

As he neared the entrance to the club Aram was impressed by what he saw. Fashionable dance music pumped just loudly enough to tempt passers-by to enter. Professional men in suits guarded the doors but made sure to keep out of customers’ way. There was a queue, with just the right amount of people to suggest it was a popular place to go and few enough to make the wait worthwhile. From his experience Aram knew these were all signs of a well-run business.

Without expression he coolly joined the line of people, ignoring a few women who cooed appreciatively at him. He amused himself by looking at the coloured patterns that fluorescent lights cast onto the ground…and that girl’s rather attractive legs. The job certainly had added benefits.

With reluctance he tore his eyes away from her as he neared the front of the queue. When the group of giggling women in front of him was allowed to pass, Aram made to follow them but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Slightly surprised he kept his face calm as he turned to confront the man who had stopped him.

It was one of the bouncers, older than the other strong young men manning the doors. Aram knew that type of guy to be the biggest threat to his success on a job; each line that weathered his face was another five years of experience and intelligence that no amount of lying, however skilled, could fool.

The older man studied him, his face blank, for a painful few moments before he lowered his eyes and nodded him on. Aram sighed inwardly and walked through the entrance, looking for all the world a handsome star taking the night off. As the music filled his ears and the eyes of the many beautiful people inside the club turned to acknowledge him with approval Aram felt the deep satisfaction of stepping into this place where he belonged. He felt this every time he walked into a club and often thought it might be the motivation behind his career choice.

Luxuriously taking in the layout of the place he noted the location of the lounge area and the crowded dance floor. His job would be taken care of later (it would be problematic if his presence looked anything other than natural), for now it would be best if he casually gravitated to the bar. Aram gave a charming smile to an admirer that made the girl blush delightfully and stepped smoothly around the energetic dancers.

As he brushed easily past a particularly enthusiastic couple he felt an inexplicable sensation of discomfort. Aram was never one to ignore his intuition. He turned his head and his eyes met instantly with the wise grey ones of the bouncer who had stopped him. He held his gaze and willed an expression of amusement onto his face. Aram was the first to turn away, after he had judged enough time had passed to dissuade any suspicion the man might have.

He did not see the man take out a cell phone and make a brief call. Perhaps if he had, he mused later, he would have taken care of his business right then, or even just deserted the job and left the club. Really he should have run as soon as the man had stopped him at the door. But the throbbing sound of the music and the electrified air tempted Aram to abandon his sense in the pursuit of greater enjoyment.

People moved unconsciously to give him space, and with a cocky smile Aram reached the counter and began to give his order to the bartender. In a second the bartender’s face changed from friendly and attentive to wary, his eyes moving behind Aram. “That really won’t be necessary,” a sweet feminine voice carried over his shoulder. “Don’t serve this one, Taro-san.”

What is it now? Aram turned with a heart-melting smile on his face, inwardly brimming with curiosity and unease. Standing behind him was an unsmiling young woman in fashionable clothes too neat and immaculate to belong to an average clubber. Next to her the too-intelligent bouncer stood respectfully, seemingly awaiting her command.

“Is this him, Miyakawa-san?” the woman addressed the somber man beside her without moving her assessing stare from Aram. The bouncer gave a deep nod and spoke softly. “Yes boss. I was not sure at first, but I felt you should know of my suspicions.”

Aw, dammit. Aram kept his composure but quickly began evaluating his options. Somehow he didn’t think his fake ID would work on these two. Maybe he could charm the woman into letting the whole thing go, but the irritating bouncer wouldn’t fall for any of his usual tricks. If it came to the worst he could always do the primitive thing and run. But Aram would try anything before he sank to that low.

“So,” the woman smirked. Actually smirked at him. “This boy is underage.” Aram felt some of his intense irritation at this comment flash across his handsome face, and watched her smirk get bigger as she realized her companion’s hypothesis was right. “Miyakawa-san, I would ask you to escort this child upstairs, thank you.” With that she turned and weaved comfortably through the crowd.

Aram felt his dislike of her grow with every step she took. But damn, she hadn’t even faltered in the face of his stunning smile. It was undeniable; the woman was obnoxious, abnormal, and utterly fascinating.

Miyakawa looked at him silently and gestured for him to follow. Aram walked with him willingly, understanding that any attempt at flight would be stopped quite without effort by the competent professional. The two passed through the unnoticing crowd and Aram was led up an attractive antique stairway into the relative quiet of the upper floor.

“I would like to know.” Aram spoke when the music had faded to a dull throbbing in the background, coming to a stop and folding his arms in a way he knew to be quite handsome. Miyakawa turned and gave him one of his inquiring stares. When he did not say anything Aram saw that as approval to continue.

“Your name is…?” He was not sure if he could even venture to hope for an answer from the unnervingly grave man. Moments passed. “Miyakawa will do.” The older man turned back and led him further down the corridor. Doors dotted the stretching walls which were an imaginative shade of scarlet. Aram thought the place looked like it had come out of the eighties, but the old-fashioned décor had a sort of modern-day allure to it. He found it wonderfully strange.

The equally strange Miyakawa finally came to a stop outside one of the dark wooden doors. He paused and Aram had the impression he was meant to enter first. He hesitated momentarily and then asked his question. “That young woman is…” More silence. “My boss.” Miyakawa looked him straight in the eyes and Aram would have felt uncomfortable, if he didn’t find the other man’s behavior so amusing.

This time it was the bouncer who looked away. “Hoshina Airi-sama.” Aram smiled at his words. The intriguing young woman who commanded such a figure - he had a name.

Miyakawa gestured again for him to open the door. Aram did so gladly. He made sure to put on his most charming smile before passing into the room.

End One